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Szirine brings to the English speaking world cultures, subcultures and great writing that does not normally find space in mass media. Szirine is currently looking for new voices to build our country pages. We accept both non-fiction and fiction. We prefer 1 to 3 pages long articles that combine opinionated analysis with objective information to bring alive a certain aspect, event or story related to a particular element of the culture. Articles that provoke and intrigue our readers work best. It is our objective to bring out how the writer\'s personal perception is affected by his or her interaction or observations of the culture he or she lives in.

Examples of current articles on Szirine include:
-Inshaalah and the Arabic Mind (Saudi Arabia). What does Inshaalah really mean for an Arab?
-Saviors of Darkness (Turkey). How fundamentalist teaching of the Koran is carried out in a religious school in Turkey.
-Coffee Culture in the US. (USA). What is up with social coffee consumption in the US?
-Hiram Bingham and his \'Discovery\' of Machu Picchu (peru). How Hiram Bingham rediscovered the lost Inca city in the sky.

Currently, Szirine is being viewed in over 20 countries around the world. We hope to represent as many countries and cultures as possible, and invite you to look at Szirine website,, and perhaps read or comment to a few of the current articles to see what type of writing we are looking for.

Szirine is a non-profit organization and is currently not offering payment for publications.

If you are interested in contributing one or more articles, please contact me at

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Charlene Caprio


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