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Thread: Yuvan Shankar Raja's New Albums : 2007-08 : 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrJudge
    Watched Billa and OK movie...

    Songs are not choreographed well by Kalyan :banghead:

    Yuvan has done what the movie is required.

    how was the nan meendum song picturised?

    coz am eagerly waiting for this song's picturization.

    is is up to the mark of u1's stylish composition?
    :musicsmile: Experiencing the Naan Kadavul songs. Version 2.0

    Raaja Brahmasmi Om Om :bow:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahen
    Yuvan has used Kedi's bgm in Billa..Exact copy..The piece of music used for tamanna has been used again for ajith..Running out of ideas yuvan??
    I welcome this....because i really think that lot of yuvan's master pieces went unnoticed in the flop movies( How many of them known the bit song of kedi???...simply masterpiece....) yuvan should reuse those BGM and songs.....And he should reuse tamil BGM/songs in other laguage films....that is my desire.....

    And i have to see billa....guys, what is the BO fate of billa???

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    The BGM for the part when prabhu trains Velu for transformation to Billa is mind blowing.

    It starts off with some steady beats and the moment when Ajith gets fully trained and comes with the billa get up, the beats change kinda hard rock/metal build-up effect! Really good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by viraajan
    how was the nan meendum song picturised?

    coz am eagerly waiting for this song's picturization.

    is is up to the mark of u1's stylish composition?
    It is for Namitha and not up to the mark. I was expecting something mysterious thing happening in the background.

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    Namitha :banghead:

    previously Nee marlin manroe song now this song
    Naan Kadavul - Naan Isai - Raaja

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjeevi

    previously Nee marlin manroe song now this song
    She was ok in the movie, but she doesn't deserve this song. Kuthu Ramya-va intha characterkku pottrukkalam.

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    Don't get distracted by, you know which people, and make impressions about the movie and YSR's work.

    The movie is outstanding for tamil film far. A new milestone in every aspect!!! Did not expect Ajit to make it with so much style! and the best part no chance given for comparison with Rajini....cos the film is technically on another dimension as compared to the original film, even though the same story was handled. Lookout for our very own Angelina Jolie, Nayan!!! she looked those outfits.

    YSR's music is simply world class.....truly lifted the movie to the level it was intended to by Vishnu. Never had any movie filmed abroard looked so good, leave alone filmed in Malaysia....

    All the songs and BGM are superB!!!!!!!! no one else, i say again, no one else!!! would have done this much justice to the movie, which demanded absolute style and class from YSR, and he has delivered big time!!!

    Even the remixed 'My Name is Billa' which i hated on first listening was so apt for the scene and now I understand why he made it sound so plastic throughout..... and the way he has presented Vetthalaiya!!! my my the theatre was going crazy!!!! i watched it in Yishun Singapore on 1st day.

    Not to be missed!!! on big screen. I could not believe the extra applause and wistle that came when YSR name appeared in the titles!!! Every bit Deserving.

    YSR!!!!! You are an amazing talent!!!! A true successor to the one and only IR....indeed.

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    [tscii:3d49ff1d2c]Karthi as MGR fan
    IndiaGlitz [Monday, December 17, 2007]

    Everybody knows that the title of next 'Paruthi Veeran' Karthiís next film is MGRís ever green hit movie 'Aayirathil Oruvan'. What is new about the movie is that Karthi is acting as an MGR fan in the film. He appears with MGRís figure etched on his shoulder through out the film.

    The first schedule of 'Aayirathil Oruvan', directed by Selvaraghavan is completed and the second schedule is planned to commence soon in the deserts of Rajastan. The movie might be ready by Tamil New Yearís day.[/tscii:3d49ff1d2c]

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    Billa: 25 crores in 5 days
    IndiaGlitz [Monday, December 17, 2007]

    Ajithís much awaited film 'Billa' has collected a record amount of Rs. 25 crores in just 5 days. The film directed by Vishnuvardhan, was released last Friday (Dec 14) in 272 theatres. The bookings were started by 11th of December. The collection for the first five days are said to have touched 25 crores, which is higher than the blockbuster Sivaji.

    Ajith has once again proved that he has a very big opening despite lots of failures in the recent years. The actor has also been receiving complements from many quarters for his performance in the film.

    If the current trend in the box office continues for some more weeks, 'Billa' will create history of sorts in terms of collection.


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    I watched Billa with my family members. Everybody liked the movie and I feel Music, camera, costume and direction lifted the movie so well. As 'ezy0265' said its nice movie to watch. People please dont compare the new one with old one and Please look into the positive side alone. Finally yuvan and ajith satisfied their fan's. Billa simply rocking.

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