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    pennathur (@ 12.4*) on: Mon Dec 22 14:06:07 EST 2003

    In the days when I used to travel often to Bangalore I would take the auto from Adyar via FS Estate to Central and there at 9.15 pm on a Sunday evening you would find MSV walking around talking to the common folk and high and mighty alike. His daughter has told me that one time MSV would walk out for a coffee around the corner and wouldn't get back home until evening tiffin having eaten at everyone's place here and there. The man's warmth is boundless and his effortlessness and natural gift for music is a treaure forever. Yet with all that it is difficult to get him to talk about himself. And MSV the singer? That's another chapter/book by itself. When will we get to hear IR and MSV sing together with just a harmonium and guitar between themselves? Do we have to wait for deivasankalpam? And IR as usual had to at a function felicitating MSV come there as a student. While one can write volumes about this gnani's music, the book about his character hasn't been written yet. It awaits the work of a scholar - one who is yet to be born. IR's greetings to MSV reminds me of Mammootty's tribute to Sivaji where he said that at the moment of the thespian's death he stood just as another one of his millions of grieving fans. I have been listening to Rafi everyday for the last one week to and from work - it starts with Chaudvin ka Chand and goes on thru "Man tadpat hari sharshan ko aaj" (Baiju Bawra) and yesterday I heard Ulagam Sutrum... I don't know where Naushad ends and MSV begins. Who do I thank? Kurai ondrum illlai

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    pennahtur (@ 12.4*) on: Mon Dec 22 14:07:48 EST 2003

    Andd now comes the news of MSV receiving the ISai Peraignar award from Tamizh Isai Sangam. How apt.

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    Kupps (@ 199.*) on: Mon Dec 22 16:49:02 EST 2003

    The award had to wait so long for itself to get honoured.

    The mere attendence of stalwarts like Naushaad, V.Dakshnamoorthy, IR etc shows two things:

    1) The musical genius of MSV

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    rameshp (@ 202.*) on: Tue Dec 23 06:08:45 EST 2003

    you rightly said "The award had to wait".
    I bought this book yesterday. Specific mention from IR and you shoud read it to experience the emotion. Last line from IR "I am surrendering all my fame&recognition (if at all I earned all these years) to MSV feet. Rare gesture from IR to genius.

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    Aswathama (@ 68.5*) on: Tue Dec 23 09:58:09 EST 2003

    Some more excerpts from MSV book in AV


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    Music4ever (@ 130.*) on: Tue Dec 23 10:13:59 EST 2003

    As for "Kurai ondrum illai" I remember MSV mouthing a few bad words about cinema ulagam being a world with no gratitude. This was, I believe, during SPB's 30th-anniversary-in-cinema function.

    Gangai Amaran was the chief presenter and he had excellent words of praise for MSV and said everybody, including IR, learnt a lot from MSV.

    TKR's statement is a little intriguing, though.

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    Anbe sivam (@ 24.1*) on: Thu Dec 25 13:11:26 EST 2003


    I long back told about this humbleness of IR in one of the threads. I don't know whether you remember it or not.

    MSV is gem and down to earth person whom everybody will love. From what I understand about IR from some of the inputs about IR is
    1) He speaks his mind.
    2) When somebody rubs him even slightly on wrong side, because of high self respect, he denies to work with them any further.
    3) There was even a say earlier that he ill treated MSV!! This incident clearly proves it wrong.
    4) Also IR is really loyal to people who are loyal to him.
    5) He has a good integrity.
    6) He don't like talking to journalists much.

    While you see apparent humbleness in ARR and MSV, IR had that trait hidden. This is my opinion.

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    Receiving the Madhavapeddi Satyam Award, veteran music director M. S. Viswanathan said he had had the privilege of playing harmony at the recording of a song rendered by Satyam while he was working as an assistant with C. R. Subburaman. "He had blessed me then. Today, I am receiving an award named after him. I feel that whatever I have achieved is indeed a result of teamwork. Even today, I consider every new film I sign as my first film."


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    MSV profile in lakshmansruthi.com

    Hi friends, visit


    and read M.S.V's profile. Those who wants 2 have some latest & rare images of M.S.V send feedback to


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    Hi Shankar,

    Thanks for the link. Nice collections. Keep it up. It is always nice to recall the don of past.


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