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    Quote Originally Posted by karthik_sa2
    Quote Originally Posted by judge
    vAmanan's poster gallery at:


    The team is back : Yuvan- Arvind Krishna- Na.Muthukumar
    :2thumbsup: yeah the combo is back....selvaragahvan mattum dhaan missing...
    Yes :cry: I really want Selva working again with Yuvan.

    This movie is produced by the same company, so there are chances Yuvan may use the tunes he composed for AO.

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    The big problem is yuvan is director's MD.....He always accepts most of the directors ideas...... ....that is the basic issue....
    Exactly !! he has not reached the level of IR where he can say ' ok here is the tune , lets go to the recording studio' without even waiting for the Director's response ( This happened to kamal once , i guess for the Guna song 'kanmani ').

    And i am not sure about wether GVP/HJ firmly say NO to remixes or is it just a coincidence that they haven't asked for a remix. Anyway i do know that Yuvan is aware of this issue and once said in an intw that he is trying to doin remixes. Lets hope that things will turn out as per his wish!!

    And moreover his associations with likes of Ameer/Selva/Raam/VP/Vishnu results in giving out a lot of really good tunes. So one or two remixes here and there would be acceptable but not the overdose , i mean its OK to some extent untill he is called just a remixer !!

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    once said in an intw that he is trying to doin remixes
    sorry about that, read it as

    once said in an intw that he is trying to avoid doin remixes.

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    1. Simple Narration
    2. Funny Visuals (ex., dost bada dost songla onnuku adikkurathum adutha shot-um, kadathapatta ponnu odurathu kamichuttu pinnadi premiji )
    3. BGM (terrific for thrill & dark scenes)
    4. Funny one-liners from Premji
    5. Cinematography
    6. Songs


    1. Muthalla varum mokkai scenes
    2. Some scary scens for kids
    3. Chennai-28 hangover such as avanga artistsa katturathu, old song BGM katturathu (Naanum unthan uravai song sequences - itha konjama katti irukkanum)

    Bottom line : Very Good Entertainer, Kudos to VP
    Naan Kadavul - Naan Isai - Raaja

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    Watched it again today at Udhayam with our hubber Karthik...

    Karthik was helping me out in observing the BGM parts.... Wow... Yuvan has done a great job... :redjump:
    :musicsmile: Experiencing the Naan Kadavul songs. Version 2.0

    Raaja Brahmasmi Om Om :bow:

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    Quote Originally Posted by virarajan
    Watched it again today at Udhayam with our hubber Karthik...
    :yes: we both enjoyed a lot .... tremondous response from crowd for yuvan and premji 8-)
    hey saala....

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    Yuvan the singer!!!!
    IndiaGlitz [Thursday, September 11, 2008]

    As reported already, Yuvan Shankar Raja has lent his voice for a song that has been set to tunes by Dharan of 'Sivi' fame. Dharan had been expressing his interest to make a song with Yuvan's voice for a long time and the consent has come as a big boon for young Dharan. The song features in the film 'Puthiya Vaarpugal' to be directed by K. Bhagyaraj and stars his son Santhanoo.

    Latest reports indicate that Yuvan will be singing for another song set to tunes by Dharan for the film 'Poda Podi' which will star Sinbu and Varalaxmi, daughter of actor-politician Sarath Kumar.

    By the looks of it Dharan is so enamored by Yuvan's voice that he probably is making him a full time singer.

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    [tscii:681cc290e2]Why was Vishnuvardhan’s film stalled?

    September11, 2008

    Sarvam suffered a major setback when its villain J.D. Chakravarthy was badly injured in an accident during the shooting. Incidentally, J.D. Chakravarthy made his debut in Shiva, directed by ace director Ram Gopal Varma. The actor was rushed to the hospital for first aid after he suffered severe chest injuries while filming a fight scene in Munnar. Doctors

    suspect that he could have fractured his ribs and medical reports in this regard are awaited. The shooting of Sarvam stood cancelled for the rest of the day. Sarvam, which has Arya in the lead, is directed by Vishnuvardhan. Sources say that scenes involving J.D. Chakravarthy will be shot some time later.



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    Aegan music to be launched in Satyam Cinemas

    Satyam cinemas has been officially confirmed us that Ultimate Star Ajit's Aegan audio to be released on their one of the cinema hall. However, they refused to inform the release date as it is yet to conform. Think Music has got a audio rights of Aegan.

