Hurting Dialogue in "Ivan" tamil movie

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It's sad to hear such dialogues in our tamil movies.
In the movie Ivan, a girl was asked by the census officials what her parents were doing and she replies that they are working in brothel and she adds the reason for her saying that her parents were educated in India and are working in Foreign countries with Indian brains.
So what are all the Indians doing abroad?
We work here and invest our money in India, giving employment to our fellow Indians.
We work here and help many Indians there.
Was that dialogue in the movie for applause?
Is this the way the director calls NRIs?
Is the director aware of the tamil saying "Thirai Kadal Kadanthum Dhrvviyam Thedu" ?
In one way or the other, aren't NRIs reducing the population of India?
I hope in future such meaningless dialogues do not occur in tamil movies.


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