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    Dear Ramesh,

    Ayayaa mella thattu.... is for Saroja devi and Nadigar thilagam !
    Normally PS sings in such a thullal style ONLY FOR VANISHREE but this special is for Saro !

    Its a duet for SHivaji and Saro ......

    True ...as you mentioned, its another unique song with a mix western and tappaanguthu which will come as a suprise element to the song and will add flavour to it !

    Tms romba urchaagathudan paaduvaar... which is another feature on this song !

    I love the charanam ....I used to listen quite frequently purely for the rhythm....

    which could be seen in Kettukodee urumi melam ....

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    Nenjam Marappadhillai - a movie known for BGM

    [tscii:1b9e128b0e]Sridhar never shied from making experiments and chosing odd subjects …..He took Nenjirukkum varai , the stars didn’t have their normal make up ! Nenjil oru aalayam was virtually an indoor movie

    NENJAM MARAPPADHILLAI was another sensational experiment …. A story of erstwhile lovers taking rebirth …..Sridhar, makes the lovers , Kalyan kumar and Devika rejoin in their current life, while recollecting their previous life through a sequence of pulsating and nerve wracking scenes…..the setting of that old bungalow and the Nambiar character as someone who is 120 years old ! all are terrific imagination ….a theme well developed into screen play….

    Sridhar , Kavignar and the Mellisai Duo had excellent chemistry ( like BR-IR-VM ) ….understanding each other’s strengths and tastes well …. Saradhaji once posted one interesting sequence about how Sonnadhu needhaanaa was finalized !

    This movie is significant for the duo as they excelled on re-recording besides their customary melody intact

    It’s a black and white movie …..

    The Tamil film industry had never come across such a different subject

    To make the audience tense and to create fear psychosis, Sridhar took most of the scenes with a night effect ! He will terrorise and intimidate the viewers all through the movie

    A real thriller packed with suspense….The whole theatre will be restless until Nambiar gets extinguished

    Nambiar, the Senior Zamindar , a ruthless Father of Kalyankumar , was a typical villain….IMO, one of the best portrayed villain roles….the transformation from a very arrogant Zamindar to an old man ( rather oldest man ) of 120 ++ years , terrific …..

    The screen play ( it was actually tough ) was very well structured by Sridhar by mixing both the past and present life of both , showing simultaneously the various events of the yesteryears and current….all perfectly synchronised

    When you have to create a movie mixed with past and current incidents , you need a song which has to be strikingly similar and also should be the epicentre to the entire movie which also should resurface at regular intervals all through the movie

    NENJAM MARAPPADHILLAI….. this song will be played at regular intervals but each situation , it will look different and that’s the greatness of MSV-TKR !

    THE PRELUDE HUMMING BY P.S. ! just through the humming the Duo will bring …..we will shiver , also , will get horrified by that humming ….the arrangement of interludes and the choice of instrument for this song which appears at various stages was very thoughtful planning

    Frequent usage of the sound of Owl whenever KalyanKumar gets into the Bungalow and terrorizing group violin were all unique and a welcome deviation from the past ! Now , with the advanced technology, if one can see the Background score with stereophonic effect, you will realize the greatness of this BGM ……this was one of those movies where the stress was given to BGM also ! and the duo didn’t disappoint…..

    The same song will have a different feeling when Kalyan Kumar and Devika sing a love duet ! the application of instruments and the interludes will give a pleasant impact to the ears while it will be fearful when it surfaces during the scenes when kalyankumar goes through the old bungalow. The violin interludes will be well supported by the tabla …all executed with perfection ….

    Again, the prelude humming will also give the feeling of a lover who has lost / missing her dear lover … a touch of class

    AZAGUKKUM MALARUKKUM JAADHIYILLAI – PBS with SJ is another splendid composition by the Duo , giving an horse riding impact rhythm …..the song will appear when the pair singing together while riding on a horse driven vehicle ( during their previous birth )…though the interludes will get repeated, very pleasing to the ears….maintaining the tempo of the song

    Later in the mid 70s , MSV also composed for Thunivay thunai , a Jaishankar – S.P.M movie ….and another nerve wracking song …Aagaayathil thottil katee mangai unnai kandaal , its VJ this time and the impact was terrific !

