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Rig Veda May be subtle tamil word
(iraiku) Ţ(veelvi).
it means whole lot of changes in meaning
of the word rg veda Rig/iraigu/iraikku -veda has been
connected to the meaning a body ofknowledge Now i feel ve+da=veelvi(This is the Tamil word sacrificial fire).There are consonent transformation in this form that is noticed in Sanskrit when it became a separate stream .(sacred
oblation to god.
This is substantiated by the first verse
of rg
veda .
ɢ Ҧá
i conclude by giving the correct retrieval
for rg veda= iraiku Ţ veelvi.
Ru+cha identified as mantra of rg veda is ru=irai/rai/ri/ru.
iraichol=chol is word= irai refers to god.
The first verse in rgkrit tamil retrieved:
쿢 ҧá.I glorify Agni, the high priest of the sacrifice,
the divine
(nim)retained still in kannada() ((ullam)-internal
> > ilae(idae)
> > > > > (equivelance)(ittu)like(idli-idduli)(ignite)purohit=(pawrkadam)/purohitam(vast expanse)
> > > > > lexicallypawrkadam/parkadam/porkadam/porkitham/porhitham/purhitham/purohitam

agninaw rayimashnuvath posham aeva dhivae dhivae yashasam veeravaththamam.
ɢɡ(agninaw)((nin) (agam)) ¢(rayima)(Ȩ iraimai)(shnuvath)((kanuvadhu)/(anuguvadu), (posham)
((pogam)/(perugum)overflow( (aeva)skt-(Ţ(aevi)incite/ignite(Tamil)
ž( (thigai)(thigai-)(astonishment)(unlimited)
„(yashasam)skt(¡yawgalam/¡yawngalum)tamilţskt veeravaththamam(ţ )/(¢ )theeyir valarthamai awm
1.001.03 Through Agni the worshipper obtains that affluence which
increases day by day, which is the source of fame and multiplier of


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