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    Incredible 60s and 70s of the Little master of melody

    [tscii:b74187b42b]The late 60s and early 70s witnessed some incredible music from Mellisai Champion…….

    Once again it’s the glorious MGR- MSV combination ….for


    I restrict myself to the songs only as MGR was ahead of times on picturisation ( Makkal Thilagam did wonders despite the not so advanced stages of cinematography )…probably to overcome his limitations as an actor ( say like Shivaji ) he focused on other finer aspects of making a movie and established himself as a model for future generation. ….sheer survival instinct must have made MGR successful in life …after all when he became a dominant hero, he was already in his late 30s !

    The greatness of the 2 legendary personalities MSV and IR stems from the fact that they studied the whole storyline , at times guide the Director as to how and when a song can be positioned so that it will have maximum impact which ultimately will contribute to the overall success of the movie…..such was their professional commitment ….there were instances where both had made mind boggling changes at the last minute to make a tune or a BGM more meaningful …..

    There is a reason for highlighting this fact as, in this movie too , a song was needed to PROVOKE and ENTHUSE A HANDICAPPED PERSON TO STAND UP AND DANCE ….

    How to make one handicapped character cheerful and stand up , dance ??

    The tune, the rhythm and the background music should be so scintillating that it automatically triggers passion and enthusiasm ……..

    Here comes a brilliant, imaginative composition from the LITTLE MASTER OF MELODY
    PAADUVOR PAADINAAL AADA THONDRUM….True ….. when TMS is the singer , the pulling power of his voice will make even someone down physiologically and psychologically, to get thrilled and stand up to dance !

    And when it gets associated with stalwarts like Mellisai mannar, Makkal thilagam ….its something special…….

    Its no wonder that JJ will start dancing …. At times twist dance also …..

    The situation ….. MGR , in a birthday party, in suit , sitting proudly with a piano and starts …….

    TMS starts with somewhat like a virutham…slowly singing Paaduvor paadinaal ( a gentle piano background )

    After a brief pause , there will be splendid combination of Piano and violin with tabla and drums and bangoos once again ! ( with just these support instruments MSV created a magic those days ) finally with clapping…..

    There will be parallel shots showing a cheerful MGR, the party members , JJ’s foot , trying to control but gradually getting tempted by the pull of the song’s rhythm, shaking of head acknowledging the splendid rhythm and finally will storm in to dance…..

    Paaduvor paadinaal aadathondrum…..

    The interludes before the charanam …..paatil suvaiyirundhaal aatam thaanay varum…..its a virtual war between flute , piano, violin, tabla again !

    One gets tempted to rewind several times when TMS reaches the stage ….Thannai marandhadhu kandu , thulli ezundhadhu vandu…..nooladarndha idai dhaan neliya…nooru kodi vindhai puriya…….nooru kodi vindhai puriya……. A big pause …….and TMS resumes again with a clapping

    The tune, the rhythm pattern will all be exact match for the situation…. MG trying to enthuse cheer and audio delight …. will make everyone dance automatically

    Also, as the scene warranted Makkal thilagam to sit and play Piano, he was totally restricted from making his routine mannerisms…..Kayyayum kaalayum asaikaamal MGR illai ! but as if he is tied to the instrument, MG will respond to the song ……at times using one hand to run through the piano while using the other hand for demonstrating his expressions ! quite a fascinating character Makkal thilagam is !

    The same song will get repeated and this time the scenario will be totally different as Vanishree will be tempted to stand up and dance…..

    SIRITHAAL THANGA PADHUMAI…adada adada enna pudhumai…..koduthen endhan manadhai ……. A song which will speak volumes of MSV melody…. Its another gem of a duet from PS – TMS…..This is a typical Makkal thilagam song , loaded with melody….this type of song , one can hear quite regularly in his movies….few examples are Unnai paarthu kondirundhaal paatu varum, Chinnavalai mugam sivandhavalai….

    MINIMINAY KANMANIYAY KONDAVALAY ENNIDAMAY…… a song with a difference….rhythm pattern will be different …..TMS this time with LRE …its one of the best of LRE

    One reason why MSV songs are still being cherished now , could be that of his long association with Makkal thilagam…..who must have made MSV work overtime and stretch to the maximum so that the best output comes….the more you ignite a gold and more will be its shine …..

    I have heard that some of MSV - MGR’s rejected tunes were used for other movies and they also became hits later !

    MSV's melodies have no boundaries !

    How could he give so many melodies with so much consistency !!

    I continue to wonder the enchanting melodies from the Little Master of tamil film music [/tscii:b74187b42b]

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    b'ful lyrics by vaali

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    kangalirandum vidi vilakkaga is also from the same film

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    Rajesh KRV,

    I think KANGALIRANDUM is from Oli vilakku ??

