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In the current scenario of Tamilnadu, Sirrithazhs can contribute a lot. The present Anticonversion law, rise of rural violent casteism, increasing crimes against children and women etc,etc.
I have seen few Sirrithazhs, but one will be surely disappointed.
They generally discuss:

1. Poems of Pablo Neruda, Spanish lit , etc
2. Philosophy of Sartre, Nietszhe etc
3. Picasso's paintings.
4. Core Spanish literature.
I dont tell them to stop discuss these things.But cant they spend more pages on:

Thamizhisai and Carnatic music
Sangam literature
Philosophy of Vivekananda, Tagore, Ayn Rand, Paulo Coelho, etc.
Complete and correct introduction to Bhakthi Literature ( Tamils doesnt even know the greatness of Periya puranam and Thiruppavai)
Food habits, Specific sports of our people.
Anyway, I sincerely appreciate their contribution to expansion of Tamil literature and introducing names of Latin Americans to Tamils.



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