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    I thnk MSV composed one more song with VJ.KOONGUMA KOOLANGAL KOVIL KOONDADA and S.Janaki VENMEGAME VENMEGAME in rajinikanth movie AARIYAM JANMANGAL.


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    I recollected Venmaygamay from Aayiram jenmangal yesterday night and you have mentioned it already !!

    Venmegamay is another terrorising composition !! and it came in the mid 70s when Rajini was steadily growing in stature ..though VIjaykumar was the main hero with Lata....

    I could also observe some mild similarity between Aayiram jenmangal and Chandramukhi !

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    Balaji, Ramesh: Let me add the climax song of Aayiram Jenmangal :Azhaikindren, Unnai Azhaikkindren again by SJ.
    Also, in a more humorous vein, Thenatrankaraiyinile (?) by LRE in Uttharavindri Ulle Vaa.

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    The usage of Udukkai inbetween for Thenaatrankarayinilay is another example of Mellisai Mannar's presence of mind and to add more fun to the song !!

    MSV .....remarkable personality ....

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    Yesterday I saw KARUPPU PANAM. Kavingar Kannadasan movie and he himself did lead role. Here we have to mention about MSV-LRE combination of song. MSV use to give different songs to LRE but we labelled as club dance songs and ignored it. I read from other site that how MSV used so many jazz variety of songs with LRE.film like Vennira adai/ Namnadu(NINAITHATHAI NADATHEEYAE WITH TMS)

    In this movie we have AADA VARALLAM. splendid handling of guitar/drums with single voice humming. Espeically when she sings

    One more outstanding composistion AMMAMMA KELADI THOZHI. Quiet contrast to the earlier song sang by LRE.
    Different song for LRE and she did it remarkabley well. I heard that Kannadasan suggested LRE name for this song. EVen LRE said one of the rare song she sang in her career.

    MSV used trumphut almost most of his composistion. In this song he used VERY PLEANSTLY to give night effect along with one more instrument(not able to recognize).


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    [tscii:af96cc2ef1]There are some movies of Makkal Thilagam which were not typical of his type …like Naan yen pirandhen……wherein MGR will appear as a middle aged person, married with children finding it difficult to make both ends meet …..

    Even Anbay vaa was a total entertainer… a movie sans fighting ( even the last scene was a fun )

    I believe Anbay vaa is the second movie for Mellisai Mannar with MGR after the duo got split , the first one being Kalangarai vilakkam ! great….two evergreen compositions !!
    Before taking up an assignment, a seasoned MD should understand the theme and screen play so that one can plan a song for a given situation and how it will impact the movie …and this separates an ordinary MD from a genius like MSV and IR …

    The movie is complete in all aspects…for the splendid picturisation ( colour ) , scintillating composition and the background music and above all enjoyable comedy scenes , funny exchanges between MGR and Sarojadevi …. even the hero character of MGR was portrayed like a business head , tired of his fast routine, needs a welcome break and goes off to a hill station to relax in toto

    All through the movie, there will be a sweet guitar and accordion BGM …especially the bungalow scenes and whenver MGR meets Sarojadevi …a sort of theme music

    When we analyse MGR’s songs, we tend to break into 4 type :

    1.Kolgai parrappu - Neenga naala irukkanum naadu munnera, Naan padithen kaanjiyilay netru , Paatathu raajavum , etc
    2.Love duets – Countless numbers but I wish to mention a few atleast….Rajavin paarvai, Nalladhu kannay, Sirithaal thanga padhumai, Ulagamengum oray mozi, thangathil mugameduthu , inbamay undhan per penmayo etc……
    3.MGR solo – Karai mel pirakka vaithaan, Koduthadhellaam koduthaan, Odum megangalay , adho andha paravai pola etc
    4.Duet with a difference - Thulluvadho ilamai, kannay kaniyay muthay maniyay arugay vaa, enna porutham namakkul indha porutham , Naadu adhai naadu , aadaludan paadalai kettu …….

