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Thread: Yuvan Shankar Raja's New Albums : 2007-08 : 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrJudge
    . However Venkat’s next project is Saroja which is reportedly inspired from the English film Babel.
    ivinga comedy-kku oru aLavE illa :lol: Babel? Connecting lives of an illegal immigrant, an american couple touring morocco and a Japanese guy who spends his holidays in Morocco?? :P

    At least amores perros/21 grams-nu sonnA kooda Okay.. Actually knowing Venkatprabu I will be extremely surprised and disappointed if its going to be a serious movie like AP/21 etc.., [/tscii:e31f111069]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerd
    ivinga comedy-kku oru aLavE illa
    I hope VP does come up with something original and innovative in Saroja.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunthar_p
    What??? :shock:

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    there was special thanks to d Imman....may for bgm or the new remix song

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunthar_p
    there was special thanks to d Imman....may for bgm or the new remix song
    How was the movie? I am hesitant to watch this film as I am fed up with Dhanush acting as a tharuthala son.

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    [tscii:a54aa662f6]'Saroja': Technically Sound
    IndiaGlitz [Friday, April 04, 2008]

    Venkat Prabhu, who shot to fame as a director with ‘Chennai 600028’, is confident that directorial venture ‘Saroja’ would enthrall youth. The movie captures happenings within 24 hours.

    'Sudden turns and a twist of a whole day is ‘Saroja', he says. Produced by T Siva under the banner of Amma Creations, the film has been titled as 'Seven' in Telugu.

    Venkat Prabhu says, “Quiet similar to my ‘Chennai 600028’, ‘Saroja’ too is a youthful commercial entertainer.” He said, “The script is simple. Yuvan Shankar Raja has come up with peppy songs.”

    “It's a film based on the life of youth. We are trying to throw light on the natural feelings of youngsters. You can see them live in ‘Saroja’. “

    Venkat Prabhu has retained cinematographer Sakthi Chidambaram, who cranked the camera for Chennai 600028. Shakthi is using Super 35 Format Film, the variety, which was used for films like ‘Sivaji’ and ‘Dasavatharam’.

    Though 70 % of the movie is happening in night, there won’t be much dark scenes, informs an insider.

    We have already reported about the special efforts being made to make the sound track quite attractive. The unit is trying to rope in one of the two lead sound designers of the famous Hollywood flick ‘Lord of the Rings’.

    Vitesh, the Art Director, has done a wonderful job and the team is confident that his work in the film will be talked for a long time in the industry.

    The movie that stars Mirchi Siva, SPB Charan, Premji Amaran and Vaibav, along with experienced actors Prakash Raj and Jayaram. Vega, a newcomer, born and brought up in Australia, handles the female lead role in the film.

    The bilingual movie, being made in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously, is growing fast. It is scheduled to be released by the month of June.[/tscii:a54aa662f6]

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    Yaaradi Nee Mohini Moviebuzz

    Yaaradi Nee Mohini
    Yuvan Shankar Raja
    Dhanush, Nayanthara, Raghuvaran, Karthik, Karnas

    By Moviebuzz

    If you like feel-good love stories mixed with a lot of comedy and sentiments then, Yaaradi Nee Mohini is an ideal treat for the entire family. All credits go to debutant director Jawahar, Selvaraghavan’s long time associate for remaking his guru’s Telugu super-hit Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule into Tamil. It is a well packaged film that will appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences.
    The film works big time due to perfect casting. Dhanush is an unemployed lower middle class guy, hankering after good things in life and trying to improve his English to impress his girlfriend. Clearly Dhanush is at home doing this kind of role as some of his earlier hits were based on a similar image that he has among the masses.

    It is an omnibus entertainer where all the nine “Rasas” to make us laugh, cry, enjoy our favourites dancing to hit music, and the underdog triumphing in the end. The public wants to be entertained and want to forget all their worries and have a nice time.

    Vasu (Dhanush) is an irresponsible son of a disciplined school master (Raghuvaran) who lives off his father till he sees a girl Keerthi (Nayanthara). He is smitten by her beauty and soon manages to get a job in the same software company that she works. He joins as her trainee and after a couple of episodes in India and Australia, he proposes to her. But he is shocked to hear that she is already engaged to her cousin and her marriage will happen soon.

    Vasu is heartbroken and his dad who meets Keerthi gets humiliated by her. The old man dies due to a heart-attack and a depressed Vasu decides to go with his friend (Karthik) to his village where he is getting married. The big twist in the story is when Vasu discovers that his best friend’s bride-to-be is none other than Keerthi! Now it is our hero’s turn to win over everyone in the huge household and the bride.

