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    kaaviya thalaivi is a fantastic album

    Oru naal iravu is the ultimate song

    Nakeeran, you rightly said about PS's singing

    My god .. In oru naal she brings the mother -daughter bonding and longingness in her voice

    1000/100 will be the ideal mark

    thanks for the pick

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    Acham enbadhu madamayada ( Mannadhi Mannan )

    A Puratchi thalaivar movie with superb songs . This movie is another hit movie for MGR .
    Whenever I listen to this song, automatically, I get motivated

    Such a power lyric

    Aarilum saavu noorilum saavu
    thayagam kapadhu kadamayada

    Karuvinil valarum mazalayin uyiril
    dhairiyam valarpal thamiz annai !!

    Vaanzdhavar kodi maraindhavar kodi
    makkalin manadhil nilaipavar yaar
    ( This sentence befits MGR the most )

    TMS sings at a very high pitch with minimum of fuss and thats his greatness !

    MGR , riding on a horse sings this o/s song of yesteryears.

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Thookam un kangalai ( Aalaya mani )

    Another Nadigar thilagam movie of the 60s but this song is for his friend SS Rajendran who gets injured and Vijayakumari makes him sleep with a real beauty of a tune !
    Classical music followers will call for Neelambari raga to make someone sleep but Mellisai Mannar chose his divine melody and soulful composing .
    The preludes, the pallavi tune everything so soft and gentle , soothing & precise to the occasion !
    S.Janaki sings in a nice soft manner .

    Sharp Accordion, trumphet and occasional rhythm guitar give a hypnotic effect that one will sleep automatically.

    Another great movie for the duo MSV-TKR

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Sugam sugam adhu thunbamana inbamanadhu ( Thangai )

    Such type of songs clearly draws a line between MSV & others !

    Super melody & P.Susheela Madam's versatility and class says it all in this song.

    Manam ....bedhai manam ...adhu maradha
    inam.... pengalin inam...

    Beautiful lyrics but going by the tune set, looks like Mellisai Mannar must have imposed his style on the lyricist to pen the lyrics to suit with the tune

    No idea about the movie but. Anyone may throw light pls ?

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    I hear MSV has been admitted in a hospital. I wish him a speedy recovery.

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    Kannirandum minna minna ( Aandavan kattalai )

    Oops ! its another Nadigar Thilagam movie but this song is not for him . ops:

    May be its for AVM Rajan & his pair

    Forget whomsoever it may be . Listen to the western type tune & the orchestration ! Splendid !
    MSV had this habit of striking a western note suddenly and captivate the audience & this song is another example of it.

    The start itself is scintillating , his usual piano rhythm and accordion . Glamorous tune !

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Varaadhiruparo vannamalar kannan avan ( pachai vilakku )

    Another nice movie of Nadigar thilagam and this song also is for co-star SS Rajandran and Vijayakumari.

    You cannot get a better situation like this to get inspired.

    Kavignar is terrific with lyrics like :

    Seraadhiruparo sithirapoompavai dhannai
    Thennavanam mannavanai

    Its clear . Uneducated but good at heart SSR marries Doctor Vijayakumari . And its during their first night . Both displaying high level of etiquette and culture !

    While Vijayakumari gracefully requests him to accept her, he still keeps a distance by saying such beautiful poetic words

    And shenoy, tabla , flute is what needed for MSV to create another splendid tune !

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Mugathil mugam parkalam ( Thangapadhumai )

    A classical song by TMS

    Superb rendition , unmatched , unparalleled .

    Such songs & tunes only have made everyone call MSV, a genius

    How many of us today will listen to such classy songs , I doubt however ops:

    Thumburu or someone , which raga used here pls ?

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    MSV is really grat. But why nobody is talking about Ramamurthi who was MSV's partner in Viswanathan-Ramamurthi team which created many great songs?

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    Sorry for wrong spelling-it is "great" and not "grat"

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