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jus heard "its my life" hmm.. :roll: shades of limbizkit ... metallica!!!dono i hear a lotta these kinda songs..may be thtsa y not so impressive for me ...but am happy others r loving it... still my hopes r alive with other songs..yet to listen though!!
My Life sounded similar to the style of the band Papa Roach, that is what I felt as soon as I heard it. Yuvan :thumbsup:
Yes.....This song's style is very popular in english albums.....the starting guidar usage(very short period) is mettalica's style(esp nothing else matters)........basically Rock genre.....I think this is the first pure Rock song in TFM....guys correct me if i am wrong......
You are keeping very low profile....thalaivar copy keepy adichitaplaya.... :lol:

Musical experts,

Could you please explian about the ROCK and Hard metal genres?? I am eagerly waiting to know.....