Shashi Kapoor

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Shashi Kapoor: an actor, a gentleman and a man of integrity

By Radha Rajadhyaksha - The Hindu, December 09, 2017

"There's this story, for instance, that very few people know. During the second phase of the Mumbai riots in 1993, a Muslim friend living in the same building that Kapoor did in South Bombay was forced to leave with her family when the murder and mayhem reached even the doorsteps of the sheltered elite. While they were gone, the managing committee held a meeting to pass a resolution that no Muslims would henceforth be allowed to live in the building. The only person who fought this and eventually walked out of the meeting angrily was Kapoor. I can’t think of too many celebrities who’d have stuck their necks out like this, and if they had, not dined off it for the next hundred years."


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