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    ambleen (@ 202.*) on: Thu Mar 22 08:22:58 EST 2001

    Well to me, MSV's & other musicians' music couldn't penetrate in me. Their music all seems to be juz song accompanyment. Nothing more.

    I feel only gnani's music alone can do that. And he don even need lyrics to support. His music seems to be a class of its own...juz flows into ur blood...u noe wat i mean.

    Only he seem to have done that and still doing that.

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    Arunsarat (@ 203.*) on: Sat Mar 24 13:47:14 EST 2001

    Ravi ksr - There is no doubt that MSV is a king of orchestration. He is the only music director to have dictated notes straight, with his harmonium and created a harmony with a hundred piece orchestra those days, extempore, with all the musicians around in the recording studio, doing a single time recording with the singers.

    Not like the recent trends with seperate track recording punching system with which people give all craps.

    Ambleen - I disagree to what you say. Your tastes are not eternal. Just try listening to such numbers which is soaked in your blood after six more months. You will know your status then. MSV tunes, be it 1960/70/80/90, you cannot end a day without listening to his compositions, especially with the combination of TMS,PS and Kannadasan. They have stood the test of time and are already in the circulation and nerves of millions and millions of tfm fans. This is no secret. Be practical and sensible.

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    Arunsurat (@ 203.*) on: Sat Mar 24 13:49:15 EST 2001

    Ambleen - "? Gnani still doing?" Ha Ha! Are you joking?

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    Rams (@ 202.*) on: Sun Mar 25 10:01:35 EST 2001

    MSVs service is phenomenal. Name anything in film music industry and he has it, a good sample for it.
    Traditional literature - Vinayagar agaval in the film Namm Kuzhandaigal.
    Navagraha Krithi - A song on Navagrahams in the film Ganga Gowri. All of the above sung by Seeyazhi Govindarajan in 70-80.

    Bharathidasan songs - Thamizhukkum Amudhendru per, Sanhe Muzhangu, Pudhiyador Ulagam seivom.

    Bharathiyar songs- Sindunadiyin misai nilavinile, Sinnanchiru kiliye(latest version in SAChandrasekars movie), Nallador veenai seidhe in Varumayin niram sivappu.
    Hundreds and hundreds of kavidhais of-
    Kannadasan, Pattukkotai, Vaali, and other lyricists, composed with melody and without disturbing the lyrical or voice beauty.

    He cent percent has Everlasting film hits.

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    Jeyaram (@ 202.*) on: Sun Mar 25 11:50:53 EST 2001

    Hi all,

    It is happy to see that there are people with good knowledge on MSV music, who, undoubtedly, is the biggest trend setter in TFM till date.

    His versatality is unique. What a variety of tunes(even based on same ragam) for variety of situations (bhavam) sung by variety of singers!!!
    He has handled with great ease all the systems of music ( Carnatic, Hindustani, Western , Pop, Folk etc.) with his own stamp. In a period of Jambawans in Hindi film world, his tunes stood very unique and different. Even, if we look at the style of his music in every decade from 50s to 80s (till when he was active), it is very much different for every decade. Most of all, his tunes were simply matchless and as a creative person, it is very difficult to imagine such flow of music. ( Someone has written about "Mangayaril Makarani". Can some one forget, "Yamuna Nadhi inge" (Gouravam), "Karpanaiyo Kai vandhado " (Malathi) and so on.......?

    I had a pleasant opportunity to meet MSV at his residence for about 45 min after 8 PM 5 years back. I just went to meet him without any notice. I never expected, such a great person would entertain an ordinary person like me for 45 minutes and talking about music. If anyone can join me, we might have an intense session with MSV (purely on his music).

    All certain done, I think he has not been given the due recognition he deserves. Only his time tested music provides the answer for this also.

    It would be very nice, if we analyse his music in TFM (with our own limitations).


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    P.Ramesh (@ ) on: Sun Dec 21 23:56:53 EST 2003

    MSv just released book(22 dec).I don't have details of the same.pl let me know from where we can buy the same.

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    raj (@ 203.*) on: Mon Dec 22 01:36:35 EST 2003

    Biography Release Report:
    Biography on MSV written by Rani maindhan
    6.30 PM 20-DEC-03 Saturday

    It was a great evening filled with Emotions.

