Few Basics in the Preservation of Tamil Culture Globally

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Few Basics in the Preservation of Tamil Culture Globally

If the Tamils in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in the World especially in the Western Countries wish to retain their, and their children's identity as Tamils - without being lost in the new waves of Globalisation or being absorbed, assimilated and lost among the Societies in the Western Countries and elsewhere in the World, it is essential that the parents impose the practice of Tamil Culture among themselves and their Children from their very young age.

Few basics on ways and means by which we could preserve the Tamil Culture among Tamil Adults and the up-coming young Tamil Generation (the children) the World over are stipulated below:

(1) All Parents should teach their children to call them as Appa & Amma instead of Dad & Mum and as Maamaa & Maami instead of Uncle & Aunt (without feeling shy), irrespective of whether they are coming from "rich & elite" families or from the moderate and poor families of the Tamil society. 'The Parents & Children from elite families should shed away the "absolute false thinking" - that otherwise they would be regarded as coming from families of lesser Social status (the Naatuppuram families)' by other Tamils in the society'.

(2) Tamils World over should always respect their mother tongue & speak in good Tamil with their kith & kin and with all the other "fellow Tamils". They should speak in English "only" with people who speak other languages and thereby cannot understand the Tamil Language. It is rediculous to see the "Tamil beauty being trampled by the Tamils themselves for want of the English Maid".

(3) All Tamil Adults and Children should make it a practice to read often more Tamil Books (Tamil - Classical & Religious Literature and Social & Historical Novals), Tamil Journals & Newspapers, and also view Tamil TV Programmes and Tamil Films. "It is not below anyone's dignity or social status to read Tamil Materials and view Tamil TV Programmes".

(4) Wherever possible Tamils (men,women & children) should appreciate and wear their traditional dressses the Paavaadai, Thaavani, Selai (Sarees), Irrataikkarai Vestis, Mel Angi, & Saalwai dressed in a very neat and refined way - the Ladies also with basic Jewellery, Flowers & Pottu, "at least" at all Tamil - Social, Religious, and Public Functions and at Tamil Weddings, rather than wearing the Western Dresses.

(5) All Tamils should be encouraged to serve rich Tamil - Traditional Meals, Sweetmeats and Shorteats rather than serving Western Meals, Shorteats and Fast foods, at Tamil - Social Functions, Religious Functions, Birthday and Marriage Functions.

(6) All Tamil Students should be taught Tamil History, Culture, Fine Arts, Traditions & Practices, at least up to the 6th standard along with the study of "Thirukkural" the 'Tamil Code of Ethics'

(7) The Tamil Adults and the up-comming Tamil Generation (Children) "should shed their false notions & values" - that wearing Tee-Shirts and Denim Trousers talking in Elocution and accent filled English, eating Western foods and snacks from Fast Food outlets with international network, and going to Pubs and taking hard drinks saying "cheers", going for late-night Parties going beyond mid-night and dancing their way to the Western tunes and drunk and fallen in some cases, and next day morning sleeping upto late morning with heavy heads, regarded as the "modern ways of Life" of the Tamils globally - but to endevour to follow the rich traditions and ethics of Tamil ways of life "wherever possible", irrespective of which part of the world they are presently residing in, and the social background they are coming from - whether from "rich and elite" Tamil social circles or from medium and less fortunate family circles.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFSy...yer_detailpage Ithu Melai naattil vaalum Thamilarkalathu Panpaadu aaki vidakk koodaathu - Paarampariya Thamil Panpaattai Melai naattilum ellaa Thamilarum penunkal !!!

The foregoing basics could prevent to a great extent the Tamil Culture from eroding Globally, and the Tamils Adults and their Children being absorbed and assimilated in the global society in the Western countries and elsewhere in the World, and retain their cultural identity as Tamils globally.

Trust the foregoing Videos will awaken and enlighten those among the Global Tamils who look down upon the "Great Tamil Language & Tamil Culture".

"Language is the bridge to our Culture" (as indicted in the following Video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufvA...yer_detailpage Courtesy: "Tamil Ini" by Director - Mani Ram of (California) - Director : Avatars Productions - YouTube.


Expatriate Tamil Communities World over please donot let these happen in your families, and make the Tamil language meet it's natural death.















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