Should we include Auvai Kural in Tamil Syllabus?

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Few words abt Auvai Kural,

Auvai Kural was written by Auvaiyyar. Auvai Kural has been published for the first time by Manimekalai Prasuram, India by the year 1986. Mr Lena Tamilvanan and Manimekalai group have written the meaning for the 310 Kurals. Auvai Kural has two rows exactly similar like Thirukkural. Each Auvai Kural has four words at first row and three words at the second row. Auvai Kural has very valuable content but did not reach many people worldwide due to its difficulties to understand.

Manimekai Prasuram, India has done a great job by publishing Auvai Kural with simple meaning so that it can be understand by everyone. Even though simple meaning made for Auvai Kural, it is not as famous as Thirukkural because many people do not know the existence of Auvai Kural.

Auvai Kural?s content is very valuable and should be saved for posterity. So, we are planning to re-present it to worldwide people for the second time. We are also trying to include Auvai Kural in Tamil Syllabus (Malaysia).

Pls give us your view on this effort.

Click below link to check sample Auvai Kurals

You all can vote whether need to include Auvai Kural in Tamil Syllabus or not at ;-

'Vaalga Tamil'

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