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Thread: Yuvan Shankar Raja's New Albums : 2007-08 : 2

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    Guys watched Billa yesterday night...

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    Guys watched Billa last night....

    Film is oki with story, same & similar as the old Billa... No changes like Don...

    Very stylish, specially with Ajith & his cars he uses... Locations hav been most da same as Don...

    One minus is no joke in da movie... NAYANTARA IS A BOMB GUYS.... Specially when she comes near da swimming pool with Billa tatoo on her hip...

    Music, Yuvan has done a decent job... Specially the bg score for the scene whr org billa n prabu travels in da car...

    Movie is oki, can watch for the sylish appeal of the movie...

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    So its not good as Don remake I guess.

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    not good as don remake.... But Ajiths style n da cars, suit, rayban glasses he use is ones dream lol...

    Feel they should hav done some changes more in da story...

    Movies is good to watch...

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    Nd guys also dont miss the billa theme bgm @ da end of the movies when the creditionals go...
    Yuvan has done some slight changes in the equipments and sounds really chassy thrilling...

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    To remake a 27-year old Rajinikanth film with another actor at a time when he is still the superstar, is a major challenge for any director. But Vishnu Vardhan is a daring young man who took up the challenge along with Ajit and they have come out with a fresh new Billa, an escapist comic book like fantasy film, which has been faithful to the original in spirit and soul. Spiffily shot and stylishly packaged, the remake is slick and will certainly appeal to today’s youth audiences.
    Yuvan’s title track and theme music is one of the highlights of the film, though the songs fall flat! The re-mix title song My name is Billa… is no patch on the original and lacks its fervor, while the other re-mix number Vethalaiya Pottendi… has a good beat that makes you dance and is well shot The only mass number is Seval Kodi.., with Vijay Yesudas’s striking voice and colourful picturisation .
    Billa delivers the goods with its great star cast, a designer look, technical glitz, perfect chemistry making it an entertainment extravaganza. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride. Don’t miss it.

    Verdict- Racy & Rocking [/tscii:a5759c3bc3]

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    Watched Billa and OK movie...

    Songs are not choreographed well by Kalyan :banghead:

    Yuvan has done what the movie is required.

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    Yuvan has used Kedi's bgm in Billa..Exact copy..The piece of music used for tamanna has been used again for ajith..Running out of ideas yuvan??

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    Selva on Aayirathil Oruvan
    By Moviebuzz
    Saturday, 15 December , 2007, 11:04

    Selvaraghavan, the path breaking director who created a new trend in Tamil cinema is now doing Aayirathil Oruvan with Karthi, Parthipan, Reema Sen and Andrea. He completed nearly 35 days shoot in the forests of Chakudy in Kerala for the film.

    Now he is back in Chennai preparing for the second schedule of the film in the deserts of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Meanwhile the producer of the film had a difference of opinion with Selva over the budget of the film. What is happening is that the cost of the film has overshot the budget, making the producer jittery.

    Selva has come under criticism for making it overshoot the budget. When contacted Selvaraghavan said: “Yes I agree it has overshot the budget, for no fault of mine. During the Kerala schedule it rained continuously for 15 days and we could not shoot, and the cost spiraled as we had a 500 member unit and the junior artists waiting for the skies to clear. What can I do about it?"

    Selva is one director who is not only passionate about his work but is also a perfectionist. There are no short cuts in his film making method, as each shot is taken with care. He takes time and pain over his films and at it shows on the big screen. Says Selva: " Aayirathil Oruvan is an adventure film with about 80 percent graphics, and it not only takes time but also becomes expensive. It is a big challenge to make a film of this dimension and magnitude."

    In Aayirathil Oruvan there are six songs, including a song from the MGR film by the same name. Says Selva: “I have taken the title song from MGR's Aayirathil Oruvan and used it for a similar situation song in my Aayirathil Oruvan, without any re-mix. I have got permission from the original right holders and HMV. I will be having five more songs in the film composed by Yuvan."

    Selva one of the most innovative directors in the country is sure to make his Aayirathil Oruvan a super hit, because he understands the mind of today's audiences. 40 percent of the film is over, and another 20 percent will be completed in Jaisalmer, with the remaining 40 percent to be shot on sets in Ramiji Rao Studios in Hyderabad. The shoot of the film will be complete by February end and post production work may take two months, and it can release by mid- May as summer release.

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    watched the movie last night .. very stylish and entertaing remake package...nnan ponna theatre'la audio wasnt good...howver the bgm were so stylish and lifetd the movie so much... songs as judge said not choreographed well....wasted naan meendum also...
    hey saala....

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