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Thread: Yesudas's early songs

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    Ravi Chandran (@ eagl*) on: Mon Jun 23 12:36:13 EDT 1997

    Have any one of you heard 'vasantha kalam
    varumo' by Suseela and humming by KJY in the
    movie 'marakka mudiyuma?' and MD is Ramamoorthy after he fell out with MSV? A famous song from the same movie is 'kaagidha
    Odam' by Suseela and lyrics by CM Kalaignar.
    Another KJ oldie ; 'Yeriyilae oru Kashmir roja'
    *ing Sivakumar,Alga(North import & one movie
    wonder) in Madhanamaligai & MD is MB srinivasan.
    Also the MD for Oru Othappu Kan Simi... is not
    Vijaya Baskar. It is the same MD who tuned that SPB hit Nanda En Nila (same movie title)

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    Thenraja Kaliappan (@ 167.*) on: Mon Jun 23 15:44:09 EDT 199

    My friend Venkat clarified that MD for Oru Othappu Kan Simi...is V.Dhakshinamoorthy.

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    Pagalavan Krishnamoorthy (@ mb.c*) on: Mon Jun 23 19:48:06 E

    "vasantha kaalam varumo" song from Marakka Mudiyuma is a great number for KJ's humming. It
    has good lyrics (by Suradha) too. One of Suradha's rare songs (after "aadi adangum vaazhkaiyadaa" in
    "neerk kumizhi")

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    Sathiya Keerthi (@ pano*) on: Thu Jul 3 02:30:15 EDT 1997

    "KoondhalilE nei thadavi" is from the movie KalyaaNa oorvalam. In the movie, the song is
    sung by Manimaalaa and her chithappaa, Nagesh.
    (Remember the sweet huss, "chithappaa ..." by
    Janaki and the subsequent sweet "ding-ding ding-ding ..." music?) Does anyone know who was
    the MD for this movie?

    Some songs that all of you missed:

    Thangath thONiyilE thavazhum peNNazhagE
    (in Thalaivar's U.Su.Vaa)

    Oorukkum vetkamillai indha ulagukkum vetkamillai
    (in Yarukkum Vetkamillai) (In PPP we have listed
    the MD for this movie as V.Kumar, but we are not
    sure; perhaps MSV or GK Venkatesh? Can someone

    Neelamaam kadal alaiyil kOlamidum meen inangaL
    thuLLuvadhenna solluvadhenna
    (with P.Susheela in Malainaattu mangai) (Again,
    can anyone say who was the MD for this move and
    who wrote the lyrics?)

    As Kaliappan says, KJJ only sang one or two songs
    here and there until MSV gave him the chance in
    "VizhiyE kadhai ezhuthu" in Urimaikkural and KJJ
    suddenly became famous in TFM. I have also heard
    that, during the recording of "Gangai, yamunai .."
    in Imayam, KJJ had a tiff with MSV and the two
    never joined together again in a song. Is this true?

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    Thenraja Kaliappan (@ 167.*) on: Thu Jul 3 16:39:05 EDT 1997

    I do not know during which song recording this happened; but , from what I have heard: during recording of a song, the tabla player(who had been with MSV for a long time) was drunk and was not playing OK. This took retake after retake. Yesudas had mentioned this to MSV and asked MSV to correct the table player(i think his name is Prasad). MSV had replied 'konjam adjust pannikonga'. Getting irritated by this reply Yesudas decided not to sing for MSV any more. But after a gap of few years, they both joined and Yesudas indeed sang for MSV, though i could not remember the song.

    It was sad that MSV and Yesudas did not work together for a few years. Looking back, MSV had given him chances in Kadalikka Neeramillai, Parakkum Paavai, Yesudas's comeback song 'Deivam thandha veedu'. Remember those songs Yesudas-Vani under MSV?

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    Ramki (@ 202.*) on: Thu Jul 3 19:45:32 EDT 1997

    KJY sang many sangs after this tiff. few exs

    Nilavae malarae( maalai-a duet with vani)
    naan ulladhai sollattumma(vasantha raagam)
    oru bommalattam nadakkudhu(sivappu malargal)
    kai veesamma veesu kannae(ammavum neeye appavum neeye)
    ninnaiye radhiyendru ninaikkirenadi(kannae kaniyamudhe)

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    KJ-fan (@ eagl*) on: Mon Jul 7 13:26:30 EDT 1997

    Have any of you heard this duet 'Aruvimagal.. Alai Osai (KJ & ?) from Jeevanamsam (one of Lakshmi's earlier movies)?


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    Sathiya Keerthi (@ pano*) on: Tue Jul 8 00:09:07 EDT 1997


    aruvimagaL alaiyOsai - is from the movie Jeevanaadi, not Jeevanaamsam.

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    Kanchana (@ ww-t*) on: Thu Jul 10 19:21:47 EDT 1997

    How about the melodious "Neela Nayanangalil oru neenda kanavu vandhadhu"? Which movie is it from?

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    Rajaraman (@ 192.*) on: Thu Jul 10 20:35:37 EDT 1997

    it is listed above already. Movie: naalai namadhe

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