Historical Novels: Ponniyin Selvan vs Kadal Pura

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I just finished "Kadal Pura" by Sandilyan and wanted to get some views on what others think of it. Someone on this forum recommended Kadal Pura as a great historical novel. I think I would have to disagree.

A historical novel is one which not only is set in historical times but also is built upon a series of historical events. Moreover, it also ought to comment upon the social melieu of those times. Sadly, Kadal pura was a huge disappointment in those terms. Although, the setting was historical and a couple of main characters were, almost none of the events had any historical basis.

It almost seemed at times like it was a Rajnikanth movie with its larger than life hero Karunakara Pallavan doing amazing deeds.

Ponniyin Selvan on the other hand was a joy to read. It discussed the political/social situation in the country... discussed the historical aspects.. with a lot of vivid imagination thrown in to boot.

I would love to hear comments from other people who have read both the books.




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