Hi everybody, I wish to slightly contradict the popular belief that it was Ilayaraja who introduced fast-paced folk numbers through 'Annakili' (1976).

Can anyone forget the ever green fast-tracked song 'Ennadi Raakama' (Pattikaada Pattanama 1972) and the combination of folk and western 'Kettukodi Urumimeylam' from the same film? It was MS Viswanathan who set this trend but surprisingly he did not take upon himself for spin-offs in subsequent films. But this very song was often repeated and remembered in many films for more than a decade after it was released. Such was its popularity. According to norms, a song is rendered classic if it survives for 10 years.

KV Mahadevan did try his hand to be in the bandwagon by composing village based songs in the MGR starrer 'Pattikaatu Ponniah' (1973)but somehow it did not click.

It can be recalled that MGR insisted that MSV tunes a village-based melodius song like the popular Shivaji starrer 'Aagaya Panthililae' (1973). It can safely assumed that MGR wanted to equal Shivaji in songs and tempo.

It is my personal opinion that MSV songs are considered classics because it sans time and period. Ilayaraja's are popular for that particular period of time only. One has just to listen again to 'Ennadi Raakama' and 'Machanai Paarthingila' side by side to know it.