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    what a divine tune and song... beautiful.
    Thanks for sharaing this song


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    TFML: Punidha anthoNiyar's jam-packed cast included Jayalalitha also. She appears as a Princess. Very short role for her in a (in)decent costumes :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SN23
    TFML: Punidha anthoNiyar's jam-packed cast included Jayalalitha also. She appears as a Princess. Very short role for her in a (in)decent costumes :-)
    hi SN23
    i did not fully watch the movie
    but i double chkd for Jay
    can't see her ?
    titles :

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    Quote Originally Posted by sss
    what a divine tune and song... beautiful.
    Thanks for sharaing this song


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    Thangachimiz pOl idhazo(Manippayal)

    P. Jayachandran got his first state award in 1972 for one of his song
    under MSV from the film Panitheeratha Veedu , following that
    MSV brought S Jayachandran to TFM with this song
    'Thangachimiz pOl idhazo.. JC sings with another newcomer Pushpalatha ,
    must be her only song in TFM ?
    JC with his romantic , expressive voice accomplished a lot in TFM
    lived up to expectation with steady progress
    how I first heard this song ? it was on Vimarsagar viruppam
    (one ex SLBC tamil sevai 2 announcer's programme )
    one fan shared his pleasant tamil sevai 2 memories requesting this
    i took note . Mind !
    when this song was first introduced thru 'Isai Anith thErvu' இசை அணித்தேர்வு
    (radio ceylon 70's hot chart new songs introduction )
    it became number-one instantly on the chart and spent many many weeks
    achieving significant success , it has since become JC's best known song ,
    topped many other neyar viruppams too , the fan mentioned !

    Manippayal ' the title pretty much explains it all
    Master sekar leading story about one juvenile smart cookie ,
    his struggle, poise and grace and
    quite different role for AV M Rajan from his earlier ones
    guy butterflies , as a result this frivolous melody
    while he romance with the poor Jayanthi
    humming prelude with guitar accompaniment slowly draw two
    together , flute touch when romeo begin his own caressing ,
    adequate interludes , joyous humming adds euphoria between
    while skip and wind a path through the lyrics same flute rekindle
    decorate the seducing , MSV swift with his stamp movements
    charming duo

    Selvi enterprises 'Manippayal
    Thirakadhai Thayaarippu R M Veerappan
    Direction: A JaganNathan
    Music: M S Visvanathan assistant Joseph Krishna
    Song : Thangachimiz pOl idhazho
    Singers: P. Jayachandran , Pushpalatha
    movie songs credits to Vaali , Avinasimani & Pulamaipithan

    watch : http://s102.photobucket.com/albums/m...over1/MSV-70s/
    A V M Rajan & Jayanthi
    with shorts AVM Rajan too seems Manippayal :lol:

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    Gorgeous song!
    Yummy romantic voice Jayachandran, love him dearly!!
    Thanks. :ty:

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    UTHARAVINDRI ULLEY VAA...outstanding composition, thanks tfmlover!
    tonight I am watching SIVANDHA MANN. Love oru raja raniyidam.... Good for me! :clap:

    oru raja raniyidum... for you tfmlover!

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=1k7kZawSzTA :ty:

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    [tscii:a0631b7333]oru naalilae...ennavaam...uravaanadhae...theriyumae...
    vaa vennilaa...vaa vennilaa isaiyoaduvaa
    mazhai maegamae azhagoadu vaa
    maharaaniyae madimeedhu vaa (2)

    Good evening all!!

    Oru naalilae…. I love this song. I listen to it often but never know this composition is SIVANTHA MANN!
    First time I am watching this movie this evening!

    Elated to tumble down on the enduring musical with a quality print! HORRAY!
    What a charmer ORU NAALILEY!
    Hypnotic flute prelude passage sets the HEAVENLY romantic mood!
    Tabla percussion speaks high of the composer’s taste!
    If you are mesmerized by ‘engirundho aasaigal…’, want more of that tune’s sugam, Oru naalilae is THE SONG FOR YOU TO DOUBLE THE PLEASURE!!
    Eternal Engirundho aasaigal…. Tune has been tastefully sustained & elongated more as ORU NAALILAE song to put you in trance! What an enduring musical!
    This is no amateur tune restructure!
    Brilliance is completely new tune but backed with ambience of engirundho aasaiga… tune sugam lingers in your ears, manasu as his gamakams! BEAUTIFUL!!

    Paarvai yuvarani kan ooviyam..... What a pleasure to senses and mind! Shri.MSV, what are you doing to me! I am in HEAVEN! aasai aasaiyaa I enjoy! :ty: :ty: :ty: [/tscii:a0631b7333]

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    thanga himizh pOl - manippayal

    tfmloverkku nandri!
    Naan palanaatkalaaga intha paadalin audiovukkaaga thedikkondirunthaen. Indrukidaithuvittathu.
    Ungalthayavil videovilum paarkkamudinthathu.
    Inimayaana paadal.Nandri.

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    baroque , sivaramakrishnanG

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