Few Basics in preventing the death of Tamil Language & Culture in Tamil Nadu itself 2

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Few Basics in preventing the death of 'Tamil Language & Culture' and the 'Tamil Race' within Tamil Nadu itself - Part-2

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This discrimination should be avoided in the Tamil Film World, and many native Tamilians of Tamil Nadu both Males and Females 'should also' be given opportunities in addition to others from different states of India in Tamil Films, to mould them up too to become the leading Tamil Film - Actors and Actresses of Tamil Nadu. The same applies in respect of the Playback Singers of the Tamil Films - produced in Tamil Nadu.

(14) Many of the Tam-English words in use today especially in Tamil Films and Tamil TV Serials were created by the present day Script Writers of these two Medias possibly to make their Scripts more attractive and humourous to catch the present day audience who view same, with the final objective of targeting at their financial benifits in producing same. This trend never existed so much in these Medias one of two decades earlier. The new up-coming Tamil generation of Tamil Nadu and elsewhere too, are gradually getting used to this "slang Tam-English words" introduced by these Script Writers and will pave way to the destruction and disappearence of Tamil Language in Tamil Nadu within one or two decades.

These Script Writers should be patriotic towards Tamil Nadu and love it's Tamil Language and should at-least in the future refrain from using such newly created 'Tam-English' words, and should use original Tamil Words in their Scripts and safeguard Tamil Language from being destroyed.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IplA...yer_detailpage Courtesy: Thamilar Ottrumai Mahaanadu - YouTube

(15) "All High Level and Senior Administrative Posts" in the Tamil Nadu Government - Ministries and Departments and in all State Government Industrial Units, both in the City and at all District Levels within Tamil Nadu - should be manned "essentially" by "Native Tamilians - highly educated and qualified and specialised in their respective professional fields and highly proficient in Tamil Language" having the strong will-power within themselves to - safeguard the interests and rights of the "Native Tamilians" in their Tamil - Language, History, Culture, Traditions and Fine Arts etc etc within Tamil Nadu - like in Andhra, Karnataka, and Kerala - where only the respective Telugu, Kannada and Malayaalee - "Natives" of these States are appointed to "All High Level Administrative Posts" in their respective State Government - Ministries and Departments and State Government Industrial Units. .

"All the Middle Level Posts" in various Tamil Nadu Government - Ministries and Departments and "Private Industrial Units" both in the City and at all District Levels within Tamil Nadu - should be manned by "Executive & Clerical - Staff" who too are much proficient in Tamil Language required in their execution of their Official work - "both" by 'Native Tamils' who should have the "major share", and the 'Others' irrespective of what their own Mother Tongue is and who are much dedicated in safeguarding the interests and rights of the 'Native Tamilians' of Tamil Nadu - 'which have been heavily suppressed by the Races from the other States of India settled in Tamil Nadu for quite long'.

Also in the 'Lower/Middle' and 'Lower' - Levels of Employment in all Tamil Nadu Government - Ministries and Departments, and 'both' in the "Government and Private Industrial Units" of Tamil Nadu, the "Native Tamils" should get their "major share" in Job Placements "along" with the other Races settled in Tamil Nadu for long, and "Not" by those "newly inflowing" into Tamil Nadu from the other States.

The foregoing is an age old grievance of many 'Native Tamilians' of Tamil Nadu since independence. This was the reason which prompted the former Leader of Tamil Arasu Kalakam (later Tamil Arasu Katchi) of Tamil Nadu namely Ma.Po.Sivagnanam (Silambuch Chelvar) to write as "Engum Ethilum Thamilar allaathaar" in his book titled "Thamilahaththil Pira Moliyinar (தமிழகத்தில் பிற மொழியினர்)".

"Silambuch Chelvar" Ma.Po Sivagnanam - Leader of the former Tamil Arasu Katchi - Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Also during the International Conferance - Seminar on Tamil Studies held in Mathurai in 1981 an old "Native Tamil Gentleman" was asked by another a simple Question which was - "In which part of Tamil Nadu pure and sweet Tamil is spoken ??" The old Gentleman burst into a temper and shouted at him saying "Thamil Naattil enge Thamilan irrukkintraan ?????" - The above two gives a clear insight of the actual situation in Tamil Nadu then and today.


(16) Even the Races from other states of India settled down in Tamil Nadu too - should not work against "the originality and purity of the Spoken and Written Tamil", "the Traditional Tamil - Cultural, Fine Arts and Religious Practices of Tamil Nadu", and "against all other interests and rights of the "Native Tamils".

