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I saw few old discussions on NAYAKA/NAIR/NAIKAR/NAYAKKAR.I am adding few points to that.
In karanataka specialy in CHITRADURGA/BELLARY/RAICHUR/MYSORE the dominated caste is NAYAKA.These are rulers previously after VIJAYANAGAR SAMSTHANA.There are many MPs And MLAs from this caste.The great personalities from this cast are MADAKARI NAYAKA of Chitradurga Samsthana.He won the war against Hyderali father of Tippu Sultan.Majority are Telugu speaking in Bellary,Raichur and Parts of Chitradurga region.
By thier culture and worshipping looks like all are migrated from ANDRA region.Still many families had roots in ANDRA region.
I well come if any body interested can continue this discussion specially John CS.
Thank you


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