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    Quote Originally Posted by rajeshkrv
    wonderful pick nakeeran
    nice lyrics by vaali
    Thanks RKRV Seems like Valee had been MGR's right hand for long . Which was his first for MGR ? Is it Kumari pennin ullathile ?
    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    vaali's first song for MGR was Sirikindral indru sirikindral from Nallavan Vaazhvan

    but his direct association with MGR came in Padagotti

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    Naan endral adhu avalum nanum ( Suryaganthi )

    JJ had sung some songs in tfm but today's SOTD , she plays a passive support to the lead singer SPB who sings for Muthuraman in an event to show the most ideal couple !

    So MSV starts with a nice trumphet but very short prelude . JJ intercepts regularly with her thoughtful wordings in english .

    Nan endral adhu avalum nanum
    aval endral adhu nanum avalum
    naan sonnal adhu dhan aval ennam

    I like the ludes especially the smooth guitar flow and the rhythmic drums which is a damn foot tapper !

    The youthful voice of SPB again rulez here and fits in well for Muthuraman .

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Chittukurivi mutham koduthu ( Pudhiya paravai )

    Appears in Nadigar thilagam's memorable own production movie , this movie's songs are EVERGREEN hits and are being heard for so many years I believe. Listening to the songs instantly made me an admirer of MSV-TKR & definitely this movie is one of their very best in terms of both songs and bgm.

    Fine. Today's SOTD is a solo for Saroja Devi but NT gives his romantic looks everywhere and is passive but dominates as usual !

    Truely a wonderful song with all the ingredients of making a memorable one .

    varikku vari, they have injected strong melody !

    & finally when PS madam hums at the end of the interlude takes u to another universe .

    For watching the song :


    And for hearing :

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    awesome pick .. SD looked fantastic she was the one who defined the dressing sense you could see salwar in a punjabi style, right hand watch etc..

    PS as usual is perfect and NT's expressions are awesome

    Pudhiya paravai peyarukku etrar pol endrume pudhiya paravai

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    Pls continue with your great work dear Nakeeran ! Your picks are excellent and some are even forgotten ones but great songs .

    Thanks for the video link for Pudhiya paravai. Nt indeed is the real style king no : 1 .

    Out of your picks, I wish to single out Thannilavu thenraikka ! Amazing melody .


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    Ulagam pirandhadhu enakkaga

    [tscii:ac09b29a11]Dear Nakeeran,

    Pls allow me to post one gem of a song :

    When a super hero ( Super human ) like Makkal Thilagam is introduced in a movie, its UTMOST IMPORATANT that the arrival is made catchy . Not only the camera work but also the background music score has to match with the situation. And if it happens to be a song sequence, only extraordinary composers can create the real impact.

    So when the great man comes out of the prison ( Ilaignar seer thirutha palli ), the camera first shows 2 legs coming out of the prison. One can imagine the anxiety and restlessness amongst fans when thalaivar is introduced . Especially this movie was an exceptionally exceptional movie because MGR appears only after 22 minutes after the movie is on !

    It’s a real challenge for the great masters MSV-TKR to come up with a really striking tune and orchestration.

    And what a song it turned out to be ultimately ULAGAM PIRANDHADHU ENAKAAGA .

    The high speed tempo set through the scintillating violin / accordion prelude convey precisely the mood of the given situation .

    A sense of positive / vibrant feeling is created through the thunderous prelude and the ever enthusiastic golden voice of TMS !

    A free bird ( infact a shot is being shown a bird flying ) MGR comes out happily from the cell and joyfully / cheerfully runs around singing this eternal classic .

    MGR always wished / conveyed a positive start to his movies and this song is no exception .

    This 1961 release T.R. Ramanna directed PAASAM is one of the very best portrayals of Makkal thilagam but sadly didn’t go well with the fans . Why his fans, even for an ardent Nadigar Thilagam fan like me never wanted MGR to die in a movie . Such has been his magnetic pulling power and charisma . This movie had commendable performance by him as a character actor but on seeing the outcome of the movie and the affection and love the fans have over him, he changed his formulae totally and never looked back. ( before, he dies in Madurai Veeran )

    One can also observe Makkal thilagam’s face quickly undergoing a makeup change as soon as the song gets over. His face is shown dark as he faces disappointments / frustration and noone accepts him to give a fresh lease of life . He looks a puzzled man and tries his best to come out of his personally setback forgetting his past life but ultimately fails in his sincere attempts and dies at the end.

