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Thread: "Kuzhandhai Voice" MS Rajeswari

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    Sathya (@ ppp-*) on: Thu Aug 28 16:11:32 EDT 1997

    anbil malarntha.....P.S.in K.K.K.Theyvam.
    chinna paappa.....P.S.in Vannakili.
    chinna chinna veedu katti....Marumgal;P.A.Periyanayaki
    ponnaana vaazvu.......in Townbus;T.Lokanathan.MSR.
    kathai kathaiyaam kathai kathaiyaam kaaranamaam......MSR in Ponnaana vaazvu.

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    Ramki (@ ucc2*) on: Thu Aug 28 16:23:10 EDT 1997

    Radha jailakshmi is another singer in 'ponnana
    vazhvu mannagi ponaal'

    Sathya her first song will be remembered in India for ever
    (especially on Independece day)

    enne guess pannittengala??yes her first song
    is 'aaha gandhi mahaan'in naam iruvar(for baby
    Kamala). This movie has many songs by her

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    yaar_ivanga (@ bone*) on: Fri Aug 29 03:33:01 EDT 1997

    Is MSRajeswari, AVM chettiar's wife ??

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    kutti_quizzer (@ bone*) on: Fri Aug 29 05:10:19 EDT 1997

    Sengamala theevu:
    pEsiyathu nAnillai kangaL thAnE
    ninaip pathu nAn illai nenjamthAnE

    amma sonnathupOlE appa sonnAnga
    enga appa sonnathu pOle amma sonnanga

    Ilaiyaraaja isai-il MSR pAdiya pAttu enna
    sollunga pArpOm ??

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    NOV (@ 202.*) on: Fri Aug 29 05:18:40 EDT 1997

    Naan sirithaal Deepaavali hoi!!!

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    NOV (@ 202.*) on: Fri Aug 29 05:25:08 EDT 1997

    Apologies for the short reply above! Had to do it before anyone else could!!
    The song is from Naayagan and sung by MS Rajeswari and Jikki. Pillaigalukku paadi kondirunthe MSR-ei IR poyum, poyum oru vibachaarikku paada vachutaarey!! :-)

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    Aravind (@ 202.*) on: Fri Aug 29 05:35:39 EDT 1997

    Did kumaari Kamalaa had a much different role in paraasakthi? (Ref: Oh rasikkum sImaanE)

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    Aravind (@ 202.*) on: Fri Aug 29 05:38:31 EDT 1997

    Wait wait!!! I think 'naan siriththaal dIpaavaLi' was sung by Jikki and Jamunaa Rani. The song for IR must be 'thalaiyaik kuniyum thaamaraiyE' from 'oru Odai nathiyaagirathu'. But I remember that singer was AVMRajeswari. So Bones, may be her initials changed when she married AVM? Clarify!!!

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    Kanchana (@ ww-t*) on: Fri Aug 29 10:10:18 EDT 1997

    If I remember right, "Oh rasikkum seemaanae" is the scene where the bad guys make Shivaji's character drunk and take away all his money. Then he (obviously) becomes poor, and has vasanams like "kallaithaan mannaithaan kaaichithaan kudikkathaan karpithaanaa" and sings songs like "kaa kaa kaa". So obviously Kumari kamala's role was more of a vamp. The more knowdgebable folks, please correct me if I am wrong.

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    Kanchana (@ ww-t*) on: Fri Aug 29 10:16:16 EDT 1997

    OOps, Aravind, I called you Parasakthi instead of Aravind because I was going to write about Parasakthi. Sorry!

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