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A true Saint is an inquirer and his work is study of nature around
and his soul transcends barriers .We speak today of Leaders and
managers True leaders are open to ideas his quest is to unravel the
mysteries of nature.
Some leaders out of them become gurus like tiruvalluvar for today
his work is enjoyed by one and all not only that everyone wants to
make him their owners even christians use him for their evangilism.
Brahmins wore him sacred thread.Jains called him saint kundakunda
and so forth.
Some leaders become avitars like krishna and rama.
If you see the very first kural. Ӿ ġ
Ӿ .
This is totally contradictory to Jain philosophy for they believe in
anekantavadam and place nature above god and believe god is creation
of human kind.
should be construed as ɢȢ ¡.But the
jains feel that Tiruvalluvar did not refer him as primordial
being/ -but to awdhinath/rishabnath if it is the case then that
they believe him to be primordial.If you read the entire kural above
for its construction then it equates to Advaita siddhanth.
There is another reason for feeling the text is of jaina nature that
is it did not deal with Moksha in the entire 1330 couplets it is
possible that the same is a coincidence as many text do not deal
with this.
Whatever or Whoever it may annex to it is a great work.


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