Thanks Thumburu and Saradha Madam for the info.
Just curious to know if IR had used Charukesi raga to any compo ?
I know his favourite is Kalyani or mohanam .

Fine. Having discussed about fast paced song, I heard about another faster one during the 70s from Sivakamiyin Selvan , a Nadigar Thilagam movie ( Aradhana remake ).
I admire MSV's capabalities once again as he could have remixed the super hit hindi songs if he had desired so.
Instead he came up with his own creations and all the songs were melodious ones

Today's SOTD talks about Melathalam ketkum kalam .

I like the stage when PS completes vidiya vidya kathaigal solla varuen kalyana penaagi ( TMS hurrying with manam inika inika )
a nice improvisation !