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    With virtually using the sound of nature & giving a splendid night effect

    True nakeeran. You can hear different flute sound in this song. I felt that night effect without seeing the pictuirsation :shock: . Thanks for the song.


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    Iraivan varuvan ( Shanti Nilayam )

    A movie through which S.P.Balasubramaniam became quite popular in the 60s and could make an impact in tfm ! ( Iyarkai ennum )

    COmposed by MSV solo , this movie has some lovely songs by P.S.Madam.

    Today's SOTD features a situation when Kanchana sings in that big bungalow of GG for the children.

    Starts in a mild echoing way & goes on to become a superb melody.

    For non MSV music followers, pl listen to the fag end of the charanam when PS hurries through her words . THIS DEFINES THE GREATNESS OF THE COMPOSER. See how beautifully the lyrics have been tuned and structured beautifully !

    A good song for kids !

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Music by MSV alone

    assistants henry dainel, govarthanam

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    Thannilavu theniraikka ( Padikadha medhai )

    From another memorable Paa series Nadigar thilagam movie , this movie also has some lovely songs but today's pick is again for the then ozugum melodious voice of P.Susheela madam and the magical music of MSV-TKR who ruled the 60s !

    Thannilavu thenraikka
    thalai manam neer thalaika

    See, the character of Savithri is so soft that even a song for her has to be sofffft Look at the presence of mind by the mellisai mannargal , the way, the tune was arranged and also the orchestration pattern.

    Anji anji nadai thuvala vandhaal !

    A real class song ! Very soft, gentle and mild & so is the voice of P.S madam !

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Ramesh & RKRV. Thanks for pointing out. Corrected now .

    Pl enlighten me whenver there is a mistake as all the info. will have to go correctly for future generation
    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Urkolam pogindra kili kootam ( Akkarai pachai )

    MSV gave many opportunities to SPB for actors other than MGR-Shivaji . I believe this was the feature during the early 70s.

    Today's SOTD is for Ravichandran and Lakshmi and the co-singer is L.R.Iswari. A 3 charanam based song with nice tune & pleasant orchestration.

    For the 3rd charanam, one interesting arrangement will be that the song doesnt go to pallavi but just moves on from the second charanam after a brief nice interlude consisting violin & trumphets ! nice way to finish.

    The youthful voice of SPB and the ever cheerful voice of LRE give their best. A neat compo.

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Sakkarakatti rasathi ( Petral dhaan pillayaa )

    A beautiful composition for the week end !

    MGR with Saroja Devi , a movie which thalaivar gives an emotional performance and one of the movies with a heavy melodrama .

    Look at the way, the song is structured which makes us wonder whether it is a folk number or lite ?

    Starts with guitar but moves to a different league totally with flute , tabla all joining and having a mayhem .

    Sakkarakatti rasathi en manasa thottukko kapathi
    santhana katti meniyile naan saanjikava sollu magarasi

    The flute is so so superb ! Not to miss the accordion .

    And the evergreen pair TMS-PS ! TMS breaths like Makkal thilagam .

    MSV seems to have kept his reserves packed for MGR .
    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    wonderful pick nakeeran
    nice lyrics by vaali

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    Kalellam manikka kal aagumaa ( Aalayamani )

    Poetic lyrics & resembles a raga Mayamalavagowlai but experts may confirm this .

    Kal ellam manikka kal aaguma
    kalai ellam kangal sollum kalai aaguma
    sol ellam thooya thamiz sollagumaa
    suvai ellam idhaz sindhum suvai aagumaa

    Kavignar seem to pose many question to us with beautiful lyrics .

    This song belongs to TMS sir & some mind blowing humming by L.R.Iswari ( only humming , no singing ).

    Nadigar Thilagam, confined to a wheel chair caz of an accident, describes the beauty of his wife Sarojadevi while painting her portrait.

    The tune, the orchestration, the lyrics , the singing all make this an eternal classic !

    A top class compo by VR .

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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