    A cheerful MGR, in disguise as a tourist though he is the real owner of the bungalow , plays fun with everyone, including Sarojadevi…teases her quite frequently …only to reveal the truth soon that all were for fun …inbetween the jovial exchanges with T.R.Ramachandran and Nagesh ( this is one of Nagesh’s top comedy movies )

    Actually the song starts with MGR disappearing suddenly and Saro searches for an elusive voice which comes like an echo……NAAN PAARTHADHILAY…..and Makkal thilagam , in a flash will resurface and starts singing ….. this is another teaser only
    MGR’s limitations as a dancer were also well known but somehow he managed to make up for that shortcoming by having short steps and mini movements to make it attractive and appreciable …this song sequence is another instance wherein Makkal thilagam , will make fun at Saro by walking in a funny manner, dancing mildly which will prompt Saro to respond in the later half by singing…Oru naal illai oru naal …..and this will make MG wonder , what she is trying to communicate ! from here he will be a passive player to the song
    Lovely picturisation ….extensive coverage of the hill station and the nature at its best !

    The song will have a fitting finale with a loud guitar finish….with MG and Saro’s face shown at close quarters…..

    A casual MGR , in the early part of the movie will also talk about systems driven organization ! when his assistant Ramdas advises / requests him to take rest and join the office the next day , Makkal thilagam, in a very gentle manner will respond by asking….a good process and systems driven organization with qualified personnel , can function even without a head ! vow …terrific thinking

    On seeing the bright sun shining in Shimla , upon reaching , MGR will express all the cheer of someone who had been longing for this moment in life ! somebody so stressed in his work….dearly looking forward to a break ….atlast got it what he wished ! and here comes the famous song…. PUDHIYA VAANAM……PUDHIYA BHOOMI…..
    Nice presence of mind from MSV …as MGR will be singing close to the valley, he used echo for Pudhiya vaanam……

    The stress that we undergo in our day to day life also prompts us to look for some relaxation either to go to a hill station especially during summer or take a total break from routine and move to some village side and refresh ourselves….and this is what MGR advises us through this total entertainer of a movie …..

    A seasoned MD , has to bring out all the requisites through his composition….only few can do it with perfection and melody….MSV was one …….

    One will also realize that for the above 4 type of Makkal Thilagam songs, MSV was present at large and had provided lovely compositions and created wonders those days !!

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    I thnk you forgot to mention NAAN UNGAL VETTU PILLAI from PUDHIYA POOMEI. Fantastic song and lyric by POOVAI SENGUTOVAN. MSV gives top class melody even for KOLGAI PADALGAL of MGR..like THAAI MEL AANAI/BUDDAN YESU GANDHI PIRANTHATHU etc.

    coming back to ANBEE VAA. before song starts small bit from MSV which consist of flute/violin which reflects moods of hill station and then TMS starts with very different note NAAN PAARTHATHELAY.

    You rightly pointed out about theme music. I think nobody would have listened it or pointed out in those days.This will be played whenever nagesh/mgr/saro meet each other. sameway you can listen theme music in PADAGOTTI/AYARTHIL ORUVAN etc.

    We can write separate dicitionary if we started writing duets of MSV scored for MGR. Each of them will have different dimension.samples ENGIRONTHU AASIGAL/CHANDROTHAYAM PEN AANATHO/MAANICKA THERIYIL/MELLA PO MELLA PO/CHINNA VALAI
    and then off late THENDRALYLIL AADUM from MADURAIYAI MEETA...

    Very different kind of chorus&orchestra for PUDHIYA VANAM song.
    ANBE VAA - we can call it as THENN ISAI MAZHAI(but I think they advertised LIKE THIS
    only in NINAITHALAEY INNIKUM. like this. OH GOD.)


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    In Karuppu panam, my favourite song is ELLARUM ELLAMUM PERA VENDUM.... the great Kavignar , amongst children, himself singing about Socialism !!

    Vallan porul kuvikkum thani udamai....neengi vara vendum thirunaatil podhu udamai...

    Vow....thani udamai and podhu udamai....!!! subtle change in the wordings and it conveys his intentions .....

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