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Gems of kavingar Vaali

Topic started by rajeshkrv on Wed Jan 19 6:21:32 2005.

Kavingar vaali -

[font=Courier, monospace:9b460ad29e]This veteran lyricist’s pen has a great history. Yes for more than 40 years this young man is going strong in Tamil Film Music.

He he had penned songs for various music directors starting from S.M.Subbiah naidu to Isai puyal A.R.Rehman.

He he had penned so many songs for various artist starting from MGR to Boys hero Siddarth.

Caught among Stalwarts like Kannadasan, Pattu kottai, Udumalai narayanakavi, Vaali was capable to create his own way of writing lyrics.

His main asset till date is simplicity. Usage of simple words in his lyrics will be so simple even a lay man could understand.

His relationship with M.G.R was more than a friend. At the same time he has a good relationship with Kalaingar for his literary works.

He has been awarded Bharatidasan award, Kalaiselvam award and recently Kannadasan mandram honoured him.

He was praised by Kannadasan himself. MSV quoted in an interview that Kannadasan used to say Don’t use Vaali as he might overtake anyone . Though kannadasan said that in a casual manner the fact he converyed was true. Yes Vaali is un-stoppable till now.

MSV says to him Kannadasan,Vaali and pattukottai are like three eyes.

Any situation you put to him, he’ll come with a song immediately.

Recognition is still a due to him but he cares damn about it. People still sing “Thottal poo malarum “ and what more recognition does a lyricist require than this.

On this notes Let us discuss about very good songs of Kavingar Vaali from his carrer starting and also with various music directors.

Gems of Kavingar Vaali – 1

[font=Times New Roman, serif:9b460ad29e]“Sirikindral indru sirikindral “ from Nallavan vaazhvan.
Music: T.R.Pappa
Singers: P.Suseela,Seerkazhi govindarajan

Nallavan vaazhvan – Aringar Anna’s story was made as a movie which had MGR, Rajasulochana & M.R.Radha in lead.

How vaali got this chance ? He describes that in his book “Naanum indha nootrandum” which is very interesting.

Vaali,Nagesh & V.Gopalakrishnan shared a room in club house . Vaali used to write poems which he used to read to nagesh and gopi. Both were impressed by his works. Nagesh took him to the producer and then introduced to T.R.Pappa the music director. He was asked to show his writings and Trpappa was impressed. So he was asked to write this song. Unfortunately Smt.P.Suseela had bad throat on the day of recording and it got postponed. Once that was done , the pond set in which Rajasulochana and MGR act in a love scene broke and shooting was cancelled. People felt this song was unlucky and Maruthakasi was asked to write the song. When Maruthakasi came and listened to the song already written by Vaali he replied there is nothing more he could add and he left. Vaali still remembers this and says he is grateful to maruthakasi . Atlast this song was picturised and vaali started to fly high from then.

Sirikindral indru sirikindral – can be marked as one of the best duet of SG –PS.
This is Vaali’s first song for MGR. All were impressed by his work. See the way he says that happiness is back “ Sindhiya kanner mariyadhale sirikindral indru sirikindral “

This song is a showcase for vaali’s lyrical beauty.

Please post your opinion about this song

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