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Thread: P. Susheela Fans

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    Melody Queens concert - by PS & SJ

    Melody queens -music concert by PS & SJ

    The programme titled " Melody Queens" was held at the Nehru Indoor Stadium.
    It was supposed to start at 6.pm. Even by 5.45the auditorium was jam packed. That place can easily accomodate over 5000 people.

    The programme started with PS singing " mAnikka veenai aEndhum " at 6.15 pm.

    Even after 7 pm people continued to enter the hall and many were sitting on the stepls of the gallery.

    The next song was "Thamizhukkum amudhendru pEr" This received a great appreciation. As soon as she started this song audience started to clap and whistle.

    After that song Sj. took the mic and started " nAn vaNangugiren" followed by "China china vaNakuyil" This was welcomed amidst whisling by the crowd.

    Then it was PS who came with the song " kAlai thendral" and followed by " pArtha nyAbagam illaiyo" As she started the song , there was a thunderous applause.

    It was again SJ on the stage with " Putham pudhu kAlai" followd by "KaNan vandhu pAdugindrAn"

    Next was "ThEdinen vandhadhu" Again as soon as she started the fans brought the roof down. And that was followed by the excellent song "KaNgal engE" . This was well received by the audience.

    As an answer to these Sj came with " O vasantha rAja" and " KAtril endhan GEtham" As she started this song, the audience started whistling and clapping.
    She sang thsi song very well.

    Then came the most intesresting part of the programme.
    Next song was from the film "Anbe VA" RAjAvin pArvai" by SJ and PS. SJ sang the TMS portion and PS her portion. As SJ started "RAniyin mugame" She started laughing and took a break before continuing. As an intro she said. "ippo Naan susheela ammavai kaadhalikka pOren" When PS started " RAjAvin PArvai she was looking at SJ deliberately and smiling away to glory. While SJ sang "RAniyin mugame" she petted PS's cheeks. That was real fun to watch.

    SJ sang in gruf manly voice , though was fun to watch, in my opinion was pathetic. That was followed by PBS PS hit from Kadhalika neramillai "Anubavam pudhumai" SJ singing for PBS and PS her portion. This again was similar to RAjAvin pArvai" One thing was PBS was there sitting in the first row asking for once more.

    Then came the next song that was really sung nicely by the two. SendhOra pOve . PS sang the sendhOra POve " tamil version and Sj the telugu version. Interchanging their singing. SJ started the telugu version. after she sang the first stanza PS sang the first stanza of sendhOra POvE ... so on. That turned out to be good.

    Then came the break for honouring of celebrities and others speak on PS and SJ. Main spnosrs were "Achi masAlA", Dhina Thandhi. Other noted celebrities who had attended the programme were PBS, SPB, Malaysia Vasudevan, MSV, Actor Jayaram, Actress Ambica. After the break the program resumed with

    Sj singing " Idhu oru nilA kAlam" followed by "AdhO Andha nadhiyOram"

    Then PS sang the all time favourite " Nenjam MarapadhiLai" and the telugu number "Vata pathra sAiki' Both were song very well.

    As an answer to these challengining songs Sj came out with her super hit " Adi AthAdi" followed by "Oru sanam thOngiruchu" Both the songs were well sung.
    Only thing was the sound was too much.

    This was followed by the hit number "muthu mani mAlai" and "vAdikai marandhadhum aEno" This song she sang with Chandra sekhar - son of A.M. Raja.

    Then came SJ with her thunderous " MudhalvA" it took a few minutes for the applause to stop and that was followed by long expected "MachAnai pAtheengaLA"

    As a contrast to these PS came out with her soft number "RAsAve unnai kANAdha nenju" and finally then came the all time hit " Unnai KANAdha kaNum" This song she sang extremely well.

    It was 10.30 pm. by this time and had to leave the program half way thru. I understand that was the last song of PS and SJ sang some thing else about i which i have no detail.

    On the whole it was a very good experiment by SAdhaga Paravai. The program turned out to be a grand success. Hope and wish to find more such innovative programs in the future.