    Source: thalanagaram.com
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    THE HINDU Review



    Genre: Thriller

    Director: Venkat Prabhu

    Cast: S.P. Charan, Premji Amaran, Shiva, Vaibhav

    Storyline: A rich man’s daughter is kidnapped and four friends on a jolly trip stumble upon the bad men’s secret.

    Bottomline: Laughs and thrills

    Venkat Prabhu turns up trumps for the second time in Amma Creations’ ‘Saroja’ (U). The light-hearted thriller is a genre rather rare in Tamil cinema and Prabhu’s deft handling of it proves that his ‘Chennai-600028’ was no flash in the pan. A thorough entertainer, at times ‘Saroja’ also brings you to the edge of the seat.

    You hear that the inspiration was ‘Babel.’ But writer-director Venkat Prabhu has taken only the concept of a few seemingly unconnected incidents linked to each other, as the base, from ‘Babel,’ and has spun a yarn that sparkles with originality. Satisfying every stratum of filmgoers isn’t by any means easy. Venkat Prabhu achieves it with a veteran’s touch. At no point does ‘Saroja’ sag.

    Healthy comparisons

    Kidnap drama comprises the storyline of ‘Saroja’ — a theme far removed from the gully cricket scenario of ‘Chennai – 600028,’ though love for the game does find a place again. All the faces of ‘…. 28’ are back in ‘Saroja’ at least in one scene. And if the popular refrain of the former was ‘Enna Koduma Saar Idhu,’ here it is a take on Vijay’s ‘Evalavo Pannittom Idha Pannamattoma’ line (‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan’) again made hilarious by Premji Amaran.

    Even before you get to know who Saroja (Vega) actually is or why she looks lost, she’s taken hostage. You understand her parents aren’t close to each other. They don’t show much interest in the daughter either. That’s about it. So when the mother howls that she wants her daughter back, the agony sounds a tad artificial.

    Meanwhile four friends, Jagapathi Babu (S.P. Charan), his brother Raj Babu (Vaibhav), Ganesan (Premji) and Ajay (Shiva) decide to drive up to Hyderabad for an India-Pakistan one dayer. A major accident on the highway blocks traffic and forces them to change their route …

    Seniors Prakash Raj and Jayaram have solid roles. Particularly Prakash, whose myriad emotions, including the sequence where he cries out loud for his lost daughter, places him on a pedestal. Even a slight exaggeration could have made it melodramatic, but Prakash revels in the balancing act. Charan has enough scope to perform, which he utilises creditably. Premji scores with his funny body language and timing in dialogue. Why is it only bro Venkat Prabhu is able to use him well?

    Shiva as the braggart who lands the quartet in trouble is apt and so is Vaibhav.

    Sampath as the kidnapper gets a break that’s long due. Kajal Agarwal has little to do while Nikita surprises you in a vamp like role. Towards the end Vega gets a chance to emote a little. It’s a thrilling one-day coverage of events and half the time things take place in the dark. Cinematographer Shakti Saravanan’s hard work comes through in the silhouettes and shadow play of the chasers and the chased. Editing (Praveen KL/Srikanth NB) is another strong point.

    Two technicians lift ‘Saroja’ to the elevated plane it deserves – writer-director Venkat Prabhu and composer Yuvan Shankar Raja. The Ilaiyaraja touches add lustre to some of the tracks. ‘Saroja’ is like watching a Hollywood product in desi style. The technical wizardry planned by Venkat Prabhu is bolstered further by Yuvan’s impact making re-recording. He also croons the ‘Cheeky Cheeky’ number on screen — he has come a long way from the camera-conscious singer of the ‘Punnagai Poovae’ days. Age has in no way touched the youthful spirit of Vaali. Otherwise he couldn’t have penned lyrics like ‘Aaja Meri Soniyae.’ Again Gangai Amaran’s rejuvenating lines for the ‘Nimirndhu Nil’ song exemplify the word power of the songster.

    Stories of friends getting into trouble during their getaways aren’t new. ‘Panchthanthiram’ for example, had it. But the warp and weft of wit and humour weaved in, places ‘Saroja’ in a niche of its own. (And don’t miss the finale with Brahmanandam that comes after the credits roll at the end!)
    :clap: :clap: [/tscii:acb0e50919]
    hey saala....

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