Prevent great Damages being done in the Renovations of Historic Temples of Tamil Nadu

Thread started by virarajendra on 25th November 2016 11:10 PM

Prevent great Damages being done in the Renovations of Historic Temples of Tamil Nadu

The granite Temples of Tamil Nadu are being ruined by the "Trustees, and Managing Bodies of these Temples" - They with intensions of renovating these Temples have applied 'modern paints' both on the granite Interior and Exterior of the Temples and on the granite portions of the Gopurams, without allowing them to have their "serene granite appearence", thereby they completely loosing their Artistic & Aesthetic value of Sculprtues and Surfaces. This type of random painting of areas of Temples are also ruining the 'Epigraphical value" of the Inscriptions on the Walls and Pillars and in other areas of these Temples which are in many cases lost for ever..

In the process of Renovations of structures of these Temples, stone slabs with Inscriptions should be preserved in their actual locations and not replaced with new even if they are cracked - but be repaired, without replacing them with new granite slabs. Also the cleaning of the structure of these Temples with modern "Sand blasting method" and the other "renovations of the Historic Temples too should be done only under the supervision of 'Expert Archeological Officers' with much "patriotic sense"" to prevent the defacing of the "Valuable Inscriptions" on them which throws much light on the Tamilian History of Tamil Nadu, and also the beauty and sharpness of the "Beautiful Sculptures" and the valuable "Ancient Paintings" in these Temples.

Contracts for "Renovations of Temples" should not be given for 'unscruplus Contractors who doesnot have any Artistic & Historic sense of appreciation of these Temples and value them". The 'Contractors and Workers' too should be essentially 'Tamilians from Tamil Nadu' - as they are the people who will have the "natural inherant feeling" to do a good and honest work in the preservation of these Temples which are the great monuments of their own 'Tamlian Pride'. The High Officers involved in the Award of Contracts for "Renovation of these Temples" too should provide them only to those "Renovation Contractors" who are very talented and experienced in this field 'all selected from Tamil Nadu', and not to the inexperienced, irresponsible and unscruplous Contractors from other States simply for their 'own gains'.

Let all 'Patriotic Tamils' and all 'other Great Art Lovers' - preserve the great Tamil/Hindu Monuments of Tamil Nadu for the posterity of the future generations.


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