    Stalwarts in a stage. Yes Naushad,MSV,V.Dakshinamoothy,T.K.Ramamoorthy,T.R.P appa,Vaali,S.P.Muthuraman,K.Balachander,Sivakumar, P.B.Sreenivos,A.VM.Saravanan,Cho,Illayaraja,DD Director Natarajan,Nalli kuppusamy,R.M.Veerappan.

    I was blessed to See all in one hall/one stage

    & you will not believe, down the stage along with me were the others from film industry/Writers .
    yes, Pughazendhi,Balakumaran, R.C.sakthi,Seerkzhi sivachidambaram,Bharadwaj,Deva,Muthulingam,Kamakot iyan,Poovilangu mohan,Nagesh,Rajesh were present..

    The programme started off with a kid singing Kurai ondrum illai
    Since naushad ali had to leave early he released the book & Veteran V.Dakshinamoorthy received the first copy.

    Naushad praised MSV (in hindi translated by PBS)

    then Naushad Left .. till that time MSV was standing.. He sat only after Naushad Left.

    AVM Saravanan started off the Programme with his speech.Sivakumar followed. He cited many songs in many Category and mentioned TMS,Seerkazhi,PS,PBS & VJ.He also cited some of the pages from the book.
    All others speech were short & sweet..

    KB's speech was filled with emotions..
    Illayaraja -- Sang the Malai pozhudin & said PS's Singing & MSV-TKR's tune brought me life..

    Illayaraja said what ever fame he's got till now , is the Guru Kanikkai .. he said i'll surrender those at MSV's feet..

    Last was Vaali.. KB,Sivakumar all said we've got time before Vaali because Once Vaali starts we will not have anything to speak & his speech will be speech of the Day ..It was true..

    Vaali said .. MSV'ya paarkum mun enakku ore PASI
    MSV'ya paartha pin naan ore BUSY..

    He said indha vittil pochai vimanam aakiyavar MSV..

    Naan ingu nirkiren endral andhu MSV'yal than

    he remembered many incidents ...

    PBS spoke in Praise of MSV by singing Paal vannam, hindi song, Pon enben..

    Finally MSV delivered his speech

    It was a Great Evening

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    rajasaranam (@ 210.*) on: Mon Dec 22 05:17:15 EST 2003

    Illayaraja said what ever fame he's got till now , is the Guru Kanikkai .. he said i'll surrender those at MSV's feet..

    ithu thaan IR. avarukku egonnu solra ellorumkkum IR in intha mugam oru arimugama irukattum. intha humblesnessukku pinnadi entha business venturum illai, entha thoodhi paadalum illai. manasukku pattathai aapdiyae pesura oru kuzhanthai madri enga IR evalavo usarathukku poitaar. let MSV and IR live longer and cherish their emotional relationship.

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    Mystified (@ 68.7*) on: Mon Dec 22 12:51:55 EST 2003

    listen to songs of Avanthaan Manithan, Anbe Vaa, Ulagam Suttrum Valibhan, Ninaithaaley Innikkum, Aayirathil Oruvan,Thangapathakka, Gauravam - with songs super hits, and how? see the majesty of the compositions. Royal Tunes, royal passages, cannot find a flaw in those tunes and so suited for the personalities of Sivaji and MGR. IR saying that is nothing surprising, because IR had to find another way to define musical personality as the best one came from MSV!


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    Mystified (@ 68.7*) on: Mon Dec 22 12:58:34 EST 2003

    " The programme started off with a kid singing Kurai ondrum illai
    Since naushad ali had to leave early he released the book & Veteran V.Dakshinamoorthy received the first copy. "

    exactly that Kurai Ondrum Illai!!!!

    i missed this one. I didn't know that VDak was still alvie. V Dak was the closest to MSV is the traditional sounds and MSV style tunes, flawless and in a ways dark type feel in the tunes - comprising, sentimentality, nature evocativeness, classical, temple sounds, heart breaking - good example - Valayku Vankiya Veena late 60s Malyalam. (don't forget Nanda En Nila by SPB in a Tamil film)

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