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Thread: Yuvan Shankar Raja's New Albums : 2007-08 : 2

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    Yuvan Shankar Raja's New Albums : 2007-08 : 2

    Yuvan's thread was lost a few months back and found on May 5th by RR. Here is the link for old posts, thanks RR.

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    Pictures from the new venkat prabu movie Saroja
    Cast includes JeyaRam and PrakashRaj too
    Music by Yuvan
    irunthaalum iRanthaalum paer solla vendum
    ivar pola yaar endru oor solla vendum

    Salutes to our brave heroes who saved our lives

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    naattaamai unga threadkkey vaettu vachuthangaley!! engalakku oru kuraina nanga naattaamai kitta muraiedalaam anaa antha naattaamaikke ippadi oru nilaya!!

    just kidding!! i see how desparate you are to be in touch with yuvan's community.

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    Enna Kodu Sir Idhu
    Naan Kadavul - Naan Isai - Raaja

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanchil_guy
    naattaamai unga threadkkey vaettu vachuthangaley!! engalakku oru kuraina nanga naattaamai kitta muraiedalaam anaa antha naattaamaikke ippadi oru nilaya!!

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    Yuvan Shankar turns producer?
    IndiaGlitz [Saturday, December 08, 2007]

    The latest buzz in Kollywood is that the young musician Yuvan Shankar Raja is planning to become a producer soon. It is also said that he will have Shanthanu, son of K. Bhagyaraj, as the hero of his maiden project.

    The film, the sources say, will be a double hero subject. Shanthanu will have a company of a newcomer as second hero. The cast selection for other roles, including heroine, are yet be done.

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    The rhtym sounds like "Vazha Vaikkum Kathalukku Jai" song sound comes at song Naan Meetum rocks.
    Naan Kadavul - Naan Isai - Raaja

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    'Billa's music has done very well'

    Shobha Warrier | December 07, 2007 16:15 IST

    It was one of the huge challenges for Yuvan Shankar Raja, youngest son of music maestro Ilayaraja to step legendary music director M S Viswanathan's shoes for the remake of Billa.

    Yuvan is a childhood friend of the new Billa's director Vishnu Vardhan and he has been a part of all of Vishnu's earlier films.

    In one of his rare interviews, Yuvan, a man of few words speaks about composing for Billa

    Don't Miss: Taking on Big B and Rajni

    Was Billa one of your toughest albums because you were expected to recreate the old Billa magic?

    I wouldn't say it was the toughest. It was an album that was very exciting for me. Yes, the old Billa was very successful and was a turning point in Rajni Sir's (Rajnikanth [Images]) career. MSV Sir's songs were huge hits.

    Was it a huge responsibility for you?

    Responsibility, yes. Expectations were very high. As much as Sivaji I would say. New Billa has become the most expected movie after Sivaji. I could see that from the day the film was announced. When Vishnu (Vishnu Vardhan, the director) came and told me that he was directing Billa, and that Ajith would be Billa, I could sense something very big was coming. But I didn't expect this film turning out to be this big.

    Were you nervous?

    No. I was thrilled and excited about the whole film. I was working for an Ajith film after Dheena, which was a career break for me. I felt the audience would expect something great because I was joining hands with Ajith after Dheena.

    With Vishnu also, we had good albums. I had fun actually.

    What was in your mind when you sat down preparing yourself for the music?

    I wanted the music to be very modern, very metallica. I preferred a very plastic sound. I didn't want any 'live' sound in it. When I saw the photos taken at the photo session with Ajith, I could feel the tone of the movie, and it was very modern and very funky. So, I made up my mind that I would use a lot of funky sounds that would suit the look of the film. With those things in mind, I started composing the music.

    For me, composing means enjoyment. I should enjoy while working on a track and I should feel like listening to it again. This is what I kept in my mind.

    Did you add anything in particular to the songs because the locale of the film is Malayasia?

    Yes, I kept the locales in mind while composing. I am of the opinion that every composer should know the tone of the movie so that he can compose accordingly. The music should match the movie.

    My name is Billa was the most popular from the old Billa. You have remixed it�.

    I find it quite difficult whenever I have to do a remix. I am very particular that I shouldn't spoil the magic of the original. You hear so many comments about remixing. I would say I somehow managed to compose My name is Billa! Because the new Billa is more modern, I made it more trendy and plastic.

    Which is your favourite song from the album?

    My favourites are Sei ethavathu and Naan Meendum. I have given a very Arabic style of music to Sei Ethavathu and it is mixed very well with the Indian style.

    How did you choose the singers? Did you have the actors in mind?

    No. Vishnu and I retained the same singers used earlier. Neha Bhasin has sung the song Sei ethavathu with Preethi Bhalla. We also have Shankar Mahadevan [Images], Vijay Yesudas. I have introduced a new singer, Deepika.

    Seval Kodi by Vijay Yesudas is very popular...

    Yes, it has become very popular. I was expecting that because I listen to my albums while driving. I listen as if it were not my music, just to find out how listeners will take it. Without knowing it, I kept repeating the song several times. Then, I felt that would be the catchy song of the album.

    Do you consider Billa as one of your best albums in recent times?

    The one closest to my heart is Thamizh MA. I don't know why but I got carried away by that movie.

    That is not to say that I didn't get carried away by Billa. It was a very exciting album to work on and I had great fun!

    It is a very big project and commercially, Billa's music has done very well. And, I am very happy about it.

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    Billa Bookings - Status
    By Behindwoods News Bureau.
    December 10, 2007
    Reservations for the much-awaited Ajith-starrer Billa, remake of superstar Rajinikanth's yesteryear smash hit, started this Sunday, without any prior announcement, when the clock struck 12 a.m. Ajith's fans, curious to know the date of commencement of booking, had been in touch with the theaters where it is scheduled to be screened.

    Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai's premium multiplex, which has online booking as well as phone booking, had informed the fans on Sunday evening that it would start at 12 midnight.

    Some of the fans, who normally crash early, had their alarms set to wake them up at 12 a.m. so as to be the first to book tickets for the first show. The booking opened a few minutes before midnight and Sathyam Cinemas' call center was flooded with calls, which almost jammed the several lines they had engaged for this purpose. Those who woke up an hour late were surprised to find that the tickets for the first three days were booked within just one hour. Sathyam, the biggest screen in the multiplex, with more than a thousand seats, is screening four shows which makes it 11,000 seats approximately for the first three days. Amazingly, all this was booked in just an hour. This usually happens only for Rajinikanth movies. The scene wasn't any different in the other theaters as serpentine queues were seen outside INOX, another multiplex, scheduled to open its counters at 9 a.m. this morning witnessed huge crowds gathering outside the mall where it is housed but they however had to return disappointed as they later announced that it will be issued only tomorrow, December 11th. Mammoth crowds waiting to book their tickets has jammed the roads leading to Kasi Theatre, which also screens Billa. According to our sources, the police are having a tough time controlling the traffic as well as the crowd. With the booking for the first day closed within an hour, fans are also demanding a special show a day before the release of the movie.

    The last time theaters witnessed such huge crowds was for this year's biggest hit Sivaji. Guess all the publicity and hype has paid off well.

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    Thanks for posting the interview and glad to know that his and our favorites are always same (Naan meedum and Sei from Billa) and everyone will agree that KT album is the best from him this year.

    And on 14th, he will rock for sure!

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