A Study on the Ancient City of Tamil Paandiyar Kings excavated at Keeladi Village

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A Study on the Ancient City of "Tamil Paandiyar Kings" excavated at present Keeladi Village near Mathurai in Tamil Nadu

From the evidences available to us the two Paaandiyan Kings who ruled at the beginning of the first century A.D. were Paandiyan Ukkirapp Peruvaluthi and his son Muthukudumi Peruvaluthi

Ukkirapp Peruvaluthi (A.D.05-27)

It was during the period of of this Paandiyan king the "arangetram" (staging amongst the presense of many other great Poets) of the great Tamil Treatise on Code of Ethics the Thirukkural of the Sage/Poet Thiruvalluver, took place at the third Thamil Sangam in Mathurai in his presense. His Chola and Chera contemporary kings were the (Rasasuyam Veatta) Perunatkilli and Maari Venko.

Famine in Paandiya Naadu (A.D.27-39)

Towards the end of rule of Paandiyan Ukkirapp Peruvaluthi (also kown as Nedumaran Valuthi) the Paandiya Nadu underwent acute weather changes with severe drought resulting in with much famine in the country. As this situation prolonged king Ukkirapp Peruvaluthi requested all the court Poets to find their way to other countries with more fertile lands to tide over the situation, and to return back with improved conditions in the country. This caused the activities of the Third Thamil Sangam coming to come a halt a temporarily. It was during this period aroung A.D.27 many people of Paandiya Nadu abondoned the Capital City and went fertile regions beyound Mathurai. The Keeladi village (12 Km away from present Mathurai) "could have also been" a region of then Paandiya Nadu which was deserted by the people during the period of famine. But it took twelve long years for the weather conditions of Paandiya Nadu to change again and gradually turn back into fertile land. It appears within this period the Paandiyan king Ukkirapp Peruvaluthi too met his death.

".....பன்னீராண்டு பாண்டி நன்னாடு
மன்னுயிர் மடிய மழை வளம் இறந்தது

Manimekali - by Seeththalai Naayanaar, chapter 14, lines - 55-56

"......பயந்த மழைநீர் பெய்யாது
பன்னீ ராண்டு பஞ்சமெல்லாம்
வியந்த சங்கத் தமிழோர்க்கு

வெவ்வே றுதவி விடிந்தவுடன்
நயந்த காலை யெனும் தமிழை
நாட்டும் துரை ஆலஞ்சேரி
மயிந்தன் உயர்பாண் டியன் புகழ
வந்தோன் சோழ மண்டலமே

Cholamandala Sathakam - by Velur Athmanatha Thesikar, verse 35

".....காலை ஞாயிறு கடுங்கதிர் பரப்பி
வேலையும் குளனும் வெடிபடச் சுவறித்
............... இந்த ஞாலத்து இடுக்கண் தீர
வந்து தோன்றினன் மாநிதிக் கிழவன்
நீலம் சேரும் நெடுமால் போல்பவன்
ஆலஞ் சேரி மயிந்தன் என்பான்
ஊருண் கேணி நீரே போல
தன்குறை சொல்லான் பிறர்பழி உரையான்
மறந்தும் பொய்யான் வாய்மையும் குன்றான்
இறந்த போகாது எங்களைக் காத்தான்
வருந்தல் வேண்டா "வழுதி"
இருந்தனம் இருந்தனம் இடர்தீர்ந் தனமே

Muthukudumi Peruvaluthi (A.D.39-61)

After Ukkirap Peruvaluthi his son Muthukudumi Peruvaluthi acended the throne of the Paandiyan kingdom. With bad experience of famine in Pandiya country for twelve years, he tried to put his country in the path of development and progress. He not only made use of human efforts to uplift his country, but also used the divine blessings to achieve same and achieve prosperity to his country also turned to the Vedic Priests to perform many Yaagas (Yagna) in his kingdom. Hence he came to be known as "Pal Yaaga Muthukudumi Peruvaluthi".




















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