Why some Medias (TV, News Papers) indifferent to the two "Tamilian Political Parties"

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Why some Medias (TV, News Papers) are so indifferent to the two "Tamilian Political Parties" of Tamil Nadu

Gauging from what is happening in the "Media World" in Tamil Nadu with the State Bi-Elections, Municipal, and Village Council - Elections close at hand, it is very clear that "some" of the prominent Medias such as "TV Stations" and "News Papers" are "suppressing" the News on - Election Activities and Propaganda Meetings of the leading "Tamilian Parties of Tamil Nadu" namely the "Paattaali Makkal Katchi (PMK) and Naam Thamilar Katchi (NTK)", and projecting in a "big way" only the activities of the existing "Dravidian Parties".

Even the "Karuththu Kanippukal" made by various Medias at various times while highlighting the Dravidian Parties in the forefront they did not have the "simple courtesy" to mention the names of the two "Tamilian Parties" of Tamil Nadu even at the bottom of the List, but just referred to as 'Other Parties'
"trying to indicate to the People of Tamil Nadu that the Tamilian Parties are nowhere in Tamil Nadu Politics and are not worthy of mention -

or may be - "not to Project and Publicise" - to the "majority uneducated and partly educated" - among the Tamil Population in every nook and corner of entire Tamil Nadu - "the very existance" of these two "Tamil Political Parties in Tamil Nadu", and that their Salvation is entirely in the hands of the Dravidians Parties who provide them the "essential beggerly Freebees for their daily existance", and hence that they should stand only by these Dravidian Parties.

In reality - the two Tamilian Parties have "gradually come up much in their popularity in par with the Dravidian Parties of Tamil Nadu" especially among the up-comming "educated younger generation of Tamils" of Tamil Nadu - in the wake of "Tamil Desiyam" being deeply rooted among the present day Tamilians who are in the majority in Tamil Nadu being 89.43% as per the Tamil Nadu Ethinic Statistics of the year 2001, in a region which has been historically their "traditional homelands over 3000 years

Further the People of Tamil Nadu "should not be mislead" by "Maha Piramaandamaana Karuththu Kanippukkal" which is just the "voice and opinion" of around a total of 20,000 people selected randomly among a vast population of around 72,000,000 (7.2 Kodi or Croes) People from all 32 - Districts (Mavattams) of Tamil Nadu. The Karuththu Kannipukal will be somewhat "realistic" only if around a minimum of 60% of the Tamil Nadu's Population from all sections of People "the Rich and the Poor", "Highly Educated and the Uneducated or Partly Educated" are interviewed and their "total voice and opinion" are collected.

If the People are randomly selected and interviewed from "Partly Educated or with No Education", they will welcome you with "jeers and chorus of whistling", and probably will put a garland around your neck and voice their opinion - that a "Film Star" should become the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. But if the People are randomly selected and interviewed from the "Highly Educated" they will well come you offer you a seat and possibly a softdrink and politely say - that a "Highly Educated, Honest and Ethically disiplined Individual" should become the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu".

Hence People of Tamil Nadu "should not add any value" to these "Maha Piramaandamaana Karuththu Kanippukkal" made "based on the "voice and opinion of a minute fraction of the total Population of Tamil Nadu" "and by which make wrong decisions" in selecting the "next Chief Minister and his Ministerial Team - who are not "highly Educated", "very Efficient", "much Honest" and "free from total Corruption" - who will rule Tamil Nadu for the next term..



https://youtu.be/94j_UU69JpU (Try the Video by clicking on the term "Watch on Youtube")








Statistics of Ethinic Groups in Tamil Nadu :






Paataali Makkal Katchi (PMK) is the first Political Party of Tamil Nadu to fight against "Total Corruption" in every field in the State - for last ten Years







"Makkal TV" could be viewed "Live" at the following URL






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