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    Mr. Balaji

    Pl visit the thread regularly & post such terrific songs like this !
    Actually, I was moved, the moment I heard the song ! After all, it has shaken IR , who am I to acknowledge !
    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Thaazayaampoomudichi thadam parthu ( Bagapirivinai )

    While enquiring about MSV's folk compos. I bumped into this !

    The complementing work of P.Leela after TMS completes his part is a nice touch to the song ! The music arrangement is damn simple but appealing !!

    The rhythm is consistent through the song , is another beauty !

    Listen & enjoy the senior Master's melody

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.Balaji
    Dear Balaji............

    Really very wonderful analysis about the song "mAlai pozuthin mayakkaththilE".

    You have covered each and every munute points in the song. Very nice.

    You....you...only you can write like this much expanded view.

    Hats off.....!!!!!.
    Anbudan….. Saradha Prakash

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    Aval mella sirithal ondrai solla ninaithal ( Pachai vilaku )

    This NT movie seem to have remarkable tunes everywhere !

    Today's SOTD is between Vijaykumari & Pushpalatha .

    And sung by P.Susheela & L.R.Iswari .

    Both have done exceptionally well .

    I like the continuous flute interlude nicely arranged & smoothly takes it to the charanam

    Truly melodious

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    wonderful pick nakeeran,

    this is the song to showcase MSV's creativity

    When the recording was over and PS & LRE were about to leave MSV suddenly asked them to stay back and asked PS to keep singin the thoodhu sella line and asked LRE to humm haha haha haha.. which definitely added different color to the song.

    That is the creativity and that is MSV


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    CHITTUKURVIKANEA KATTUPAADU. Even green from PATTIKADA PATTANAMA. please upload this song.


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    Dear Ramesh,
    CHittukuruvikenna kattupadu is from Savalae Samali..Enaku piditha padal. Idharku aduthu "Kaatrukenna veli" song ..Beautiful Tune and Lyrics....

    With Love,
    Usha Sankar.

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    Chittukuruvikkena kattupaadu ( Savale samaali )

    Oops ! its Nadigar Thilagam's 150th movie

    JJ gets married forcefully to NT but refuses to accept him initially but settles down finally

    The national award winning song of P.Susheela Madam appears when JJ sings before marriage

    And its one of ARR's favourite MSV compos !

    A brief look at the song will reveal that there is no set rhythm pattern at all but wonderfully tuned by the Master composer !

    Again, the flute interludes for the charanam 2 are class apart

    Thanks Mr. Ramesh for spotting another beauty

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Illam sangeetham ( Avan aval adhu )

    Just a quick look at a song of the 80s when the genius was about to fade

    Movie played by Lakshmi, Sripriya & Sivakumar , the lead characters . I presume the song is between L & S .

    The Vani Jayram-SPB combo had given some superb songs like Ore naal unai naan etc.

    Today's SOTD feature the said singers only.

    Looks like a classical song to me ! the rhythm, the ludes , the tune all say so .

    VJ's speciality is her clear diction & this song is another proof .

    Another melody fm MSV

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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    Deviyar iruvar muruganukku ( Kalai Kovil )

    Always in one's own production, you can make experiments , free to apply your creative thoughts & unleash your full repertoire.

    Kalai kovil is one such movie for Mellisai Mannar-TKR , a musical movie which features some classy as well as jazz songs !

    Muthuraman is the lead hero . Dunno the story but we had posted MULLIL ROJA earlier and wondered about the extended humming by PBS.

    Today's SOTD is a classy song sung by none other than P.Susheela .

    Like any other MSV song, this captivated my heart instantly for the nice tune, the classy conventional approach to orchestration .

    Not sure, how many such classical type songs did PS Madam had sung in tamil but this is a damn good number.

    Rajesh KRV , pl enlighten me

    Next super star KIREEDAM is for Ajit. ADHU

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