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    Topic started by Chiranjeevi (@ on Fri Mar 2 09:00:36 EST 2001.

    It is beyond doubt that MSV has served the tfm industry in its golden period. His tunes are still ringing on the air beyond generations. In an era of lacking facilities, non digital, full orchestra, single track recording, MSV has done great tuning, orchestration and a variety of rhythm arrangements. This doyen has no replacement in the industry and is unique. His melodies are still listened to in the radio, TVs and also sung in almost all the stage performances.

    This great master with a variety of voices in his songs, variety of lyrical beauty with outstanding lyricist, has NOT GOT EVEN A SINGLE NATIONAL AWARD RECOGNITION TILL DATE. SO WAS THE CASE WITH HIS SINGERS LIKE TMS, SIRKAZHI GOVINDARAJAN, PBS etc., who worked for tfm.

    Alphabetical list of songs discussed with audio links:


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    Abdul (@ 203.*) on: Sat Mar 3 07:05:00 EST 2001

    Melodies and fame through the melodies are greater than the national awards. That should have been the philosophy of MSV and singers of his golden days.

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    Chechu (@ 210.*) on: Sun Mar 4 01:45:05 EST 2001

    Sure for this senior maestro who has influenced all the MDs to be awarded with a national recognition very soon. He deserves it than any other MD. The longivity of his everlasting hits will stand proof.

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    mani (@ 203.*) on: Sun Mar 4 12:33:57 EST 2001

    Ha, this is the thread I was looking out for.

    MSV did all his songs with TMS and Suseela in late 60s. All were super hits no doubt and as usual there was a blind following by other Music directors, (-like what is happening today) to blame the market and used the same voices.

    Many singers suffered lack of oppurtunities. Some singers like Loganathan, Sirkazhi and AM Raja were branded with different styles like Philosophical songs which came rarely.

    Now the whole scene has changed, Thankless job has resulted MSV to listen his own songs commented as MGR song, TMS song etc.,in literally all TV interviews without bothering to mention his name and as usual the tfm field which ignores seniority does it to him as well.

    One good thing with MSV is his everlasting melodies, of course, his rapport with the fans and masses, his appreciation to young music directors and singers and his being an embodiment of humility. He is being too good (eg. assists and plays harmonium for Ilarajas ?stage singing) to every body without differentiating.

    This quality which is unique with senior musicians should not be taken as a testimony for all the cases, for he has praised unworthy people as well.

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    Ramani (@ 203.*) on: Sat Mar 10 12:09:05 EST 2001

    Poor old lion of film music.

    He should try something in this new trend with voices AR Rahman, YSR - Screechy and squeeeky!

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    Kripa (@ 210.*) on: Wed Mar 14 04:46:29 EST 2001

    Why didnt he use Sirkali in 70s and 80s is questioned in a different forum. Does anybody have a genuine answer? Or is it because he had lesser number of films than IR who was doing more at that time. Is it true that after Annakili MSV called IR for assisting his music?

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    ravi k.s. ravichandran (@ 128.*) on: Fri Mar 16 21:46:36 EST

    MSV is great..

    Most postings talk about his famous duets. But MSV is a great orchestrator and composer.

    Just listen to "Pattatthu Rani.." in Sivantha Mon..And "Yengay Nimmathi..." in Putiya Paravai..And "Mutthamo Mohamo.." in Parakkum Pavai.. These are far far ahead of time in TFM music those days. Sometime I think MSV exceeded even the best of IR we have seen. I mostly grew up in IR's period but when I listened to MSV's I get this impression.

    One of his GEM of GEMS is

    "Mangayaril Mahrani.." What a tune man !

    These things are to be preserved for generations to come.

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    vengayam (@ 202.*) on: Sat Mar 17 02:16:22 EST 2001

    how about
    " paartha gnabagam illayo?- puthiya paravai
    pesuvathu killiya
    anubhavam pudhumai" -kaathalikka neramillai
    the orchestration is simply astounding. it gives the listener goose pimples

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    Usman (@ 203.*) on: Wed Mar 21 12:12:03 EST 2001

    MSV and Kannadasan, Oh what a combination. Ive seen MSV crying with tears whenever he talks about Kannadasan,. Whatever said and done those days, the titles with which they were called were 'natural' and not put on like present days thendrals, puyals and gnanis. Kaviyarasu meant Kannadasan, Mellisai Mannan for MSv, Nadigar thilagam Sivaji, Makkal thilagam MGR and so on.
    Long live MSV the great maestro.

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    vengayam (@ 202.*) on: Thu Mar 22 07:20:12 EST 2001

    usmaan bhai,
    paavam ivargalin pizhaigalai poruthu arulvom. kannadasan & visu-ramu/ visu were made for each other. it is only fortunate that we are able to take a plungeinto the ocean that they have left us & come with muthukkal everytime.

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