Jilaba Sir

I myself had a doubt & thats why asked u all. Naan oru ariya siruvan

But I saw the post of Mr. Manisegaran & made this quote :

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When the movie was in the making, MGR told to Vali in a light jest, "You will not be given a chance to write songs for this movie" to which Vali replied "This movie will certainly include my name"

MGR was puzzled and sought clarification. Vali replied my name Vali is already buried within the film tilte- VALIBAN. MGR laughed it off.

The original title of the movie was ULAGAM SUTRUM THAMIZHAN. For reasons not known to us he later changed it to Valiban.

The strength of MGR movies had always been the music and songs. More than anything else MGR gave most attention to the lyrics, tune and the song scenes. For this film he sat with MSV and kept on chaging the tunes, until MSV almost dropped dead. Finally MGR approved teh tune and went home. Upon reaching home he would phone MSV and request him to improve further. This trend contiuned for a few days. This unstable mind of MGR became a sore point for MSV and finally MSV told MGR off. He told MGR to look for other composers. On the following day, MGR sent for MSV. When MSV refused to go, MGR told him the tunes had come out so well and told him to collect the cash of Rs 15,000. Just compare with the rate todays' composers are demanding

Hope u believe in Mr. Manisegaran !