Tamil Medium in Schools: A suggestion to TN Govt.

Topic started by Kattabommu on Thu Jan 13 16:30:26 .
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The reports of newspapers that there is a big hue and cry over introduction of Tamil as a medium in Tamilnadu is too much of an exaggeration. A section of the uppermiddle class inteligentia thinks that studying in Tamil medium would reduce the opportunities of their to wards to become Nobel laurates is AMerican University. This is utter non-sesne. TN govt need not worry about this half-baked intelligentia. Try to encourage the use of tamil instruction in all higher education. Conduct admission tests for all professional colleges in TN in Tamil. Give priority to State Board Educated kids in the admission to all professional colleges in Tamilnadu. Finance and raise the quality of professional education in TN to match top educational instititutions in the world. Close admission to colleges and govt. job opportunities for those who have not had at least 10 years of tamil education and training. It would automatically increase the enrollment in Tamilmedium.

If the the English medium convents and metriculation schools insist on English medium, they all can very well switch to central board and train their kids for IITs and AMerican labor market.

TN Govt. need not worry about this elite population.



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