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Thread: TFM News, Stories, Tit-Bits and Anecdotes

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    TFM News, Stories, Tit-Bits and Anecdotes

    For TFM News items, Stories, or Tit-Bits that do not really deserve a separate thread.

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    Old responses

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    Ravi (@ 203.*) on: Mon Aug 12 06:57:48 EDT 2002

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    Question (@ 216.*) on: Mon Aug 12 16:12:25 EDT 2002

    Why is the banner of TFM page has IR pic removed?

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    Cinema Virumbi (@ 203.*) on: Fri Aug 16 09:30:46 EDT 2002


    I have the following tidbits ( which I read/heard somewhere in interviews)to share with you:

    1.In Bharathiraja's 'Pudhumaippenn', VM wrote a song as:

    "Aayiram janmam eduththaalum unnaip pirivathillai!
    Unnaip pirivathaanaal, Kanne, ini janmame eduppathillai!" For this, IR had already planned a tune in mind and kept requesting VM to fit the song into the tune. As it was getting very difficult to break the lyrics, VM scrapped these two lines and wrote afresh "Kaadhal mayakkam! Azhagiya kangaL thavikkum! AalinganangaL paravasam ingu anumathi ilavasam .... etc.," and the rest is history!

    2. In "Rikshakkaran", Vaali was requested to write a song with MGR holding a child and singing of taking revenge of the villains! Kavignar started with " naan oru kai paarkkiREn! neram varum kEtkiREn ! Poonaiyalla pulithaan endRu pOgap pOgak kaattugiREN!" This was found to be too harsh, especially with a child in hand. Then he wrote the lines, " angE sirippavargaL sirikkattum adhu aaNava sirippu, ingE nee sirikkum punsirippO aanandha sirippu!"

    This was kept as the first stanza and the " naan oru kai paarkkiREn" portion was taken to the end as the finale! Now, we can appreciate the whole thing better, can't we?

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    jaikumar...kuala lumpur (@ 210.*) on: Sat Nov 30 20:42:52 ES

    hi......pls i need tamil mp3 ilayaraja songs from film like ninaivellam nithiya,vahyewy mayam,japanil kalyanaraman,sadhanai,manithanin marupakakam,,ram laksman,alaigal oivathilai,karumbu vill,ananda ragam,naan mahan alle,selvi,and nanum ore thozilali.if any of u got this mp3 ...i will buy from u ...pls mail me,,,

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    jaikumar ...kuala lumpur (@ 210.*) on: Sat Nov 30 20:44:48 E

    yeenu143@hotmail.com....pls mail me if u got

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    Deepak (@ ) on: Sat Dec 28 04:23:18 EST 2002

    I was reading an old article of Ilaiyaraja. See the question below. Do any one of you know which song he is referring to. The movie is most certianly Grahan.

    Q: neengaL virumbi tharpOthu muNumuNukkum cinema

    IR: Karthik oru Hindi paadal pOttirukkiRaan.
    Adhai marakkavE mudiyavillai. AdEyappaa

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    raj (@ 202.*) on: Thu Jan 16 02:24:45 EST 2003

    one more spontaneous act by vaali in Sri raghavendra..

    the Situation Goes like this

    Ambika(dancer) asks Rajini(raghavendra) to sing using words which cant be depicted by her Action (dance)
    and vaali uses name of raaga"surangalil pudhu sugangalai tharum chaarukesiyo"

    wow !@

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    thes (@ 66.1*) on: Wed Feb 19 19:07:00 EST 2003

    any sites dat have alot of mp3s to download ?

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