    The first half is totally city based and tickles your funny bone especially the conflict between the father and son, their slow bonding and then the tragedy. The first half belongs to the late Raghuvaran, he is brilliant as the strict father who secretly loves his son. Did he have any kind of premonition about his real life death? Aspiring and current actors may please dip into this particular performance for future references on Raghuvaran- it is one of his best. Be it his break down scene after his son cries for the first time, or the scene where he walks away offended after his son tell him to take retirement.

    The film also belongs to Dhanush and Nayanthara, who strike a good on-screen chemistry, which makes the love story tick. Dhanush’s ability to bring a character vibrantly to life, with all the nuances of anger, frustration, humour and tenderness is reason enough to see this film. Nayanthara looks sensational and has done a great job in perhaps the meatiest role she has done so far where she has equal footing as the hero, while the same cannot be said about Karthik who has an insipid role, while Karnas comedy makes you laugh. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score and music is pleasing especially the number “Oh Baby..” sung by Andrea and beautifully picturised by Jawahar as a music video with Rahasiya. Camera of Siddharth is another highlight of the film

    On the downside, the film is too long especially the second half. The basic plot of the film is inspired from Aditya Chopra’s classic Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and a few other Bollywood feel-good films. On the whole, the likeable leads and Raghuvaran’s performance make it enjoyable. It’s well packaged and great fun.

    Verdict: Enjoy


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    Starring: Dhanush, Nayantara, Raguvaran, Karthick, Karunas, Mano Bala

    Direction: Jawahar

    Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

    Production: R.K. Productions

    ‘You guys going to work?” asks a distressed and unemployed Karunas - accompanied by Dhanush - to a few girls waiting in the bus station. There you have the quintessential Danush plot: a jobless youngman, his love-at-first-sight, a far from considerate and a subject-of-abuse father, and a love embroiled in an inconsiderate relationship. Yaaradi Nee Moghini is smartly packaged with everything inevitable in a Dhanush movie. With subdued emotions that hardly ever go overboard and in your face humor, director A. Jawahar gets everything right. Well, almost.

    Dhanush is a happy go lucky guy desperately in search of a job despite his bare minimum qualifications. One of those job-search episodes makes him catch a glimpse of Nayan who works for a software company. Dhanush falls instantly in love and luck favors him to secure a job in the same company, much to his delight, in Nayan’s team.

    While Dhanush nurtures his love for Nayan secretly, she turns a blind eye considering his lack of education and proper upbringing. And when he reveals his feelings, Nayan turns him down, further humiliating his father Raghuvaran, leading to death. Although secretly in love with Dhanush, Nayan, considering her orthodox Brahmin background, decides to be married to Karthick instead. The wedding has already been planned by her parents. However, in the end, she expresses her love to Dhanush the night before the wedding. Now it is for Dhanush to decide whether to accept the love that cost him so dearly or to turn his back and pretend to lead a normal life.

    Dhanush has immense scope in a role that is tailor-made for him and he pulls it off with consummate ease. Be it as a distraught jobless youngster or a love struck man craving for the impassive dream girl, the job couldn’t have fit anyone else this well. Nayan dispels her bombshell act and proves that she can more than just that. She breaks into tears when needed, shows vicious contempt when rubbed the wrong way in the name of love, and looks endearing in songs.

    Raghuvaran’s performance deserves a standing ovation and is a proof of how magnificent an actor he was. Ironically, there are scenes in the movie that has Dhanush perform Raghu’s last rituals that will reduce a viewer to tears.

    The humor goes with the flow, and scenes like the whole family of a dozen’s trip to the textile shop in a single vehicle is sure to bring the house down. Karunas establishes that Dhanush brings the best out of him yet again. Remember Polladhavan? However, it is hard not to frown, and often sneer, at the dialogue since it has B & C center audience written all over it.

    Director Jawahar has neatly packaged the movie with less melodrama that is surprisingly tad unusual for a movie that focuses on a love story of a girl hailing from an orthodox family. Yuvan’s rerecording breathes life into the movie. So do the songs. Three of them linger long after you have left the theatre. Special mention must be made of the item number performed by a desi Shakira in the train that averts folks from sneaking out of the halls for a smoke. Kudos to the cinematographer who has captured Australia’s vibrant landscape breathtakingly. Bhaskar’s editing helps keep up the pace of the movie.

    If you do not mind the usage of crude language, especially between a father and a son, and the dialogues in general that seem a little bent towards a B and C center audience, you are in for a total treat in the Dhanush brand style.

    Few fries short of a happy meal!


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    Happened to watch the remix song of YNM on Isaiaruvi yesterday. :banghead:

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