Why? How? What? ( Brief Clarifications on Questions & Inquiries)

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Why? How? What? (Brief Clarifications on Questions and Inquires)

A Common-Thread for Brief Replies on the OVERALL TAMIL-LITERATURE & CULTURE.

Wherever detailed replies are necessary, such replies may be split up into two parts as...

(1)First part on Brief-reply here.
(2) Second part as Elaboration in detail in another, the respective Thread, on the same Topic..

Such an arrangement similar to Newspaper presentation not only can ensure spreading and reviving the rudimentary knowledge of this Forum-Theme amongst the maximum extent of the participants, but also can facilitate to cater to the needs of both the varied participants of Two types of interests, at their free choice.

So to say, a brief initial knowledge through this Thread, for those who are just interested to know the general content only, on that Topic raised. And the other class of people who are deeply interested in the classics of the respective Literature will be able to get their interests also catered by detailing in the relevant other Threads on the same Topic like Kamba-Raamaayanam, Thirukkuralh, Pazhamozhigalh, Yaavarum-Kelhir etc.


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