They should also "never at any time try to carve-out a region for themselves within Tamil Nadu" based on their Linguistic concentration in those regions of Tamil Nadu, , which has been the motherland of "Native Tamils" over 3000 years, where they are still the majority being 89.43% as per the Tamil Nadu Ethinic Statistics of the year 2001 - The Races from other states of India settled down in Tamil Nadu "should realise that "Thamil Nadu is for Tamils", like how Andhra is for Telugus, the Karnaataka is for Kannadas, and Kerala is for Malayaalees - and be "very faithfull" to Tamil Nadu their adopted State for living in India, and work "for it's healthy growth and development" "living very amicably and peacefully" with the "Native Tamils".

This reminds of a 'line' in a Tamil Song in one of the Tamil Films produced in Tamil Nadu as - "UPPITTA THAMIL MANNAI NAAN MARAKKA MAATTEN". That should be their Motto.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6to...layer_embedded Courtesy: Thamilar Ottrumai Mahaanadu - YouTube

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiqN...layer_embedded Courtesy: Thamil Nadu Thamilarukke - YouTube

'Puratchi Kavignar' Bharathidasan - too spells out his grievence over this situation as follows:

"......வந்தவர் தமிழாற் செழித்தார்
வாழ்வினில் உயர்ந்தபின் தமிழையே பழித்தார்

நம் செயல் ஒழுக்கங்கள் (traditional practices) பற்பல அழித்தார்

"நாயினும் கீழாய்ச் செந்தமிழ் நாட்டார் (Native Tamils)
நலிவதை நாம் கண்டும்"
ஓயுதல் இன்றி அவர் நலம் எண்ணி
உழைத்திட வேண்டும்.

"எளிமையினால் "ஒருதமிழன்" படிப்பில்லை யென்றால்
இங்குள்ள எல்லோரும் நாணிடவும் வேண்டும்.


Set up many free "Tamil Language teaching Schools" throughout Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Government should set up "many" - "New Schools for teaching Tamil Language" - along with 'basic studies' on Tamil History, Tamil Cultural Practices, on Health Studies & Cleanliness, on Ethical Studies (Thirukkural) & Social Etiquettes, and on the Environment and Basic Science Studies - in every "nook and corner" of Tamil Nadu.

These Tamil Language Schools should be with all basic facilities - with qualified and "dedicated" - "Tamil Language Teachers", New Buildings with good Toilet facilities, "Free Meals" Canteen facilities, "Free Books" and Library facilities - especially for the benefit of the financialy Middle/Lower and Lower Level "Tamilians and others", from the "Socially Underprivileged" and the "Cheri" Population of Tamil Nadu - essentially the Children, 'and the Young Adults who didnot have the privillage of having any education during their young days'.

The "Liquor" or "Tassmark" Shops and "Cinema Theatres" "in the precincts" of these 'Tamil Language & Cultural Studies - Schools' should be "completely banned". There should be no "Caste prejudices whatsoever" within these Schools, where all students should be treated with equal dignity.


Ban all Liquor Shops & Sales throughout Tamil Nadu

It is very distressing to note that the "TASSMARK" Wine Shops throughout Tamil Nadu have made many "Native Tamilians" and others - especially from the economically middle and lower rungs of the society - to patronise same and becoming heavy drunkards, loosing their proper senses and reasoning power and also loosing their health - destroying their future and their family peace and well-being. Further they soon become addicted and slaves to Liquor (Wines), and commit grave crimes and be a potential threat and insecurity to the society in Tamil Nadu - especialy to the young girls and women.

Many "Native Tamilians" being addicted to Liquor "especially the youngsters"
creates a "very heavy 'dearth' (i.e. scarcity)" of clear-thinking, intelligent, and highly educated personnel, among the up-comming "Native Tamilians" who should have come-up as very "talented and able young men" to be great Professionals heading the Educational, Administrative, Medical, Industrial, Social Development, and Service - Institutions and Organisations both in the Government and Private - Sectors of Tamil Nadu, and as "great Tamilian Leaders" of the people of Tamil Nadu in their Political, Social, and Public life.



