Radha's Krishna

Thread started by Shakthiprabha on 14th August 2009 10:38 AM

I am wondering on what happens to Radha when Krishna leaves her / leaves vrindhavan to mathura.

Thousands of spiritual, religious, mythological questions and ponderings and answers.

Radha represents human soul yearning for divine understanding.

Radha - Krishna represents eternity love of atman and parmatman.

There are human versions where they say radha was already married, and her love for krishna was out of her bounds of marriage. Radha was also elder to krisna. Radha pined for krishna when he left vrindhavan and her dreams of her love towards krishna is un-fulfilled hence the reason why we conduct "radha-kalyanam" to quench the thirst of radha's longing towards krishna.

(Its strange have u ever considered we never name anyone as rukmini krishna or sathyabama krishna but name them radha-krishna? Strange that many women aren't named rukmini and sathyabama (like how ram's seetha gets named) but most name their children radhika or radha? )

Some other beautiful imaginary(?) stories have it that Radha and Krishna has gandharva marriage and radha becomes krishna's flute when he leaves vrindhavan. Hence radha never leaves krishna.

Some other stories have it that, radha extends herself as sathyabama and marries Krishna in the form of sathyabama.

Thousands of stories, thousands of explanations by people, saints and swamins. Yet the relationship of radha and krishna and what happens to radha is never been conclusive. What ever happens to radha is still a question which probably would never be and can never be answered or understood by a mortal mind? I am interested in hearing any of ur knowledge on this topic please.


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