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Thread: Yuvan Shankar Raja's New Albums : 2007-08 : 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajaalltheway
    Whatever happened between the two its definitely not salary.I personally know that he worked for peanuts for movies like Kannamoochi Yeneda and Kattradhu Tamil.Rocky Muthappa Rai,KTs producer became a friendand fan of YSR after the movie.Yuvans frequent jaunts abroad and that too to places like France and Malaysia for Yogi and Eagen had made him unavailable for communication,Saroja recording at Pinkstone was postponed twice .Selva might have found this not too favourable for his pet project which is already embroiled in delays and overshooting of budget.
    Thanks for the info.I wish Selva and yuvan should come forward and clarify us.

    Quote Originally Posted by viraajan

    Its a confirmed news. Don't know if Its salary issue. Something has hapnd. They both have bashed up each other with 3rd rated words. I heard it in mirchi today. Couldnt believe.
    Boss, i am awaiting for your clarification on the bold one....What happened??...What u heared??...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MADDY
    Quote Originally Posted by rajasaranam
    hmmmm...... 'Like father like son' pola Career Peak'la irukkum bodhu ithu mathiri Break-up's ARR gained earlier now it will be his realtive GVP 8-)
    then i wud say U1 gained when ARR sir went to bolly and international projects and IR gained bcos of MSV-TKR split :lol: and i thot IR was not dependant on director's calibre much.......he had belted some blinders for junk directors.........i wud say, ARR wave wud have come even if IR had retained mani/KB/BR with him............
    nope IR's first film was with Panchu Arunachalam backed Directors Devaraj-mohan who were trying hard to establish themselves in the film industry with a string of flops like 'Ungalil Oruthi' 'Ponnuku thanga Manasu' 'Uravu Solla Oruvan' 'Anbu raaja' and 'Kanmani raaja'.
    the success of this duo was much dependent on music of IR for movies like 'Annakili' ' Kavikuyil' 'chittukuruvi' 'Poonthalir' 'Rosappu Ravikkaikaari' etc.,
    they didnt come to IR because of a misunderstanding with MSV-TKR. moreover If you want to keep your facts right MSV-TKR Split happened in 1960 and MSV was ruling the Charts till late 70's.
    there was no relation atall to MSV's decline and IR's rise- It's just a pure chance Happening. Instead ARR's Rise was entirely dependent upon IR's misunderstandings with some of the directors and producers who wanted IR out of the field.
    ARR's first movie Yodha was a Flop Both music and movie oke: (Annakili Was a super hit)
    ARR's first non-film album 'Set me free' was a flop :P (How to name it Was a super hit)
    ARR's first non-film religious album 'Dheen Isai Maalai' was a flop :P (Geethanjali and ramanamaalai were super hits)
    It were Mani, KB, BR and VM combo backed with the power of media which were incidental in grooming of ARR in initial years! later he learned his lessons well and became a phenomenon is a different factor altogether. :notworthy: aana Ivanga illamale avar vanthu irupaarnnu solrathu ellam konjam overthaan. Yes he would have gained a significant niche in ADVT. World can never be denied. but cinema?!!
    Appuram intha Bollywood/Hollywood Kathai ellam ethanai naalaikku thaan solla poareengalo theriyala Avar eppathaan Busy'aa illa? varushathukku 5 padam panrathey Busynna! raaja mathiri 50 - 60 Padam panni iruntha Chandramandalathilayae padam kaatti iruppeenga neenga ellam :lol:

    Appa Romba naal Aachu, Sandai poattu.... Vaa Vaa Vaa ops:
    kalThOnRi ManThOnra kAlaththu munThOnRiya mUththa kudi thamizhkudinna, Muthal KolaigAranum avanAthana irukkanum! Olagathula irukra ella Thappum ivanthaan muthalla Senjirukkanum - Dr.Ilaiyaraaja

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    I think IR & YSR are poles apart in their MD-Director combo successes. Absolutely no comparison!

    IR proved successful with all and sundry before-while-after his combo with some famous directors who chose to split from him (BR, MR & KB to be specific). Like rs pointed out, he launched with a little-known D-M pair and became a sensation while that duo disappeared in time. And during his period, success of movie was never a requirement for people to embrace his songs. 100's of his phenomenal hits were from unknown flops (even never-released films).