Four Kurals selected from the Ancient Tamil Code of Ethics -olor] "Tirukkural" (2046 years old) composed by Tamil Sage/Poet Thiruvalluvar on "Abstinence from Liquor"

உண்ணற்க கள்ளை - உணில் உண்க சான்றோரான்
எண்ணப் படவேண்டா தார்
. 922

நாண் என்னும் நல்லாள் புறங்கொடுக்கும் - கள்ளென்னும்
பேணாப் பெருங்குற்றத் தார்க்கு. 924

கையறி யாமை உடைத்தே பொருள்கொடுத்து
மெய்யறி யாமை கொளல்
. 925

துஞ்சினார் செத்தாரின் வேறல்லர் - எஞ்ஞான்றும்
நஞ்சுண்பார் கள்ளுண் பவர்

This vacuum paves way to the Races from other States of India settled in Tamil Nadu to 'dominate them and occupy' - the upper rungs of the Government Public Services and high positions in the Private Companies "in the own motherland of the Native Tamilians". Hence it is very essential all "TASSMARK" Liquor Shops throughout Tamil Nadu be closed, "and a ban imposed on same" like in Kerala from the year 2015, for the benefit and better future of all "Native Tamilians" of Tamil Nadu - being elevated to high social and economic levels and better living, from what they are now in Tamil Nadu

Further the Tamil Adults and the up-comming Tamil Younger Generation "should shed their false notions & values" - that wearing Tee-Shirts and Denim Trousers talking in Elocution and accent filled English, eating Western foods and snacks from Fast Food outlets with international network, and going to Pubs and taking hard drinks saying "cheers", going for late-night Parties going beyond mid-night and dancing their way to the Western tunes and drunk and fallen in some cases, and next day morning sleeping upto late morning with heavy heads, regarded as the "modern ways of Life" of the Tamils of Tamil Nadu - but to endevour to follow the rich traditions and ethics of the Tamil way of life "wherever possible", irrespective of which part of the Tamil Nadu they are residing in, and the social background they are coming from - whether from "rich and elite" Tamil social circles or from medium and less fortunate family circles

Further any Happy Occasions in individual's life or Great Achievements by Individuals in their life, Birthday Parties or Religious or other Festival Occasions should "not" be celeberated with throwing a Party for his Friends and Relations with Liquor being the main theme in these occasions. These false values and absolutely wrong thinking should be completely shed away from the minds of the Adults and Youngsters of the modern days, and the Liquor should be replaced with Sweet Fruit Drinks. Even at very high Social levels at the Weddings and big Socials Functions in Villas, Bungalows and Hotels, the foregoing should be practiced. Even at the big Business Functions too where high powered Delegations from Foreign Countries are being entertained they must be "tought" to accept the Fruit Drinks served instead of Hard Liquor and then participate in their Business Conferences and then happily sign the Business Contracts with Tamil Nadu or India. Politicians too should not corrupt further the Poor un-educated and educated Masses of Tamil Nadu with bottles of Hard Liquor as an inducement for them to attend Politition's Election Meetings or to Cast their Votes in their favour at the Central Government Elections, State Elections, and other Elections n Tamil Nadu


In the above the "Gangai Kondaan" means, one who captured the region of the great river "Gangai" in Northern India after his conquer of many other kingdoms upto north of India, and the "Kadarem Kondaan" means one who captured the great "Kadarem kingdom" - then situated at the present region of "Kedah in Malaysia" along with 'many other countries near overseas and far overseas in South and South-East Asia - and were the titles given to Rajendra Chola - 1 (A.D.1011-1044) on his stupendous achivements - the "greatest Tamil Chola Emperor of Tamil Nadu and India in their 2500 years of recorded history".






A Video on - மதுவிலக்கும் அரசியலும் - ஆயுத எழுத்து 21.07.2015



Prevent "Tamilian Ancient Art Treasures" being lost from Tamil Nadu

Laws should be enacted to prevent the great Art Treasures of Gold, Copper, Bronze, Iympon, Stones Images etc from the Hindu Temples of the Ancient & Medieval period Native Tamilians from being smuggled and sold to other countries, but to be preserved as monuments of Tamilian Traditional Art Forms of the past for their future posterity"



Prevent Tamil Nadu's Natural Resources being destroyed by people from other States of India

Laws should be enacted to prevent "Natural Resources" of Tamil Nadu such as "Sand", "Mineral Sands (from coastal areas of Tamil Nadu), and "Granite" being quarried and sold to other States by Private Individuals. Such Ventures "should be State - Owned and Controlled", and only be utilised for "Ventures and Projects" for development works within Tamil Nadu". Even other Natural Resources of Tamil Nadu such as "Gas" and other "Mineral resources" too should not be allowed to be plundered by Private Companies and Individuals from other States, but also be "State - Owned and Controlled and be used for the well being of the Tamilians of Tamil Nadu".

