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Thread: "Kuzhandhai Voice" MS Rajeswari

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    Sathiya Keerthi (@ pano*) on: Fri Aug 29 19:56:05 EDT 1997


    Neenga Parasakthi padaththilE Kumari Kamala-vin
    role patri sonnadhu romba correct.

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    Kanchana (@ ww-t*) on: Sat Aug 30 09:56:52 EDT 1997

    Sathiya Keerthi:
    Thanks for your input. Based on your sister's corrections to my input, you have 2 more songs.

    Thanks for your corrections. Eppadi ivvalavum ungalukku gnabagam irukku??

    Bones--some gossip:
    Talked to my parents in India this week re your question. My Mom says she's met AVMChettiyar's wife Rajeswari in the 60's at my aunt's wedding (family friends, apparently!) Mom thinks that Rajeswari seemed old at that time itself, and wondered if it is MSR. She has promised to check & get back to me.

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    Aravind (@ 202.*) on: Sun Aug 31 23:59:23 EDT 1997

    Kanchana ( I will continue to call you by your name)

    I am sorry for not being clear. I did not say that kumaari kamalaa played a role of a vilai maadhu in paraasakthi. NOV felt bad that MSR, who was singing for children, was made to sing for a 'sigappu viLakku' azagi. So I just pointed out that MSR has sung for negative characters also.

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    Ramki (@ ww-t*) on: Mon Sep 1 12:18:32 EDT 1997

    Aravind 'thalayai guniyum thaaamarai'was sung
    by another singer called SRajeswari. Her
    first song was in 'ezhavadhu manidhan'(veenaiyadi
    nee enakku).Her another good song in rajas
    music is from 'thai mookambikkai'the song is
    'isai arasi ennalum naane enakku oru inaiyaaguma'
    (she sang for Manorama)

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    PRIYA (@ kcpx*) on: Fri Sep 5 14:00:09 EDT 1997

    Is this SRajeswari the same person who sings devotional songs?

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    Ramki (@ ww-t*) on: Fri Sep 5 19:31:58 EDT 1997

    Yes she is Priya

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    Sathiya Keerthi (@ pano*) on: Fri Sep 5 21:06:49 EDT 1997


    Naan siriththaal Dheepaawali - is by MSR.

    Is the song, "paappaa paadum paattu" in Durga
    by MSR?

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    Sathiya Keerthi (@ pano*) on: Tue Sep 9 20:14:40 EDT 1997

    QUIZ: For which actress (actor) did MS Rajeswari
    sing the most number of songs?

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    Ramki (@ b252*) on: Tue Sep 9 20:43:40 EDT 1997


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    Pagalavan (@ pkri*) on: Tue Sep 9 22:20:31 EDT 1997

    My guess is : Sowkar Janaki

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