    It's very different with YSR. His initial few movies were nothing to write about. He definitely didn't prove himself big before teaming up with Selvaraghavan. They (kind of) grew together. Though YSR has later made some other successful combos, he still needs, to a great extent, success of movies (and/or) big names (like actors, production houses, directors, marketing etc) to promote the songs (This is simply today's trend to which practically no MD is an exception).

    So, losing a star partner at this time is definitely not a good thing to happen to YSR. (Repeat 'star partner' and not a 'great director' as the two movies that I saw of Selvaraghavan - KK & 7G are totally irritating horrors).

    Who knows, he may still have a lot more success but should have worked to retain the combo by hook or crook, at least not to send wrong signals to the industry at this stage. However, if it's Selvaraghavan's choice, he cannot do anything about it.

    IR still does work for PA. Something for YSR to think about...

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    yuvan-selva split ah??? jus last week i was thinking that way and it happened now,....but i still couldn believe it....IMO its a huge loss to both of them amd even a bigger loss to yuvan fans like us... ennadhaan avaroda matha songs hit aanalum we always wait eagerly for a selvaragavan film right....cos he gives in the best...the combo rocked in this is a real shocker....i don understand y the hell people r going after GVP these days....vazhvu dhaan.... i don know what is the future for yuvan....but idhu varaikum yuvan always worked only with new directors and succeeded lets hope he finds another pair....
    what happenede to ameer-yuvan....???nanri ketta ulagam..
    hey saala....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajasaranam
    nope IR's first film was with Panchu Arunachalam backed Directors Devaraj-mohan who were trying hard to establish themselves in the film industry with a string of flops like 'Ungalil Oruthi' 'Ponnuku thanga Manasu' 'Uravu Solla Oruvan' 'Anbu raaja' and 'Kanmani raaja'.
    the success of this duo was much dependent on music of IR for movies like 'Annakili' ' Kavikuyil' 'chittukuruvi' 'Poonthalir' 'Rosappu Ravikkaikaari' etc.,
    they didnt come to IR because of a misunderstanding with MSV-TKR. moreover If you want to keep your facts right MSV-TKR Split happened in 1960 and MSV was ruling the Charts till late 70's.
    splits for IR happened long back 92, KB used Maragadhamani, BR used hamsalekha, ravi devendran etc., so ARR came well after the turbulent period.......y dont u think hamsalekha or ravi cudnt capitalise on IR's losses??? y did it take someone 5-6 yrs to notice that??

    i know u will never change - once a ARR hater always one :lol: .......i know, u hate that man to the core......its very clear that u have fiddled around with chronology to project ARR as a flop - how did yodha become his first film?? then i wud say Majnu was HJ's first film.......even if u consider Roja to be lucky, gentleman was with a first timer and infact it was gentleman's songs which made him a household it was a movie with first timer which made him all the more famous.........also to get facts rite - he did only his first movie with KB in 94, BR in 93 and he didnt have much oppurtunity to work with them........there wasnt much grooming from KB,BR side

    and wat media support RS?? :huh: maalai malar carried a article saying ARR was a drunkard and a flirt within 2 months of roja release - making producers wait for long hours to complete his "leelaigal" with his GFs.....(andha aala paaathu eppadi idhellam thonichhu?? :lol........tamil media was total IR jalra who were very particular on ARR's ouster...........

    ARR has clearly proved he is a phenomenon with all combos......