    After the sendhoora poove song, there was a break for felicitation. MSV, SPB, PBS, malaysia Vasudevan and actor Jayaram where requested on the stage.
    As soon as MSV got on to the stage PS sought his blessings by touching his feet and SJ after that. He honoured them both with one shawl. And it was fun watching them going around with that. Then MSV spoke a few words about them two. "People say that i made these people great singers. But that is not true, They have made me popular because of their hard work. The secret behind their success is hard work and the way they learnt the tamil language. Both have been reigning over the tamil film world for over half a century and still they are singing. There can becompetition between artists, but that should not lead to jealousy. Should never allow ego between artists. When ego sets in u should say U go. I wish they continue to perform many programmes together in future and I wish them both a very long life"

    PBS as usul came on stage with a song written by him for the occassion. He said "It is a historic event in the history of Tamil film industry. "

    SPB said " I owe a lot of things to both the melody queens. Its an apt title they have given for the program. First of all it was SJ who suggested that i try for playback singing after see me singing in a program. With that encouragement, i went to MSV Sir and he asked me to come back after learning Tamil well. It took me over two years to learn the language. Another blessing i had was it was with PS that i sang all my firt songs in tamil, Kannada and Telugu. When I entered the industry, they were in the peak. It was from these seniors i learnt how to handle the mic and how to use the head phone. I have been really firtunate to have sung many songs with these two queens of the film industry. This is the first time they are singing together in India and I consider myslef lucky to be attending this program."
    When PS and SJ paid there respects to MSV PBS also did and MSV playfully patted him on the head. It was fun watching that.

    One more thing. As soon as PS finished singing the song "ThEdinEn vandhadhu"
    SJ came rushing to her and gave a shot on PS's shoulder and grabbed the mic from her and said, in the movie (ooty varai uravu) this is the way Sivaji hits K.R. Vijaya. PS was dazed at this shot and the crowed enjoyed these kinds of sweet things.....

    report by kamala & raghavan from Psusheelafans yahoo group

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    Nice to read the above post about the concert of two legends. And anybody can tell the time, date of the telecast of this programme in Vijay TV?

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    Is that programme already telecasted in VijayTV..?. If not, please inform in this thread about the time and date pl.

    I am eagerly waiting for that. Definitely it will be a worthwatching.

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    The Programme is getting telecast on Vijay TV on August 15th (Independance Day) 4.30 PM.


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    PS and SJ programme ai konjam parthen. (Gokula ashtami kaga velai - so tv idam poga mudiyavillai.)

    PS and SJ -- ivargalin ragalai nanraga irundhadhu.

    Anubavam pudhumai -- indha padalai PS paada, Sj male voice aga pada arambithar. Nice shock. Stage ku keezhae VIPS ellam irundhargal. SPB, PBS ellam.

    Male voice il SJ padum podhu PBS encourage panninar chinna siripudan. Anal avarudaiya manadhu -- Stage ku vandhu paada vendum enru asai patadhu pol irundhadhu.

    SJ padiyadhu PBS pol illai enralum - chinna chinna humming seidhu PS ai vetka pada vaithar. :lol:

    Padal mudindha idaiveliyil -- Keezhae irukum SPB ai parthu -- Pani vizhum malar vanam paadi konjam bayam kaatinar .SPB ku orae vetkam. SJ sonnar SPB idam -- Oru programme il naan full song um paadi iruken theiryuma?" enru

    Thedinen vandhadhu --- PS padiya style -- Indha age il
    perfection ninaithu , try panni original quality il padinarae - NIchayam avarai praise panniyae aga vendum!!

    Avar paadi ketkum podhu manadhil K.R.Vijavin dance dhan ninaivil vandhadhu. PS padi muditha udan, SJ Ps idam vandhu kannathil oru adi adithu. padathil Sivaji K.R.Vijavai ippadi than kannathil adipar. Adhan unnai naan adithen enru sollim pin chellamaga oru mutham veru koduthar.Sj kum PS padiya podhu K.R.Vijaya than thonri irukar i think.

    SJ in "ADho andha nadhiyoram ' Song keten.Nanraga paadinar.
    Indha paadalil -- kuralilum, padiya style um - Original quality polavae nanraga irundhadhu.

    Orchestra patri solliyae aga vendum -- Very Good Orchestra !!
    ADho andha nadhiyoram -- indha padail. chorus is really very very nice!!! People sang it very nicely !!!

    Ivvalavu dhan naan parka mudindhadhu.Matra ellavatraiyum miss panniviten.

    Indha programe ai parthavargalin good comments pl !!!

    With Love,
    Usha sankar.

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    Dear RAjesh,
    Thanks a lot for the links !!

    With Love,
    Usha Sankar.

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    Hi Rajesh !

    When I clicked the links, it says file not found.

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    Recd via email:

    Shall be obliged if u could let me know the source from where the songs of P.Suseela listed in SNos 13 to 16in Tamil movie Senjulakshmi-- (produced in 1958)
    ( all songs are for pragalath(child) and lyrics by pavanasam sivan and MD is rajeshwara rao) could be got as DVD. Details of sites from where they could be downloaded may also be communicated..

    Srinivasan.Gopalan <Gopalan67@rediffmail.com>

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