Historical Study of Udaiyaarpaalaiyam Zamindars - decendents of Cholas not Pallavas.

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A Historical Study of Udaiyaarpaalaiyam Zamindars the decendents of Cholas - and not the Pallavas

Origin of Udaiyaar dynasty of Cholas

During the period of rule of Chola country from the time of Rajaraja Chola - 1 to Athirajendra Chola, all Chola kings have referred to themselves in their Temple Inscriptions and in their Cheppedukal as "Udaiyaar" a prefix title preceeding their respective 'royal titles'. Udaiyaar Paalaiyam was one of the Settlements of the 'Udaiyaar dynasty of Cholas' with a city named as "Cholamadevi" - built and named after the first queen (Patta Mahishi) of Rajaraja Chola - 1 namely the 'Cholamadevi alias Panchavanmadevi'. Since then this region became 'one of the seats' of the 'Udaiyaar dynasty' of the Cholas. During the period of rule of Vijayanagara empire in regions of Tamil Nadu, it was too demarcated as a 'Paalayam' with the much later 'Chola decendents' ruling same accepting the authority of the Vijayanagara empire. Since then it was known as the "Udaiyaar Paalaiyam".

During the period of it's History over last 400 years we note many of the Udaiyaar kings who ruled from here had as suffix of their royal titles the term "....Kaalaatkal Thola Udaiyaar", which was a corrupted form of ".....Kaalaatkal Chola Udaiyaar" which means the (subordinate) Chola Udaiyaar in charge of the Kaalaatkal Padai (foot soldier regiment) on behalf of the main Chola king of the relevent periods.

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