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajasaranam
    moreover If you want to keep your facts right MSV-TKR Split happened in 1960 and MSV was ruling the Charts till late 70's
    MSV-TKR's last movie was aayirithal oruvan in 1965 and 1960 as u said............if they had stayed for another 10 yrs, i dont think IR wud have stood a chance against them........also, how to name it was a super hit-a??? :shock: indha vishayam IRkku theriyuma :lol: .....then y did he just reused them in veedu movie?? geethanjali, ramanamaalai :roll: ...........vitta neenga TIS-ae super hitnnu solluveenga

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    I don't quite get what you mean by the media angle.
    It's a fact that Roja and the subsequent albums took TN by storm and Rangeela pathi sollave vendaam. Yes, Rahman is/was better covered by the media (N.I and overseas) but how can we attribute his success to the "media"? makkal rasichaanga-ngaradhu fact dhaane?
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    ARR enterd the TFM while chatelite chanels boom the reach was much bigger.i guess rajasaranam was talking about this only.not like previous generations you dont need to go cinemas, tea stall or to friends house who has tape recorder to l;isten to new is coming after you ( sometimes haunting you with repeated telecast of same song).

    now dont ask me why IR couldnt utilize that? he was goin down arround the same time ( mid 90's).on the other hand ARR was a new sensation giving huge hits after hits.actually it took more than 3 or 4 years to IR fans like me to accept/realize that IR is not gonna rule TFM ever after.Now you guys of ARR fans are at same juncture, of not realizing that ARR has gone , he was able to give only 3 or 4 commercial hits in last 5 or 6 years after the movie Thenali in TFM , that is out of 20 odd movies.

    i guess because of this and his commitments in Hindi, the number of movies in tamil has gone down and guys like YSR, HJ and VS utilized this and are doing well.and i dont see any threat to YSR's top position.

    Whenever yuvan's movie fail at BO or if he face some issues like this , i see a lot people coming to his forumn and predicting his downfall. it never happened,, and i hope the trend will continue.

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    Maddy, nachu reply!! :lol2: :thumbsup:

    nanchil anney,

    ARR kavunduduvaarnu kanavu kandukuney irunga :lol2: In the 90's there was an alarming decrease in quality of IR's songs barring occasional extra-ordinary songs (his normal standard). As a music fan, I can only see that ARR's music is getting richer by the day, never failing to amaze us even till today. The way he is still pushing the envelope even after 18 years at top is absolutely amazing.

    Talking abt his market value, either you must be kidding or nuts :rotfl: . Just compare the future sales of sakkarakatti with sales of any YSR album with a new comer.. u will understand the math :lol2:. The fact is, ARR is still a music industry SUPERSTAR and no present MD has yet come close to being such a market force. And you talk about dethroning ARR :lol2: Composer pera paatha odaney andha album'a vaanganumga.. adhukku peru thaan no.1 :thumbsup:
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    [tscii:73016d83bb]Some damn interesting arguments happening ! My cents worth :

    1. MSV-TKR split happened in 65 ( Last movie was Ayirathil oruvan ). Pls read Mr. Manisekaranís articles in Padalgal palavidham
    2. MSV was a Monarch , ruling up to the mid 70s
    3. but by late 70s , he was looking exhausted ( 1950 to 75 , around 25 long years )
    4. IR brought in some significant changes especially in orchestration mainly western , lengthy ludes, fast beats, re-recording, folk music re-written with WCM .
    5. Clearly IR was taking a huge lead over his peers . However, still MSV stretched up to 81-82 .Here, note, MSV still scored around 250-275 movies after IRís entry.
    6. The entire 80s were IR domain. Notwithstanding the quality of his peers like TRR, Chandrabose , to some extent Shankar Ganesh etc, still IR was miles ahead
    7. 92 ARR enters. Though Roja was a good take off for ARR, Gentleman, IMO was the turning point in tfm getting into a new phase. Chikkubukku rayile changed the trend. May madham, and all Prabhu deva movies totally changed the scenario to ARR .
    8. Co-incidentally, IR had problems with all leading directors then like, KB, MR, BR & they were desperately scouting for an alternative. ARR fitted their requirements well though as Maddy rightly said there was Hamsalekha, Maragadhamani, Devendran couldnít quite sustain. One reason could be, their style was similar to that of IR .
    9. Ultimately IRís reign was ended by new trend set by ARR IMO. Rangeela was a massive hit in NI . Northies found ARRís music more attractive. Bollywood also underwent a lateral shift in composing pattern. All Prabudeva movie songs were super hits there also.
    10. Even if MSV-TKR had continued, they would have been beaten comprehensively by IRís orchestration , especially the ludes arrangement. MSV clearly looked tired in the end of the 70s.


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