State Lands of Tamil Nadu too should not be pawned to the Private Companies from other States unless they are going to be utilised for setting up Industrial Projects in Tamil Nadu "which would benefit 90% of the Native Tamilians - with New Job opportunities and with the knowledge on New Production and Technical know-hows".



The Mahakavi (Great Poet) Subramaniya Bharathiyaar (20th century) song of relevence

http://i.ytimg.com/vi/C-3bwfR4mEM/hqdefault.jpg Courtesy: INRECO

யாமறிந்த மொழிகளிலே தமிழ்மொழி போல்
இனிதாவது எங்கும் காணோம்
பாமரராய் விலங்குகளாய், உலகனைத்தும்
இகழ்ச்சிசொலப் பான்மை கெட்டு
நாமமது தமிழரெனக் கொண்டு இங்கு
வாழ்ந்திடுதல் நன்றோ? சொல்லீர்!

தேமதுரத் தமிழோசை உலகமெலாம்
பரவும்வகை செய்தல் வேண்டும்.

யாமறிந்த புலவரிலே கம்பனைப் போல்,
வள்ளுவர்போல் இளங்கோ வைப்போல்,
பூமிதனில் யாங்கணுமே பிறந்ததில்லை,
உண்மை, வெறும் புகழ்ச்சியில்லை,

ஊமையராய்ச் செவிடர்களாய்க் குருடர்களாய்
வாழ்கின்றோம் ஒரு சொற் கேளீர்!

சேமமுற வேண்டுமெனில் தெருவெல்லாம்
தமிழ் முழக்கம் செழிக்கச் செய்வீர்!

பிறநாட்டு நல்லறிஞர் சாத்திரங்கள்
தமிழ்மொழியிற் பெயர்த்தல் வேண்டும்
இறவாத புகழுடைய புதுநூல்கள்
தமிழ்மொழியில் இயற்றல் வேண்டும்
மறைவாக நமக்குள்ளே பழங் கதைகள்
சொல்வதிலோர் மகிமை இல்லை
திறமான புலமையெனில் வெளி நாட்டோர்
அதைவணக்கஞ் செய்தல் வேண்டும்

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kr2...yer_detailpage Courtesy: Musiczone Avent - YouTube A song from the Tamil Film "Elaam Arivu" produced in Tamil Nadu Courtesy: Producer of the Film & YouTube Website


The Tamil Puratchi Kavignar (Poet) Barathidasan's (20th century) song of relevence (The text of the "Original" Song composed by Kavignar (Poet) Barathidasan has been slightly modified & edited - which was composed by him much earlier to his death in the year A.D.1964

http://www.bdu.ac.in/images/poet-bharathidasan.png Courtesy: www.bdu.ac.in

தூங்கும் "தமிழகம்" (= Thamilakam) பறை கொண்டெழுப்பினோம்
தூய தமிழரை "தமிழ்" கொண்டெழுப்பினோம்
தீங்குறு பகைவரை இவனின்று நீக்குவோம்
செந்தமிழ் உணர்ச்சியை "வேல் கொண்டு" (= uruthiyaayi) தாக்குவோம் !

பண்டைப் பெரும் புகழ் உடையோமா இல்லையா ?
பாருக்கு வீரத்தைச் சொன்னோமா இல்லையா ?
எண்டிசை வாய்மையால்ஆண்டோமா இல்லையா ?

எங்கட்கு இங்குற்ற "நரிகளால்" (= Thamilukku ethiraai soolchchi seipavarkal) தொல்லையா ?

செந்தமிழ் நெஞ்சம் கொதித்ததா இல்லையா ?
"சூழ்ச்சி நரி" (soolchchi seipavarkal) தான் நடுங்கிற்றா இல்லையா?
முந்தா நாள் விட்ட பிஞ்சுகள் தமிழை முறிக்க எண்ணுதல் மடமையா இல்லையா ?

தமிழர் ஒற்றுமை நிறைந்ததா இல்லையா ?
தமிழர் தம் ஆட்சி சரிவதா இல்லையா ?

"தமக்கு தமிழகம் அடிமையே" என்னும் சரக்கு-மரவேர் அறுந்ததா இல்லையா ?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_h...layer_embedded A Song composed by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyaar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_US...layer_embedded A Song composed by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyaar

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRypX...layer_embedded (Thamilaa ! Thamilaa !)

