Nobel Prize for Tamil Writers

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Non-English literary works do not get as much attention or appreciation as English works. But still many European, Russian, SouthAmerican and some FarEastern literary works have gotten quite a bit of appreciation in the international arena. Other than in the well-read literary circles around the world Tamil still remains an unknown entity to most people in the world.

What should be done to promote contemporary Tamil literary works around the world? How can we obtain international recognition to Tamil literary works? Atleast in my opinion there are two Tamil writers who well deserve a Nobel Prize for revolutionizing writing, for creating almost a cult-following, for continuously producing a work that is better than their previous literary work. Jayakanthan and Ki.Rajanarayanan. I am talkig about their works in general terms. Literary scholars are welcome the analyze their works, and the work of other writers they recommend for a Nobel Prize, in a more technical manner.

Please share your thoughts.


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