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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumarappa
    Quote Originally Posted by MrJudge
    Quote Originally Posted by viraajan
    yes. they did...
    Then, may get postponed one more week..
    Hehehe, one more week....

    Now, look here:
    Ayngaran :hammer: Why don't they stick to one fixed date???

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    It says 6th Feb :roll:

    So one more month!!


    Ayngaran - :clap: :thumbsup: :bow:
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    Raaja Brahmasmi Om Om :bow:

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    [tscii:70d8d5aede]A musical Muthirai this

    After the success of Dhaam Dhoom, Anees Jeeva is coming out with her next production — Muthirai. Starring Daniel Balaji, Nithin Sathya, Lakshmi Rai and Manjari Phadnis of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na fame, the movie is all set to the hit the screen in Februry 2009. Anees says, “Except three songs, we are done with the filming. A part of the film has been shot on a village set.” Ask her if the movie will be inspired by Jeeva’s style of filmmaking and she says, “His assistant Sreenath has directed the movie. We have attempted something different this time. Bollywood siren Rakhi Sawant has also scorched the screen in a song. I hope the audience likes it.” Anees also says that she is planning to release the audio in a unique way. “Yuvan’s music has come out extremely well. We will launch the audio of the movie this month. It will be different from all the other audio releases,” she concludes. [/tscii:70d8d5aede]
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    Wish you all a very happy new year guys,
    Yuvan should rock this year as many of his tamil albums and
    the Sony album releasing. :boo:

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    Wish all Yuvan fans a happy new year!!

    Hope Yuvan rocks this year!!!

    Yuvan will have atleast 10 albums releasing this year!!! :boo:

    No doubt!! yuvan will rock big time this year!!! :thumbsup:
    :musicsmile: Experiencing the Naan Kadavul songs. Version 2.0

    Raaja Brahmasmi Om Om :bow:

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    Wish You All Yuvan fans Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

    This is gonna be Yuvan's year.......

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    Iniya puthandu nalvazhthukkal
    Naan Kadavul - Naan Isai - Raaja

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    Yuvan new year special interview:

    The last minute is the highlight!

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    Watched it for Yuvan.

    Only two positives

    * Music - Yuvan summa 'pirichchu menjirrakAn'. Songs and BGM ellAm summA pattaya kelapputhu.

    * Camera - Mathi has done a fantastic job through his lens

    Overall another Hari type film, but this is for youngsters and not targeted for family audience.... too many fights :banghead:

    If Simbu does another masala crap like this, I like Yuvan to score again for him and not to miss it.

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    Did anybody watched "Flubber", tamil dubbed hollywood movie in Sun TV yesterday ?

    There was a dance sequence in the movie by the Flubber after the robots open the flubber from their case. In English some other song will be played, but in tamil dubbed, it was our Yuvan's "Variya" song from Pudhupettai. The musical piece was so good that it got easily dwelled within the dance sequence. And it was so real as if the musical piece was scored for the dance sequence.

    Well done Yuvan !

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