Briefly "to preserve" the Tamil - Language and Literature, the Tamilian - History and Culture, their Traditional Fine Arts and Sciences, their various Religious Traditions, and their other Traditional Values and Inheritances - the present day Tamil Nadu "should be" Re-Tamilised in every field.

எங்கள் தமிழ்மொழி! எங்கள் தமிழ்மொழி!
என்றென்றும் வாழிய வே!
சூழ்கலி நீங்கத் "தமிழ்மொழி ஓங்க"
சுடர்க தமிழ்நா டே!
words from Thamil Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyaar

"தமிழ்மொழி ஓங்க" - In the - Daily {Social} Life, Religious Life, Cultural Life {Music Dance & other Fine Arts}, in All Medias, in Official & Business Life, and in the Political Life of the people of Tamil Nadu

Iniya Thamil Pesadaa !!
Athu Unthan Perumai Endru Kolladaa Thamilaa !!!
'Thamil Moli' !! 'Thamil Moli' !! 'Thamil Moli' !! - athu 'Ulakach Semmoli' ena unarvaayadaa


The District Map of Tamil Nadu



A Video on "A Good Leader for Tamil Nadu" - in the Tamil Movie Mudhalvan with Actor Arjun

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H73...yer_detailpage Please note after viewing each of the above two Videos one "A Good Leader for Tamil Nadu" in the YouTube Web Site, cancel it off before the next linked Video starts as they are other Videos "not relevent to this Thread"

A Video "On Solving Peoples various Issues in Tamil Nadu" - in the Tamil Movie Mudhalvan with Actor Arjun

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsVC...yer_detailpage Please note after viewing each of the above two Videos one on "On Solving People's various Issues in Tamil Nadu" in the YouTube Web Site, cancel it off before the next linked Video starts as they are other Videos "not relevent to this Thread"

A Video "On Abolition of Corruption in Tamil Nadu" - in the Tamil Movie Mudhalvan with Actor Arjun

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPZ3...yer_detailpage Please note after viewing each of the above two Videos one on "Abolition of Corruption in Tamil Nadu" in Tamil Nadu" in the YouTube Web Site, cancel it off before the next linked Video starts as they are other Videos "not relevent to this Thread"


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBtj...layer_embedded "Tamil Nadu" - Patriotic Song composed by Tamil Mahakavi Subramaniya Barathiyaar

செந்தமிழ் நாடு (and not "Dravida Nadu" of Dravidians - but "Thamil Nadu" of Tamilians over "three thousand years")

செந்தமிழ் நாடெனும் போதினிலே - இன்பத்
தேன் வந்து பாயுது காதினிலே - எங்கள்
தந்தையர் நாடென்ற பேச்சினிலே - ஒரு
சக்தி பிறக்குது மூச்சினிலே (செந்தமிழ்)

The foregoing enlightens the absolute necessity in the future - for a rule by a "Tamil Political Party of Tamil Nadu having a "Native Tamilian of Tamil Nadu" as it's Leader '' - "professionally educated", very honest, dynamic, much dedicated, and ethically well disciplined', "and having "high inherant intelligence with compromising leadership qualities", and "with much knowlege in Tamil - History, Language, Culture, and in their Traditional Values and Religious Beliefs". He is to be "very patriotic" - towards "Tamil Nadu" the "motherland of the Tamils" over "three thousand years,, and dedicated toward the general welfare of it's people both the 'Native Tamils' (Mannin Mainthar) and of the other races of Tamil Nadu, and be "much patriotic" also towards "Mother India"

Songs on Mother India

https://youtu.be/jKlwYoZJcdI "India" - Patriotic Song composed by Tamil Mahakavi Subramaniya Barathiyaar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFrg...layer_embedded Coutesy: "En Uyir India" song from the album Vande Matharam - Music: E.J.Johnson, Lyric: Na.Muthukumar, Singer: Sathiya Pragash




A study of the few slang "Tam-English" words used in Tamil Films and Tamil TV Serials by their respective Script Writers, and by the other Tamilians in their everyday Life, which is gradually destroying the glorious Tamil Language of Tamil Nadu.

