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Thread: Yuvan Shankar Raja's New Albums : 2007-08 : 2

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    i just wanted to say that yuvan is second to none in giving musical/comercial hits with quality numbers.other thing is (as far as i know ) the vel songs reached B and C center much better than Tamil MA songs(exception : Paraveiye).but we yuvan fans regards Tamil MA as one of his best album ever.

    so yuvan need one or two such comercial movies here and there.its my opinion.but most of yuvan fans here want him to be selective.but i hope yuvan is goin in right direction, as he is the one who join hands with new faces most of the times.while giving good music with tested and tried directors it is not so bad to sign one or two such comercial movies in a year.

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    Athellam irukkattum engappa adutha album :sigh2:

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    sgmsin wants Yuvan to be more selective and deliver chartbusters in every album that gets released. It should be like people should listen to all the songs in the movie and they should be commercial hits.
    Hence, he had given Hari movies as an example. HJ had Saami and Arul with Hari. They were not wash outs. In ayya also, one song was popular. That is not the case with Vel. Thaamirabharani had 2 OK songs. Nothing like a big commercial hit. I think he is referring to that
    Thats where Yuvan differs from Haaris, as Haaris takes days and months to fine tune each of his songs and make them big hits.thats why he is doing only one or two movies in a year.

    where as yuvan's style is much like his fathers, he goes with the tunes which come naturally and do little fine tuning.and selection of projects also is same as his dad. you can see that pattern every year, couple of movies with new directors, couple movies with comercial directors and couple movies with his hit combos.

    i dont see any problem in this approach unless otherwise the number of these comercial junks go above the good ones.

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    Athellam irukkattum engappa adutha album
    yep , you are right on money sanjeevi!! are we yuvan fans ready to wait for more than 5 or 6 months for every of his album release? righ now he is giving out atleast a movie every month or two and i want the same to continue.

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    Yuvan to score music for Bollywood

    It is time for Young Music wizard Yuvan Shankar Raja to set his peppy numbers for Bollywood Khans, Big and Junior Bs! Yes, Yuvan, the youngest son of legendary maestro of our time Illayaraja, is going to Bollywood. Sunny Deol has invited the composer

    After hearing few of his latest tunes, the actor was impressed. Then he decided to sign him for his next mega venture in Hindi. The official announcement is expected to be made soon.

    Currently, Yuvan is busy composing music for more than 13 films in Tamil and Telugu!

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    >>and selection of projects also is same as his dad<<

    At his peak, IR probably didn't do any selection:-) To quote his pulambal at the periyAr film controversy : 'ennidaththil vandha eththanaiyO kuppaikaLukkellAm isai amaiththukkoduththirukkiREn':-))

    Even on a serious note, barring his illustrious predecessor MSV, I don't think any composer in TFM history has matched the near-monopoly of IR. And I don't think YSR needs to try any IR-act at this time (the field is vastly different today), but focus on his strengths and continue to deliver hits to be on the top bracket.

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    [tscii:5c67ea112d]I think YSR needs to be more humble generally speaking... whether he can afford it or not is a another question... but such talented people should also focus on humility. Have to admit that it wasn't also his father's forté...

    Start Digression
    I remember reading in an interview of KR where he said that he never took music direction seriously... That astonished me. I tought it was kind of insulting for the producers, directors, actors with whom he has worked...
    End digression[/tscii:5c67ea112d]

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    I was watching the movie Ethiri yesterday and was pleasantly shocked by the Mudhal mudhalaaga song sung by Hariharan. In fact, I have started enjoying many Yuvan numbers from relatively obscure movies. Arabu Naade is fantastic, a couple of VEl and ThAmiraparaNi songs are good, Arindhum Ariyaamalum songs are superb and many more are listen-worthy. Yuvan has been steadily and silently crunching good stuff. His orchestral embellishment in most songs is awesome, IMO.

    After Rahman I like to listen to Yuvan, of the present lot. Harris songs are probably instantly appealing but I don't have a taste for his kind of music.

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    Ethiri is a pretty gound album... its biggest problem was the cheap lyrics.... kind of spoilt the whole experience....

    Now fortunatly YSR's albums have decent/nice lyrics...

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    At his peak, IR probably didn't do any selection:-) To quote his pulambal at the periyAr film controversy : 'ennidaththil vandha eththanaiyO kuppaikaLukkellAm isai amaiththukkoduththirukkiREn')
    yes, thats a different story and IR himself reiterated that many times " Even i dont know the reason why i reject or accept a movie ".

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