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    I would like to post the song "Illakkanam Marudho" from Nizhal Nijamaagirathu a gr8 movie from my favourate K.B. The situation is like this. Sumithra actually loves Kamal but will pretend to hate him and even tear kamal's photo into pieces.But later she will put the pieces together and paste it behind a calender. one day due to strong wind, the calender turns over and sumithra's brother sarathbabu also sees kamal's photo and laughs and then the song comes. paralelly 2 paragraphs also show Urvashi shoba getting settled in a new house with Ananthu during her pregnency. The lyrics of Kannadasan only added glory to the song and apart from our evergreen Balu Sir, Vani J simply is stunning. the humming she gives after the 4 paragraphs
    ah ah ah.... ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah can only came from the ever imaginative MSV. all in all a gr8 song.
    I dont know how to post that song here. pl help me so in future it will do that also. thnx

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    Thanks Naakeran, I saw that list of songs that appeared so far. great work. Keep it up.

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    Paadumbodhu naan thendral katru ( Netru Indru Naalai )

    [tscii:c8a4159e4c]We had earlier covered the classy Nee ennenna sonaalum kavidhai .

    Todayís song is actually the introduction song for MGR 1 and his pair is Rajashri.

    With a big hat and cooling glasses, Thalaivar comes as a surprise to her & sings this super hit song by S.P.B.

    I should rank this movie as one of the best of MSV-MGR albums featuring some superb numbers.

    Look at the cheerful face of Makkal thilagam and his ever aggressive actions running around very fast ( who must have been 55 + then ).

    Mellisai Mannar never disappoints .

    Itís a beautiful tune coupled with some nice instrumental arrangement . The flute during the interlude takes you to a different world no !

    Melliya poonkodi valaithu
    Malar meniyai konjam anaithu
    Idhazil thenai kudithu
    Oru inba nadagam nadithu

    Ellaigal illa ulagam
    En idayamum adhu pol nilavum

    Yaarum vaaza vazum katrum naanun ondru dhaane
    Inba naalum indru thaane !!

    Vaazga Pon manachemmal


    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Just to add a few more info on the movie Neetru Indru Naalai.
    1.The movie was produced by actor Ashokan.
    2.It had three heroines - Manjula, Latha and Rajashri.
    3.The three songs with each heroine were picturised in the Palaces in & around mysore.

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    Yaarai nambi naan porandhen ( Enga ooru Raja )

    A 70s movie of Nadigar Thilagam wherein he plays double action.
    The more aggressive / attractive character is the old man
    who originally will be an erstwhile rich man ( Zamindar type ) who grants money left and right but nothing for family.
    SO what happens one day ? He becomes moneyless & even has to walk out of his big palace type bungalow .

    But he takes up the challenge & puts in herculian efforts to get back the old bungalow and his family pride but faces hurdles everywhere including his son.

    Now he challenges through this lovely lyric based & well sung by TMS the genius .

    Lyrics :

    Kulathile thanniyille kokkumille meenumile
    pettiyile panam ille petha pulle sondhamille

    Thennaya pethaa ilaneeru
    pilalya pethaa kaneeruu :shock:

    Panayile sorirundha poonaigalum sondhamadaa
    :lol: ( I love this sentence very much . The world is so opportunistic / materialistic no ! )

    The genius MSV comes out with some peculiar ( udukai ! ) type music & his penchant tabla , gives a real punchy song !

    I believe this song was quite popular in AIR

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Kannile enna undu ( Aval oru thodar kathai )

    Songs like this only must have made everyone acknowledge MSV as King of melody !

    What a nice tune & the apt use of shehnai in parts and also the sitar .
    KB always came up with a situation based song & when Vijayakumar questions about SUjatha's traits, he answers back thorugh this beautiful S.Janaki sung song

    Nerupendru sonaal neerilum anayum
    neerendru sonaal nerupilum vegum
    nan kondu neruppu anaikindra neruppu
    yaar anaipaaro ??

    Poetic lyrics from Kavignar

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    They've added a lot of songs in this "Official MSV website"! I listened to `athO vArANdi vArANdi villEndhi oruththan' after many years...excellent song!

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    Quote Originally Posted by app_engine

    They've added a lot of songs in this "Official MSV website"! I listened to `athO vArANdi vArANdi villEndhi oruththan' after many years...excellent song!
    atho vaaraandi ! you listen after many years :shock:
    that song widely known available online too app_engine
    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year !

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    App Engine Sir

    Ada namma threaduleye indha songai adiyen post seidhullen earlier. Pl check page 1 & the link
    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Vaa endradhu uruvam ( Kathirundha kangal )

    Mellisai Mannar seems has given many fast paced songs to P.S. Madam !


    Why I chose this SOTD is for the speed & the tabla & also the beautiful tune.

    Indha Manidhar MSV - unbeatable for his tunes ! God's gifted musician .

    TFML , can u give the video link pls ? Wish to view the picturisation .

    Listen to the beauty here :

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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