(1) I love you daa - Naan unnai Nesikkire-nadaa or Naan unnai Virumbukire-nadaa or Naan Unnai Kaathalikkiren-nadaa
(2) Enna lookku vidare - Enna paarvai vidukintraai or Enna paarvai paarkkiraai
(3) Ennai tension pannaathe - Ennai athirchchikku ullaakaathe
(4) Enna soundu vidare - Enna saththamaai pesukiraai or Enna urakka pesukiraai
(5) Supparai Irukku - Thiramayaayi Irukku or Mika Nantraai Irukku
(6) Ennakkoru Doubtu - Enakkoru Imitchcham or Enakkoru santhekam
(7) Dialog vidura - varththaikal vidukintrai
(8) OK vaa - Sariyaa
(9) Romba overaai irukku - mikavum athikamaai irrukku

------ To continue ----

A study of English words that are in use in Tamil Nadu especially in Tamil Nadu among Tamils

(1) Tippan - Kaalai Unavu
(2) Lunch - Mathiya Unavu
(3) Dinner - Eravu Unavu
(4) Good Morning - Kaalai Vannakkam
(5) Good Afternoon - Mathiya Vannakkam
(6) Good Evening - Maalai Vanakkam
(7) Good Night - Nalliravu
(8) Tumbler - Kinnam
(9) Lunch or Dinner Plate - Unavu Thattam
(10) Hot Water - Ven Neer
(11) Cold Water - Than Neer
(12) Ice Cold Water - Kulir Neer
(13) Uncle - Maamaa
(14) Aunty - Maami
(15) Daddy - Appa
(16) Mummy - Amma
(17) Grand Paa - Paattaa
(18) Grand Maa - Paattee
(19) Teacher - Aasiriyar
(20) Head Teacher - Talamai Aasiriyar
(21) Professor - Peeraasiriyar
(22) Love - Kaathal or Nesam
(14) Sorry - Mannikkavum
(16) MLA (Member Legislative Assembly) - Niraivettru Avai Uruppinar
(17) Telephone - Tholai Pesi
(18) Handphone - Kai Pesi
(19) Fax Transfer - Pirathi maattram ?
(20) Pharmacy or Chemists - Marunthakam
(21) Hospital - AthularSaalai
(21) Dispensary - Athular Koodam
(22) Lakshmigiri (or any other giri name for houses) - Lakshmi Illam
(23) Table Top Computer or Computor - Mesaik Kanini
(24) LapTop Computer - Madi Kanini
(25) Thevasthaanam - Thirukkoyil
(26) Slippers - Cheruppu
(27) Shoes - Kaalani
(28) Mirror - Aadi
(29) Spectacles - Kann Aadi
(30) Thanking You - Nantri
(31) Thanking you very much - Mikka Nantri
(32) Ego - Ahanthai
(33) Parents - Pettror
(34) Giraha Pravesam - Puthu manai Puhu vilaa
(35) Birthday best wishes - Piranthanaal nal vaalththukkal
(36) Happy New Year wishes - Mahilchchiyaana Puthu varuda vaalththukkal
(37) Greetings or Wishes - Vaaththukkal

A study of 'Non Tamil' words and other Kocchai (coloquel) words that are in use in Tamil Nadu especially in Chennai region

(1) Kammi - kuraivaaka
(2) Jassththi - Athikamaaka
(3) Bazzar - Angaadi
(4) Korodaa -
(5) Tharnaa - Muttrukkai poraattam
(6) Thasildar - Dst Revenue Collector
(6) Romba kuliruthu - mikavum kulirkintrathu
(7) Pakkavaa iirrukku - miha nantrai irrukkintrathu
(8) Oru Vaatti - Oru murai
(9) Osaththiya irrukku - Uyarvaaka irrukku
(10) Jaaminil vidappattaar - Pinaiyil vidappattaar
(11) Javulik Kadai - Thunick Kadai
(12) Deepaavali Shopping - Theepaavali Porulvaankal ('Porul' are stored in 'Shops')
(13) Valakkai Vaabas pettraar - Valakkai thirumbavum pettraar
(14) Hawala Panam - Lanjak Kaasu
(15) Vaidaa - Pitpodal (Postponement)
(16) Yethartham - Unmai Nilai (reality)
(17) Vaasththavam - Unmai
(18) Satham Runs eduththaar - Nooru Oattam eduththaar
(19) Maarkali Mahaa Sangeetha Naattiya Utchavam - Maarkali Peru Isai Nadana Vilaa
(20) Meastri - Mate Paarvaiyaalar
(21) Sithilam adaintha Paathaikal - Udainthupona Paathaikal
(22) Muhanthiram ethuvumillai - Kaaranankal ethuvumillai
(23) Panam Pattuvaadaa -
(24) Mirassaar - Vivasaaye
(25) Nijam - Unmai
(26) Pirapanja Alaki - Ulaka Alaki
(27) Amaanushaya - Athisayamaana










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