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    balaji then it shld be vizhiye vizhiye unakkenna velai

    i'm talking abt the duet b/t mgr and vanishree

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    Balaji, rajeshkrv: Kangalirandum is from Kannan En Kaadalan.It is MGR-Vanishree. I guess there is another duet
    "Gettikkaariyin Poyyum Purattum..""

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    Hi All, Let me clarify and summarise :-)

    vizhiyE vizhiyE unakkenna vElai
    Film: Pudhiya boomi
    MD: Govardhan
    Singers: TMS & PS
    Stars: MGR & Jayalalitha

    kaNgaLiraNdum vidi viLakkAga
    Film: kaNNan en kAdhalan
    MD: MSV
    Singers: TMS & PS
    Stars: MGR & VaNisri

    gettikkAriyin poyyum purattum
    Film: kaNNan en kAdhalan
    MD: MSV
    Singers: TMS & Kousalya (only last 2 lines)
    Stars: MGR & VaNisri

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    SN23: Just one correction: Pudiya Bhoomi, MD is MSV.

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    Dear All

    Thanks for all the information.

    Though I have heard both Kangalirandum and Gettikaariyin songs , its interesting to note that these 2 also form part of Kannan en kadhalan !

    MSV is an outstanding composer .....

    Yes , Viiziyay viziyay is from Puthiya boomi and the composer is Mellisai Mannar only.
    There are 2 more splendid songs in Puthiya boomi :

    1. Naan ungal veetu pillai ( typical Makkal thilagam song )
    2. Chinnavalai mugam sivandhavalai

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    Malar edhu un kangal - Way ahead of times

    [tscii:ff5b2a57e9]By the time when the great Sridhar directed AVALUKENDRU ORU MANAM , Kadhal Mannan Gemini was past his youthful days…..

    One can clearly spot the ageing star , must have been in the late 40s ( here I admire Makkal thilagam for having maintained his physique like a superman though he was also looking very aged in later stages …ofcourse its too much to expect even from a personality like MGR to be young for too long…)

    Even Sridhar was bereft of ideas in this movie…..if one sees this movie, you will wonder what went wrong with him as most of the characters will be listless…..

    The beautiful ( once upon a time Air hostess ) Kanchana and the Kannada star Barathi were looking like his daughters but still Kadhal mannan was continuing to play a hero role…..


    There are 3 lovely songs to list :

    1.Aaayiram niniavu …aayiram kanavu……- SPB solo for Gemini

    This song is well known for humming and fast beat…..Another trait of MSV was that when he switches over to charanam, he will always use tabla only while in the pallavi , he will use Drums and bangoos…and I will call it as signature MSV and this song was no exception …..just listen to the charanam …poovai allithandhall indha poonthendral annam…you will realize what I say….

    2.Unnidathil ennai koduthen ….SJ

    One should listen to this song purely for SJ’s silken voice and the CLASSICAL SHENOY INTERLUDES INBETWEEN…

    But one of my all time MSV wonder and an evergreen song from PS is :


    Vow , what a splendid start ……IT WAS WAY AHEAD OF TIMES…. Probably Sridhar wanted a song for the heroene Barathi who will be swimming and singing a song and this must have prompted MSV to come out with an on dot composition ….

    Just listen to the prelude and you will wonder where the legend is taking us ……

    Infact for the prelude , MSV used just his customary Violin and drums only but its another MAGIC….

    The prelude will start like in a very gentle manner before PS takes off ( continuing in the same flow of the prelude ) MALAR EDHU UN KANGAL THAAN ENDRU SOLVENAADEEE…..

    This song also featured a pleasant chorus as background support after PS completes every charanam…..which adds more flavour…..

    While Barathi will be swimming and singing , Gemini will be casually walking on the platform enjoying ……

    The picturisation will be crisp and clean ….just covering the 2 characters …..

    The beauty of this song is the way its built……the intial phase will be very warm and gentle as PS starts with a mild tone…….

    As the song picks up pace and reaches the end of charanam, PS will go in high pitches with lovely humming ….similar to the tone of Barathi !

    And , that’s the greatness of PS ! the way she understands the pulse of the song, the situation, the actress , the impact that the song will make to the movie……all will get reflected through her golden voice !

    One could hear a different PS in this song …..

    PS followed different style for the stars….we all know how she sings for JJ or for that matter Vanishree…..

    The same PS will be classy for Sarojadevi or Savithri or K.R.Vijaya

    Here again, in this song, its for Barathi and you can find the subtle difference !

    How MSV came up with this type of composition ?? can someone enlighten us please ?

    The only relief to the movie was pleasant picturisation , including this song …..

    All said and done, I feel sad that ONE OF THE BEST COMPOSITIONS OF MELLISAI MANNAR WAS WASTED BY THE GREAT SRIDHAR as this movie was clueless and listless performance by Sridhar…..

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