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Just click the AD below and follow the below mentioned steps…

1. Signup to register your Email address to open an account. (Don’t worry this is not a Spam)
2. U will receive an Email shortly from the server.
3. Click the link on your mail and you will be taken to the registration.
4. Register with all your current information. Use Paypal or e-gold and use your exact name that you gave to open your bank account as in Payment Account ID.
5. You are done…………now you are ready to earn.
6. Login with your username and password.
7. Start clicking on the ADS in Paid to Click.
8. Here u gooooooooooo… U must have made some money now… Check your Earnings
9. Do this every day and get paid…

Day 1: You will have some ADS in the option Paid to Click…
Day 2: You will receive emails inside the inbox of your login in this website (not to your normal inbox unless you have stated in your sign in)… You have to click and stay in the sponsors web site for 300 seconds and u will get paid US$5 for that…U will receive more than 8 emails a day... You don’t have to send email to anybody guys…just click the received ones… I made US$44 on my Day 2 and I am waiting for my Day 3…

Once you reach the minimum payout you can make the payment request and they will send you the money… This is what my friend did and got paid…

Guys this is true… believe me… Be patient and click the ADS everyday…
“Small drops will make a big ocean someday”

Thanks a lot for your support…


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