    Ok. How does the song take off ? It’s really a rousing start with group of violin and accordion in hectic chase and the prelude runs for a magical 23 seconds before TMS starts with Ulagam pirandhadhu enakaga , odum nadhigalum enakaga.

    Only Kavignar Kannadasan can pen such enterprising lyrics :

    Malargal malarvadhu enakkaga
    Annai madiyai virithal enakkaga

    And during this phase, MGR had already been part of DMK and a strong force to reckon with . So, the lyrics are very carefully but poetically sculptured :

    Kaakai midhakkum oligaliley
    Kadalil thavazum alaigaliley

    MGR didn’t want to antagonize the staunch aethists and hence went soft on the existence of God but presented it in a very subtle manner !

    Now, he talks about his future plans :

    Thavazum nilavam thanga radham
    Tharagai padhitha manimagudam
    Kuyilgam paadum kalai koodam

    And he never forgets to cover his formula mother sentiment :

    Ellam enakkul irundhalum
    Ennai thanakkul vaithirukkum

    Actually, immersed in the MGR world, I forgot about the greatness of the song’s orchestration.

    This is one yet another song wherein TMS lives / breaths like MGR.

    The interludes run at jet speed with scintillating usage of Accordion ,flute, violin , hawain guitar . And when TMS sings the charanam, the tabla runs along with in a nice manner complementing the rhythm set .

    Running through the tune makes me feel like the tune has been set to avaroganam format ( from high pitch to low pitch ) .

    See , the same tempo of avaroganam is applied even for charanam. May be musical experts can certify please.

    The beauty of the song is that the high speed tempo is maintained evenly through the song & before you could blink your eyes, the song is over !

    Many say ( even Mellisai Mannar himself had admitted this fact ) that MGR used to demand for the best from the composers and always had extensive sessions with them and ask for multiple tunes for a given situation and ultimately will decide one and invariably it turned out to be a super hit song !

    By the time, this movie was made, MGR already had become a major dominant force in tamil cinema as an action hero and this movie’s theme surprised many . Movies like Nadodi Mannan, Mannadhi mannan , Mahadevi and all portrayed him as a king . However, in the same year, he had played roles like Rani Samyuktha, Vikramadithan to enhance his position.

    MSV – TKR ( and later MSV solo ) have given some superb starts to MGR movies and this Ulagam pirandhadhu is one such. They have also given Acham enbadhu madamaiadaa earlier !

    This movie has some lovely other songs :

    • Paal vannam paruvam kandu - PBS and PS
    • Jal jal jal ennum salangai oli – S.Janaki ( rare those days )
    • Uravu solla oruvar indri vazbavan ( PS )
    • Maalayum iravum sandhikkum idathil ( PBS and SJ for Kalyankumar & his pair )

    PBS rarely sung for MGR ( another was ennaruge nee irundhal from thirudadhey and Neeyo naano yaar nilave ) . Paal vannam is another class song .

    Also , by this time, the MSV-TKR duo had established a firm footing in tfm and what followed soon , we all know. Amazing albums for MGR/Shivaji / Gemini Ganesan / Muthuraman and all and created history , the songs which are being widely heard even today ! The duo became a formidable pair and the songs during this period are real gems to preserve for ever.


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    one more song by PS in paasam is ther yedhu silai yedhu thiru naal yedhu
    Kalyan kumar's pair was chemmeen sheela

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    [tscii:fad3a464c6]Hey guys, I read a posting by app_eng at MSVTIMES a musical score by Shri.MSV - pongum poompunal instrumental and another devotional album ‘ponnoosal’ by Shri.MSV.
    I am curious about that devotional with Devaram, thiruvasaga paadalgal.
    Shri.MSV would have composed with strong, sustained melodies. It will be pleasing & aesthetic like KRISHNA GANAM! Where can I listen to them? Can you help me?[/tscii:fad3a464c6]

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    Hi all. Back after a week's break. A wonderful posting by Mr.Balaji about another thalaivar song ! thanks I shall give the audio link for that song shortly.
    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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