Does anybody know answers to these questions?

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Does anybody know answers to these questions?

1. Manimegalai got a Akshaya Pathiram. What is the name of this akshaya pathiram.

2. The current capital of US is washington DC. What was the previsous capital of US

3. Who is the famous sister of Aditya Karikalan in Ponninyin Selvan

4. What is the name of the sister of Thirunavukkarasu who played a vital role in bringing him back into Saiva madham from Samana madham?

5. Who is the second Indian to win theNobel Prize.

6. Who is the director of the tamil movie Ilamai OOnjal adugirathu, in which Kamal & Rajani acted together.

7. "Ilaiya Bharatathinai va va va " is a line from a Poetry.
Whose famous words are these?

8.Donna is a very famousBharatanatyam & kathak dancer. Which famous cicketer is she married to?

9. Who is the author of the the Story Devadass?

10. "Kathalaagi kasindhu kanneer malgi" is a famous divine song.
Which of the four Naalvar had written these words?

11. Who is the author of the story " Aadhalinaal kaadhal seiveer"

12. Who acted in the role of Sivan adiyaar in "Parthiban Kanavu"

13. Who had posed as a labourer for "pittukku man sumai"

14. Which famous magazine writer had written " Kaadhal enum theevinilae"


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